Joseph Joachim

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Joseph Joachim was one of the greatest violin soloists of all time, a friend of Johannes Brahms, and an interesting composer whose music, while not ranking with that of the great masters of classical…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Pieces (3) for violin & piano, Op. 2 1850 12:05 Chamber Music
Overture "In Memoriam Heinrich Von Kleist" for orchestra, Op 13 10:30 Orchestral
Hamlet Overture for orchestra, Op 4 15:38 Orchestral
Variations for viola & piano, Op 10 22:27 Chamber Music
Concerto in Hungarian Style, for violin & orchestra No. 2, in D minor, Op. 11 1861 33:37 Concerto
Henry IV Overture for orchestra, Op 7 15:32 Orchestral
Romance for violin & piano in C major 04:55 Chamber Music
Concerto for violin & orchestra No 3 in G 35:33 Concerto
Hebrew Melodies for viola & piano, Op 9 18:38 Chamber Music
Variations for violin & orchestra in E minor "In Ungarischer Weise" 13:21 Concerto
Andantino for violin & piano in A minor 11:42 Chamber Music
Overture in C major 1896 08:16
Nocturne for violin & orchestra in A, Op 12 09:55 Concerto
Variations in E minor for piano 12:57 Keyboard
Transcription of Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.12 in C-sharp major 10:15 Chamber Music
March No. 2 for orchestra 04:47 Orchestral
March No. 1 for orchestra 05:56 Orchestral
Pieces (3) for violin & piano, Op. 5 16:38 Chamber Music
Romance for violin & piano in B flat major 04:46 Chamber Music
Overture to a Comedy by Gozzi, Op. 8 1854 12:09
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