Joe Hogan


(1-77 of 77)
Year Album Artist
2006 Black Cadillac Rosanne Cash Assistant Engineer
2006 It's in the Twilight Paul Shapiro Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 John King: AllSteel Ethel / John King Recording
2006 No Word from Tom Hem Engineer
2006 The Last of the Rock Stars Ronnie Spector Assistant Engineer
2005 Avenue X The Turbo A.C.'s Engineer, Audio Engineer
2005 Hotel Moby Tracking
2005 Live at Continental: Best of NYC, Vol. 1 Mixing
2005 No Apologies The Eyeliners Engineer
2004 Come On/Give It All Away Ben Jelen Engineer
2004 Give It All Away Ben Jelen Engineer, Recording
2004 Hate to Be Loved River City Rebels Engineer, Audio Engineer
2004 Haterz Be Damned 25 Ta Life Producer
2004 I Feel Love Blue Man Group Engineer
2004 Trampin' Patti Smith Assistant
2003 Another Girl Yola Engineer
2003 Believing in Ghosts Dearly Departed Assistant
2003 Dime Grind Palace Sex Mob Assistant Engineer
2003 Evolve Astronaut Assistant Engineer
2003 It's Not the Heat, It's the Humanity Puny Human Engineer
2003 Mind Kreisor Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2003 The Complex Blue Man Group Engineer
2002 Dos EPs Nebula Engineer
2002 Higher Ground T.S. Monk Band Engineer
2002 Sucking the 70's Engineer
2001 Isolation Drills Guided by Voices Assistant Engineer
2001 Saints and Sinners Toilet Boys Engineer
2001 The Party's Over Murphy's Law Engineer
2000 Candelabra Cadabra Patti Rothberg Assistant Engineer
2000 Rape on the Installment Plan The Heroine Sheiks Engineer
2000 Revenge Is Easy Puny Human Producer, Engineer
2000 Time Leaves You Behind Stellan Wahlström Drift Band Engineer
1999 222 Black Army Jacket Engineer, Mixing
1999 Double EP Lowrider Engineer
1999 Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment 25 Ta Life Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1999 Living Like a Millionaire Toilet Boys Engineer
1999 Made in Voyage Bottom Engineer
1999 Mission Accomplished Pat Martino Assistant Engineer
1999 Sun Creature [EP] Nebula Producer, Engineer
1999 The Method Killing Time Engineer
1998 Black Date The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black Engineer
1998 Drunk on Rock, Vol. 1 Assistant
1998 Let It Burn Nebula Engineer
1998 Out to Win Mushmouth Engineer, Recording Technician
1997 Flyin' Traps Engineer, Mixing
1997 Grime Cleanser Engineer
1997 Joyride Clowns for Progress Engineer
1997 Mental Floss Wisdom Tooth Assistant Engineer
1997 Sing Me a Story Bob McGrath Assistant Engineer
1997 Snuka Bloody Snuka Snuka Engineer
1996 Lotta Trash! Lotta Action!! The Morning Shakes Engineer, Mixing
1996 Night Wings Pat Martino Assistant Engineer
1994 Adios Amigo: A Tribute to Arthur Alexander Engineer
1994 Back in Business Eartha Kitt Assistant Engineer
1994 Betty Helmet Assistant Engineer
1994 Just Imagine... Karen Akers Assistant Engineer
1994 Organic Duke Scott Hamilton Assistant Engineer
1993 Blue Light 'Til Dawn Cassandra Wilson Assistant Engineer
1993 My Dear Family Mal Waldron Assistant Engineer
1992 Notes from the Underground Medeski Clapping
Rejected Ben Jelen Engineer
Tired Wings Tired Wings Producer, Engineer