Johan Angergård


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Year Album Artist
2018 Golden Island Club 8 Instrumentation, Group Member, Composer, Producer
2017 Nightshift The Legends Producer, Composer
2017 Voyagers Djustin Producer, Engineer, Group Member, Composer
2016 Tryst Djustin Composer
2015 Eternal Death Eternal Death Group Member, Composer
2015 It's Love The Legends Composer
2015 Pleasure Club 8 Group Member, Composer, Producer
2015 Violence Eternal Death Composer
2014 Bullet Eternal Death Composer
2014 Cry Eternal Death Composer
2014 Fade Eternal Death Composer
2014 Head Eternal Death Composer
2013 Above the City Club 8 Producer, Vocals (Background), Instrumentation, Group Member, Composer
2012 Amanda Mair Amanda Mair Composer, Drums, Engineer, Programming
2012 Sense Amanda Mair Composer
2011 Det Vackra Livet Det Vackra Livet A&R
2011 Music Sounds Better with You Acid House Kings Producer, Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Bass, Group Member, Composer
2011 Ouchi Café Composer
2011 Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002-2010 The Radio Dept. Liner Notes
2011 The Sea of Memories Pallers Group Member, Composer
2010 The People's Record Club 8 Guitar, Synthesizer, Group Member, Composer
2009 Over and Over The Legends Producer, Engineer, Performer, Composer
2009 Rough Trade Shops: Indiepop 09 Composer
2008 Jesus, Walk with Me Club 8 Group Member
2008 Seconds Away The Legends Composer
2007 The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming Club 8 Producer, Engineer, Group Member, Composer
2006 Do What You Wanna Do Acid House Kings Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Bass, Composer
2006 Facts and Figures The Legends Producer, Engineer
2006 Lucky Star The Legends Producer, Engineer, Performer
2005 Duger Ingenting A&R
2005 Everything. Now! Pelle Carlberg Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 He Knows the Sun The Legends Producer, Engineer
2005 Public Radio The Legends Producer, Engineer
2005 Riverbank Pelle Carlberg Guitar (Acoustic)
2005 Sing Along with Acid House Kings Acid House Kings Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Bass, Composer
2004 Fashionista Métropolitain: Music and Sex for the City Producer
2004 One Last Song About You Know What Edson Engineer
2004 The Last Days of August Airliner Producer, Engineer, Performer
2003 Saturday Night Engine Club 8 Vocals
2003 Stamp Collecting (For Beginners) Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
2003 Strangely Beautiful Club 8 Producer, Engineer, Vocals
2003 Up Against the Legends The Legends Producer, Composer
2002 Advantage Acid House Kings Acid House Kings Guitar, Bass, Composer
2002 Chasing Dorotea Chasing Dorotea Mixing
2002 Mondays Are Like Tuesdays and Tuesdays Are Like Wednesdays Acid House Kings Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Composer
2002 Parasol's Sweet Sixteen, Vol. 5 Composer
2002 Spring Came, Rain Fell Club 8 Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Percussion, Bass, Group Member, Composer, Lyricist
2002 Summer Songs Club 8 Producer, Engineer, Group Member
2001 Club 8 Club 8 Producer, Lyricist, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Bass, Group Member, Composer
2000 Atomium 3003 Composer
1998 The Friend I Once Had Club 8 Instrumentation, Composer
(I'm In) A Chorus Line Acid House Kings Composer
Breathe Club 8 Composer
Cash The Legends Composer
Cocaine The Legends Composer
Concrete Djustin Composer
Dancing Djustin Composer
Fire Club 8 Composer
Heaven Knows I Miss Him Now Acid House Kings Composer
I Just Called to Say Jag Älskar Acid House Kings Composer
I'm Not Gonna Grow Old Club 8 Composer
In Love With Myself The Legends Composer
Kill Kill Kill Club 8 Composer
Lost Club 8 Composer
Love Dies Club 8 Composer
My Body Is Dead Michael Zaxxon Composer
New Preset Djustin Composer
Ready For The Sunshine: Indie Artists For The Smile Train Composer
Skin Club 8 Composer
Stars Djustin Composer
Swimming With the Tide Club 8 Composer
This Heart Is a Stone Acid House Kings Composer
This Heart Is a Stone, Vol. 1 Acid House Kings Composer
This Heart Is a Stone, Vol. 2 Acid House Kings Composer
This Heart Is a Stone, Vol. 3 Acid House Kings Composer
Up and Away The Legends Composer