The "Father of Swedish Music," Johan Helmich Roman, was one of the most influential Swedish composers of his time, not only because of his numerous compositions, but also for his role in moving the music of the great composers from the royal court to public concerts in Stockholm. He was also influential in promoting the use of the Swedish language in sacred texts and in developing an indigenous tradition of vocal writing in secular and sacred music. Roman spent a considerable part of his life and career in the courts of Sweden's royalty, from Charles XII to Adolph Fredrik and Lovisa Ulrica. Roman received an early education in music. His father served as a member of the court orchestra and at the age of seven, Roman performed as a violinist for the court. At the age of 16, he became a permanent member of the court orchestra. Roman is ...
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Drottningholmsmusique: Suite in D (12), for orchestra, BeRI 2.5 1744 17:09 Orchestral
Sonata for harpsichord No 9 in D minor 1759 08:00 Keyboard
Assaggio, for violin in G minor, BeRI 320 1759 05:33 Chamber Music
Concerto Grosso, for oboe & strings in B flat major, BeRI 46 1759 16:29 Concerto
Concerto, for violin & orchestra in F minor, BeRI 52 1759 10:34 Concerto
Assaggio, for violin in C minor, BeRI 310 1759 09:15 Chamber Music
Drottningholmsmusique, wedding music (24) for orchestra, BeRI 2 1744 48:22 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Assaggio, for violin in A major, BeRI 301 1759 11:07 Chamber Music
Sonata for harpsichord No 2 in D major 1759 13:08 Keyboard
Concerto, for violin & orchestra in D minor, BeRI 49 1759 12:08 Concerto
Concerto, for oboe d'amore & strings in D major, BeRI 53 1759 16:11 Concerto
Sinfonia in E minor, BeRI 3 1759 09:20 Orchestral
Sonata for harpsichord No 6 in B flat major 1759 09:00 Keyboard
Sinfonia in F major, BeRI 17 1759 03:55 Orchestral
Svenska Mässan (Swedish Mass), for voice, chorus & orchestra 1752 45:45 Choral
Psalm 4, "O Dieu de ma justice, quand je crie," for voice, theorbo & organ 1759 08:30 Vocal Music
Psalm 125, "Ceux qui se confient au Seigneur," for voice, theorbo & organ 1759 07:26 Vocal Music
Psalm 81, "Chantez gayment a Dieu," for voice, theorbo & organ 1759 07:57 Vocal Music
Sinfonia in E major, BeRI 22 1759 10:16 Orchestral
Trio sonata in E minor, BeRI 115 1759 07:07 Chamber Music
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