Jesse Gander


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Year Album Artist
2017 Burst Brutus Producer, Engineer
2017 Dollhouse The Pack A.D. Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2017 Good Night, Tomorrow Needles//Pins Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards
2017 Near to the Wild Heart of Life Japandroids Engineer, Producer
2016 Voice of the Void Anciients Engineer, Mixing
2014 Deep Fantasy White Lung Producer, Engineer
2012 Celebration Rock Japandroids Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2012 Sorry White Lung Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 8% The Jolts Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2011 Unpersons The Pack A.D. Engineer
2010 Dark Ages Bison B.C. Producer, Engineer, Piano, Wurlitzer
2010 Same Thoughts Different Day The Subhumans Engineer, Mixing
2010 We Kill Computers The Pack A.D. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2009 Escape Through the Trees CoPilots Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2009 Post-Nothing Japandroids Engineer
2009 Sex and Murder Last Plague Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Cartography Buttless Chaps Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Could We Belive in Magic? Winning Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Death Was Too Kind The Subhumans Remixing
2008 Funeral Mixtape The Pack A.D. Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing
2008 Quiet Earth Bison B.C. Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2008 The Mice of Mt. Career Andy Dixon Mixing
2007 First Excommunications Elizabeth Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Piano
2007 Halcyon Days The Paper Cranes Producer, Engineer
2007 Losin' It! Vancougar Engineer, Mixing
2007 Plays Secret Mommy Engineer, Piano
2007 This Is An Ad for Cigarettes Winning Producer, Engineer
2007 Tranzmitors Tranzmitors Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Wildfires The Mohawk Lodge Keyboards
2006 Where Night Holds Light Buttless Chaps Engineer, Mixing, Vibraslap
2005 My Project: Blue My Project: Blue Engineer, Echo
2005 Physical City Cadeaux Engineer, Mixing
2005 Shape to Form Portico Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2005 Thrasher Mag: Skate Rock, Vol. 12: Eat the Flag Engineer
2005 Vancouver Gold [EP] Go It Alone Engineer, Mixing
2004 Baam! Jaam! The WPP Engineer
2004 Breaking Down the Barriers That Break Down Your Music Billy + The Lost Boys Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Hot Hot Heat/Red Light Sting [Split LP] Hot Hot Heat Engineer, Mixing, Remastering
2004 It Is Nothing to You All State Champion Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2004 Promises Kept Champion Engineer
2004 Ready, Set... Do/I Can Enjoy Almost Anything Doers Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Organ
2004 Straight Leather Jacket The Spinoffs Engineer, Mixing, Spoken Word, Tambourine
2003 Battlecry Under a Winter Sun 3 Inches of Blood Engineer, Vocals
2003 What's Done Is Done Blue Monday Engineer, Audio Production
2003 While We Can Droom Assistant
2002 SLMZK! Alunared / A Luna Red Mastering
2001 I Is for Insignificant D.B.S. Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Keyboards, Group Member
Bobognargnar S.T.R.E.E.T.S. Producer, Engineer
Cold Hands The Fire Next Time Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Here We Go Again/Here We Go Again...Again The Blendours / The Old Wives Mastering, Mixing
Last Run Rebel Spell Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Living Ghosts We Hunt Buffalo Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Organ, Synthesizer
Project Bicycle Engineer
Take Me to Somewhere Onward Chariots Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion
Uninhabit Fond of Tigers Engineer, Mixing
You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient Bison Engineer
Your Body Is Your Prison Tommy Babin's Benzene Engineer