Joan Ambrosio Dalza

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The conventional wisdom about Italian lutenist and composer Joan Ambrosio Dalza is that he is generally thought to have been born in Milan and probably also died there. Most of the key facts surrounding…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Saltarello, for lute 1508 02:23 Chamber Music
Piva (from il Libro del Cortegiano) 1508 02:05 Miscellaneous (Classical) Chamber Music
Calata No. 3 "a la spagnola", for lute 1500 02:20 Chamber Music
Tastar de Corde, Padoana, Calata for lute 1508 02:09 Chamber Music
Pavana alla veneziana 1508 02:09 Chamber Music
Pavana alla ferrarese, for lute 02:24 Orchestral
Tastar de corde, Recercar dietro, for lute 01:53 Chamber Music
Saltarello and Piva, for 2 lutes 1508 04:57 Chamber Music
Caldibi Castigliano for lute or ensemble 1508 01:42 Chamber Music
Laudato dio, for lute 02:06 Chamber Music
Piva alla ferrarese reprise 02:39 Chamber Music
Recercar Dietro 1508 01:49 Keyboard
Calata espaƱola (from Libro quarto de Intabulantura) 1508 01:51 Chamber Music
Calata No. 1 "a la spagnola", for lute 1500 02:11 Chamber Music
Calata No. 2 "a la spagnola", for lute 1500 02:15 Chamber Music
Non Ha'l Ciel Cotanti Lumni 02:22 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Poi che volse la mia stella (after Bartolomeo Tromboncino), for lute 01:42 Chamber Music
Piva (Intabolatura de Lauto, 1508) 01:52 Chamber Music
Saltarello (Intabolatura de Lauto, 1508) 02:01 Chamber Music
Saltarello alla ferrarese 01:29 Chamber Music
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