Jim Hemingway


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Year Album Artist
2015 Arms & Hands Kirk Knuffke Mastering
2012 Sojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman Avery Sharpe Mastering
2011 Forget the Pixel Michael Dessen Trio Mastering
2011 The Other Parade Bass Drum Bone Mastering
2010 Old Dogs Anthony Braxton / Gerry Hemingway Mastering
2008 Eyn Velt Brian Bender Mastering
2007 Urban Jungle Brian Bender Mastering
2006 Compassion Adam Rudolph / Wadada Leo Smith Mastering
2006 Jon Blum Astrogeny Quartet Jon Blum Mastering
2005 Blue Winter Fred Anderson Mastering
2005 Double Blues Crossing Gerry Hemingway Mastering
2005 Epic Ebony Journey Avery Sharpe Mastering
2005 Floriculture Carl Maguire Digital Mastering
2005 Perles Noires, Vol. 1 Sunny Murray Mastering
2005 Perles Noires, Vol. 2 Sunny Murray Mastering
2005 The Whimbler Gerry Hemingway Quartet Digital Mastering
2004 Bittersweet Susan Angeletti Mastering
2004 Last Set: Live at the 1369 Jazz Club Raphe Malik Editing, Mastering
2004 Vista Sam Rivers Mastering
2003 Adam Rudolph: Web of Light Go: Organic Orchestra / Adam Rudolph Mastering
2003 HR57 Treasure Box Alan Silva Mastering
2003 HR57, Vol. 1 Alan Silva Mastering
2003 In the Garden Yusef Lateef Mastering
2003 Never Too Late But Always Too Early Peter Brötzmann / Hamid Drake / William Parker Mastering
2003 New World Pygmies, Vol. 2 Jemeel Moondoc Mastering
2003 The All-Star Game Marshall Allen / Hamid Drake / Kidd Jordan Mastering
2003 We Don't Jemeel Moondoc Mixing, Mastering
2002 Bob's Pink Cadillac William Parker / William Parker Clarinet Trio Mastering
2002 Brothers Together Hamid Drake Mastering
2002 Companions Raphe Malik / Raphe Malik Quartet Mastering
2002 Continental Jazz Express: Live at the 2000 Vision Festival, NYC Bobby Few Mastering
2002 Raincoat in the River, Vol. 1: Ica Concert The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra / William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra Mastering
2002 Songs Gerry Hemingway Mastering
2001 Alan Silva and the Sound Visions Orchestra Alan Silva Mastering
2001 Duologues Mark Dresser Editing, Mastering, Montage
2001 Revolt of the Negro Lawn Jockeys Jemeel Moondoc Mastering
2001 Shooters and Bowlers John Butcher Mastering
2001 Spirit House Jemeel Moondoc Mastering
2001 Transmigrations: Gilgul Wolf Krakowski Mastering
2000 2 Days in April Fred Anderson Mastering
2000 The Marks Brothers The Marks Brothers Engineer
2000 Transmissions Alan Silva / Oluyemi Thomas Mastering
1999 A Gift: Goodness Inwardness Forgiving Tolerance Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1999 Emancipation Suite #1 Alan Silva Editing, Mastering
1999 Live in Seattle Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1999 Monday Morning Cold Erin McKeown Remastering
1999 Patterns/Message to South Africa Noah Howard Remastering
1999 Tom & Gerry Tom & Gerry Mastering
1999 Waltzes, Two-Steps & Other Matters of the Heart Gerry Hemingway Quintet Mastering
1998 9 Bagatelles Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1998 A Hero's Welcome: Pieces For Rare Occasions Alan Silva Mastering
1998 Bosco's Magic Shop yeP! Mastering
1998 ConSequences Raphe Malik Mastering
1998 Divine Doorways Andrea Goodman Editing, Mastering
1998 From Valley to Valley Die Like a Dog Quartet Mastering
1998 Like the Dust Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1998 Live Test Mastering
1998 New World Pygmies Jemeel Moondoc Mastering
1998 Old Souls Day Ray Mason Mastering
1998 We Are Not at the Opera Sunny Murray Engineer, Mastering
1997 Bass Drum Bone (Hence the Reason) Bass Drum Bone Mastering
1997 CHNOPS: Gold & Soul Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1997 Earth and Sky Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1997 First And Last Glenn Spearman Mixing, Mastering
1997 Flume Factor Frank Gratkowski / Frank Gratkowski Trio Digital Mastering
1997 Live at Fire in the Valley Malcolm Goldstein Mastering
1997 Live at Fire in the Valley Trio Hurricane Mastering
1997 Live at the Iron Horse Mastering
1997 Love on the Line Peter Lehndorff Mastering
1997 Recorded Life Patrick McGinley Mastering
1997 Sonata Fantasia Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1997 The World at Peace Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering, Mastering
1997 Vineyard Sound, Vol. 3 Mastering
1996 Acoustic Solo Works 1983-1994 Gerry Hemingway Digital Editing, Mastering
1996 Duologue Randy Crafton Mastering
1996 Fire in the Valley Jemeel Moondoc Trio Mastering
1996 Full Circle Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1996 Isle of Spirit Bernice Lewis Mastering
1996 The Harvest Erica Wheeler Mastering
1996 The Restless Boys' Club Pete Nelson Mastering
1996 Yusef Lateef's Fantasia for Flute Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1995 Cooks For Tante Barbara Klezamir Digital Mastering
1995 Extended Family, Vol. 2: Thoughts of My Ancestors Avery Sharpe Digital Mastering
1995 Hal-An-Tow Songs of the Six Nations Sandra Reid Mastering
1995 No Songs About Trains Leticia Digital Editing
1995 Salamander Crossing Salamander Crossing Digital Mastering
1995 Slamadam Gerry Hemingway Quintet Digital Mastering
1995 yeP!onymous yeP! Digital Mastering
1994 Cantata Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1994 Claiming Open Spaces: Music from the Soundtrack Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1994 Suite Life Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1994 Tenors of Yusef Lateef & Ricky Ford Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1994 The Vineyard Sound, Vol. 1 Mixing, Digital Editing, Digital Mastering, Mastering
1993 Extended Family Avery Sharpe Digital Mastering
1993 Metamorphosis Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1993 Tenors Featuring Rene McLean Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1993 Woodwinds Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1991 Captain of the Deep Denis Charles Mastering
1991 Towards the Sun Michael Gregory Mastering
1983 In Nigeria Yusef Lateef Digital Mastering
1979 Through Acceptance of the Mystery Peace William Parker Remastering
1971 An Accoustic Confusion Steve Tilston Digital Mastering, Audio Restoration
1970 The Sun Also Rises The Sun Also Rises Digital Mastering, Audio Restoration
Burning Bright Tom McClung Mastering
Knuckleball Knuckleball Mastering
Riptide Gerry Hemingway Quintet Mastering
The Beautiful Enabler Mauger Mastering
Yèyí: A Wordless Psalm of Prototypical Vibrations Ralph Jones / Adam Rudolph Mastering