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Year Album Artist
2021 Spit of You Sam Fender Synthesizer
2021 Seventeen Going Under Sam Fender Sampling, Synthesizer
2021 Seventeen Going Under Sam Fender Synthesizer, Sampling, Choir/Chorus, Additional Production, Engineer, Producer, Voices
2021 Aye Sam Fender Sampling, Synthesizer
2020 Sparkle Sinclairs Organ
2020 Back to Black [BBC Radio 1 Live Session] Sam Fender Synthesizer
2019 Hypersonic Missiles Sam Fender Engineer, Percussion, Sound Design, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming, Vocals (Background)
2019 All Is on My Side Sam Fender Synthesizer
2018 Lounge Music 2018 Recording
2017 Return of Judge Roughneck Neville Staple Composer, Keyboards
2016 Veiled Light Jeremy D. Jones / Miami University Men's Glee Club Djembe, Drums (Snare), Tom-Tom
2014 Ska Crazy! Neville Staple Keyboards
2014 Now: 25 Top Hits of the 1970's Recording
2012 5 Classic Albums Marvin Gaye Engineer
2009 Only the Best of the Art Farmer Quintet Art Farmer Engineer
2008 The Motown Years Frankie Valli / Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Engineer
2008 Motown 50 [International Version 2] Recording
2008 Gravity Calling Flipron Vocals, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Composer
2007 Jersey Beat: The Music of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Engineer
2007 Dogboy vs. Monsters Flipron Banjo-Ukelele, Piano, Organ, Vocals (Background)
2006 Biscuits for Cerberus Flipron Guitar (Acoustic), Accordion, Piano, Piano (Electric), Organ, Keyboards, Vocals (Background), Group Member, Composer
2005 Ultimate Easy Album Engineer
2005 The Strat Pack: Live In Concert Public Relations
2005 Chronicles Marvin Gaye Engineer
2004 To Sweden with Love/Live at the Half Note Art Farmer Engineer
2004 The Rude Boy Returns Neville Staple Organ (Hammond)
2003 Sampled, Vol. 4 Engineer
2001 Funk Classics Recording
2001 All I Really Need: The Complete Atlantic Recordings, 1965-1971 The Rascals Mastering, Dubs
2000 Greatest Hits Live in 1976 Marvin Gaye Recording
1999 Four Walls Bending Emily Bezar Photography
1998 Sage of Tippo Mose Allison Engineer
1991 MJQ: 40 Years The Modern Jazz Quartet Engineer
1988 The Best of Mose Allison Mose Allison Engineer
1971 What's Going On Marvin Gaye Engineer, Recording
1971 Motown Story [2006] Recording
1968 Once Upon a Dream The Rascals Mastering, Dubs
1966 Blues at Carnegie Hall The Modern Jazz Quartet Engineer
1963 Live at the Half Note Art Farmer Engineer
1962 Swingin' Machine Mose Allison Engineer
i was far too scared to hit him Synthesizer
Wild Grey Ocean Sam Fender Synthesizer
What a Beautiful Voices Recording
Viral Trending Songs Synthesizer
Viral Remixes Engineer, Synthesizer
Viral Hits, Vol.1 [2022] Synthesizer
Viral 2022 Synthesizer
Vinyl Era Recording
Vibras Vintage Recording
Viaje A 1971 Recording
Vaccine of Joy Recording
Vacation Mode [June 09, 2021] Engineer, Synthesizer
Trending Now, Vol. 40 Synthesizer
Trending Hits, Vol. 41 Synthesizer
Trending Hits 2022 Synthesizer
Top de Baladas en Inglés Recording
Top Trending Tracks of 2021 Synthesizer
Tienda Café Recording
This Is Chill Music Recording
The Motown Mix [2022] Recording
The Best 70s Album in the World...Ever! Recording
The Ultimate Headphone & Hi-Fi Album Recording
The Roots of Motown Recording
The Children Matters Recording
Tesoros Musicales: 70's Recording
Temas Epicos Recording
Sunny Day High: Chillout Indie Rock Synthesizer
Summer of Rock Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Summer Soul for Kids [2022] Recording
Summer Mix Indie Synthesizer
Summer Barbecue 2021 Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Summer BBQ 2021 Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Stay Home Drink Wine Recording
Spring Break 2022: Road Trip Synthesizer
Soulklassiker Recording
Soulful Noise Recording
Soul School Recording
Soul Legends [Universal] Recording
Sezon Festiwalowy Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Seventies Songs Recording
Running 140-160-180 BPM-Uptempo Engineer, Sound Effects, Synthesizer
Round Rock Synthesizer
Rookie Allas Composer
Románticas en inglés 70 80 y 90 Recording
Rock Your Body Engineer, Synthesizer
Rock Summer 2022 Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Rock Playlist Engineer, Synthesizer
Rock On! Rock it! Rock Out! Engineer, Synthesizer
Roadmap to Climate Change Mental Health Recording
Road Trip Karaoke Recording
Radar de Éxitos: Indie Synthesizer
Por la Ciudad [2021] Engineer, Percussion, Sound Effects, Synthesizer
Pop Rock Hits Automne 2022 Synthesizer
Pop Americano Synthesizer
Pasaporte a los 70s Recording
Party de Revelion 2022 Synthesizer
