Jesse LeDoux


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Year Album Artist
2017 Some Twist Michael Nau Layout
2016 Dark Sacred Night David Bazan Design
2014 At Best Cuckold Avi Buffalo Design
2014 Passerby Luluc Design
2008 Call It Off Speaker Speaker Artwork
2007 Limbeck Limbeck Artwork
2007 Sorry Vampire John Ralston Artwork
2007 True Love/¿Ya Te Vas? Minmae Artwork
2007 We Came Here to Die Bear Colony Artwork
2007 We Won't March Speaker Speaker Design
2006 Le Grand Essor de La Maison du Monstre Minmae Artwork
2006 Sing Song [BRC] The Little Ones Design
2006 Slaying Since 1996 Artwork
2006 Socialize The Metal Hearts Design
2006 Tomorrow Grieves Today Time Promises Power Artwork
2006 Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! And More! Hellogoodbye Artwork
2005 Again & Again & Again by Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker Design
2005 Get Myself Together Danny Barnes Design
2005 Gonna Get It Wrong Before I Get It Right Sam Ashworth Illustrations, Design
2005 Headphones Headphones Design
2005 I Got a Brand New Egg Layin' Machine Goon Moon Design
2005 I'd Be Scared, Were You Still Burning Minmae Artwork
2005 Lunch for the Sky Socratic Design, Layout Design
2005 Rules Are Predictable The Pale Pacific Design
2005 Urgency The Pale Pacific Design
2004 Achilles' Heel Pedro the Lion Artwork
2004 Don't Climb on and Take the Holy Water Kinski Design
2004 Everywhere and Right Here The Six Parts Seven Artwork
2004 Fighting in a Sack The Shins Design
2004 Ghosts of Tables and Chairs Citizens Here and Abroad Artwork
2004 Holy Happy Hour Stockholm Syndrome Design
2004 In a Safe Place The Album Leaf Design
2004 Masculine Drugs Zach Hill Layout Design
2004 Ten Songs in the Key of Betrayal Alien Crime Syndicate Artwork
2004 Wolves With Pretty Lips We Ragazzi Design
2004 Young Days Hint Hint Design
2003 Airs Above Your Station Kinski Design
2003 Chutes Too Narrow The Shins Design
2003 Dirt on the Angel Danny Barnes Design
2003 How to Plan Successful Parties The Dipers Design
2003 No Silver/No Gold The Baptist Generals Design
2003 The Black Keys [EP] The Six Parts Seven Design
2003 The Sea & the Rhythm Iron and Wine Design
2003 True Love Minmae Artwork
2002 I Break Chairs Damien Jurado Design
2002 Know Your Onion The Shins Design
2002 Make Up the Breakdown Hot Hot Heat Design
2002 Since We've Become Translucent Mudhoney Design
2002 The Creek Drank the Cradle Iron and Wine Design
2001 999 Levels of Undo Steve Fisk Illustrations
2001 Bleed American Jimmy Eat World Design
2001 Goodbye Crooked Scar The Dark Fantastic Design
2001 Symbient Heather Duby Design
2001 Waiting for a World War Dolour Design
2000 Chappaquiddick Skyline Chappaquiddick Skyline Design
2000 In Case You Didn't Feel Like Plugging In The Posies Design
2000 Postcards and Audio Letters Damien Jurado Design
1999 Live Sunny Day Real Estate Artwork, Design
1999 Miniature Portraits 5ive Style Artwork
1999 The Dark Fantastic The Dark Fantastic Design
1998 Get Here and Stay 764-HERO Design
Deer Park The Deer Park Design