János Fusz

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Fusz won early repute as an organist and pianist having taught piano in Tolna before Pozsony. He composed his first opera "Pyramus es Thisbe" while in Pozsony whereupon he moved to Vienna to study with…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Songs, for voice & piano, Op. 23 Vocal Music
Six New Songs, for voice & piano, Op. 6 Vocal Music
Songs, for voice & piano, Op. 16 Vocal Music
Songs, for voice & piano, Op. 22 Vocal Music
Variations sur le Menuet favori de l'opéra Don Giovanni, for piano, 4-hands, Op. 10 1810 Keyboard
slavische Nationaltänze, for piano, Op. 13b 1809 Keyboard
Megnyugvás (Beruhigung), song for voice & piano, Op. 31 Vocal Music
Trauermarsch, for piano 1809 Keyboard
Andante for piano, 4-hands in G major 1808 Keyboard
Ländler (6) for piano Keyboard
A barátságtól a szerelemig (elsö változat), song for voice 7 piano, Op. 24 Vocal Music
Rondeau favori, for piano in C major, Op. 20 Keyboard
Allemandes (8) for piano Keyboard
Emíliához (An Emilie), song for voice & piano, Op. 32 Vocal Music
Écossoisen (12), for piano, Op. 33 Keyboard
Allemandes de Berlin, for piano, 4-hands Keyboard
Nocturne for 3 violas & cello in A flat major Chamber Music
Elysium, for voice & piano, Op. 29 Vocal Music
Variations (8) on "Verzeihen Sie, mein Herr Baron", for piano, Op. 11 1810 Keyboard
Marches (4) for piano, Op. 8 1810 Keyboard
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