One Night in Heaven, Vol. 9: Mixed & Compiled by DiscoRocks Discorocks Composer
On the Road [Universal] Recording
Novidades Rock Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Nature Lover Recording
NOW Soul Classics Recording
Música Pop Para Viajar Recording
Music for Justice Recording
Music Icons Recording
Motown: The Revolution Recording
Motown Summer Recording
Motown Collected Recording
Morning Songs [Universal] Synthesizer
Morning Motivation Pop Synthesizer
Morning Mix, Vol. 1 Recording
Momento Hipster Engineer, Synthesizer
Modern Rock Hits Synthesizer
Men of Soul Recording
Lunch Recording
Love Songs 2021 [Feb, 05] Synthesizer
Love Is the Answer Engineer
Latest Indie Synthesizer
Kwanzaa for Kids Recording
Kopi Dan Senja Engineer, Synthesizer
It Was Beauty We Were Makin Recording
Indie i natten Synthesizer
Indie Music 2021 Engineer, Sound Effects, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
Indie Country Crossover Synthesizer Programming
IDGAF Synthesizer
I Want All the Tears Back That I've Cried Synthesizer
I Heart 70s Recording
Huge Indie Rock Hits Synthesizer, Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Hot Songs 2021 Synthesizer
Hot Sauce Synthesizer
Hopeful Music Recording
Home Office [2022] Synthesizer
Holiday Blues Recording
Hip Hop Samples Recording
Hermosas Mañanas Recording
Hello Spring 2022 New Global Pop Hits Synthesizer
Heat Waves [2021] Synthesizer
Happy Indie Pop [2021] Engineer, Percussion, Synthesizer
Happy Indie Pop Engineer, Percussion, Synthesizer
Greatest Classic Hits Recording
Grandes Temazos: Soul Recording
Grandes Temazos: Rock Synthesizer
Grandes Temazos: Indie Synthesizer
Grandes Baladas en Inglés Recording
Getting Started [Live From Finsbury Park] Sam Fender Guitar, Piano, Sampling, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
Get You Down Sam Fender Guitar, Synthesizer
Gaming Electronic 2021 Engineer, Synthesizer
Funky Mix Recording
Funk/Soul/Disco Recording
Fresh New Music Synthesizer
Fresh Beats Synthesizer
Football Songs Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Firework Shoes Flipron Piano, Organ, Vocals (Background), Group Member, Composer
Festival Vibes Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Festival Summer Engineer, Synthesizer
Festival Dance [2021] Engineer, Synthesizer
Family Royalty Recording
Euros 2021 Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
Easy Sunday Morning Recording
Earth Day 2021 [Universal] Recording
Dreamy RnB for Kids Recording
Dreamy Classic R&B for Kids Recording
Domingo Familiar Recording
Dinner With Friends [2021] Synthesizer
Dinner Songs Recording
Dinner Party Summer Recording
Deezer Sessions Sam Fender Guitar, Keyboards, Sampling, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
Deeply Rooted: Juneteenth Recording
Dale al play!: Soul Recording
Cosy on the Couch Synthesizer
Colazione con Amore Recording
Colazione Chill Recording
Coffee Soundtrack Synthesizer
Coffee House: The Originals Recording
Clásicos en Inglés Recording
Classic Soul [2019] Recording
Classic Soul [2019] Recording
Class of '71 Recording
City Sounds Engineer, Percussion, Sound Effects, Synthesizer
Chill 2019 Recording
Calm Mornings Recording
Café, libros y Música Engineer, Percussion
Brunch Synthesizer
Black Music Month 2022 Recording
Black Music Month 2021 Recording
Black Music Month Recording
Black Music Mix Tape: Motown Recording
Black History for Kids Recording
Black History Month: ICONS Recording
Black History Month [2022] Recording
Black History Month [2021] Engineer, Recording
Black History Month - Soul + R&B Recording
Best of 2021 Rock Sampling, Synthesizer
Best Cottage Songs Ever! Synthesizer
Best Classics Ever Recording
Best 70's Hits Recording
Baladas en Ingles 80, 90 Éxitos Recording
Baladas Románticas en Inglés Recording
Baladas Románticas Viejas y Lindas Recording
Autumn Vibes 2021 Sampling, Synthesizer
Autumn Daze Engineer, Synthesizer
Autumn Chill [October, 2021] Sampling, Synthesizer
Alternativo LoFi Synthesizer
Alternative Heat Engineer, Synthesizer
Alternative Engineer, Sound Effects, Synthesizer
All Time Classics [Universal] Recording
All I Can Think About Is You Synthesizer Pads, Vocals (Background)
70s for Kids Recording
70s Mix [Universal] Recording
70s Memories Recording
50 Years in 2021 And...Still Cool Recording
40 Éxitos: Retro Recording
2022 Indie Summer Music Synthesizer
2020s Rock Songs Synthesizer
2010s Rock for Kids Synthesizer Programming
1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything Recording
1971 [Universal] Recording
100 Unforgettable Love Songs [2022] Recording

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