J.H. Golden


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Year Album Artist
2005 It Came from the Speakers Truckee Brothers Mastering
2005 Night Flares Greg MacPherson Mastering
2005 Red Dust Rising The Dexateens Mastering
2005 This Stays Between Us Black Tie Dynasty Mastering
2004 Everybody's Gotta Have a Place Dirk Shumaker Mastering
2004 From Gutter With Love Pidgeon Mastering
2004 How It Ends DeVotchKa Mastering
2004 It's the Sound Tracy Spuehler Mastering
2004 Let's Make Our Descent The Waxwings Mastering
2004 Mind and Mother Burd Early Mastering
2004 The Dexateens The Dexateens Mastering
2004 This Affair Never Happened The Bigger Lovers Mastering
2004 Winds Take No Shape Call & Response Mastering
2003 Adult Situations Drunk Horse Editing
2003 All Around The Oranges Band Mastering
2003 I Hope You're Feeling Better Now Irving Mastering
2003 Keepin' It Real Jimmy Crimmins Mastering
2003 Kind of Light The 88 Mastering
2003 Two Point Perspective Life in Bed Mastering
2003 We Are from Nowhere Dance Disaster Movement Mastering
2002 All Night All Night Mastering
2002 Further DJ Dara Producer, Composer
2002 Lightning Struck the Pine CeDell Davis Mastering
2002 Pronounced Eat Shit Raging Slab Mastering
2002 Soon Power13 Mastering
2002 V The Fucking Champs Digital Transfers
2002 White Night, Floating Anchor The Double U Mastering
2000 Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars Fatboy Slim Photography
1995 Hustle Up! John Stein Composer
1991 Vendetta The Brood Mastering
White Elephant Doris Henson Mastering