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Year Album Artist
2022 LOVE Anthony Ramos Composer
2021 Love and Lies Anthony Ramos Composer
2021 Chill Your Mind Composer
2021 Charlotte Charlotte Lawrence Composer
2020 Velvet Adam Lambert Composer
2020 Promising Young Woman [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
2020 New Hope Club New Hope Club Composer
2020 Last Laugh [From "Promising Young Woman" Soundtrack] FLETCHER Composer
2020 Funeral Lil Wayne Composer
2020 Forever FLETCHER Composer
2019 You Ruined New York City for Me FLETCHER Composer
2019 Undrunk FLETCHER Composer
2019 The Good & the Bad Anthony Ramos Composer, Vocals (Background)
2019 Spoiler Aitana Composer
2019 Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 72 Composer
2019 Now That's What I Call Music! 70 Composer
2019 Lost Loote Composer
2019 K-12 Melanie Martinez Composer
2019 If You're Gonna Lie FLETCHER Composer
2018 Wish I Never Met You Feather / Loote Composer
2018 Tween Hits 12 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer/Lyricist
2018 Tráiler Aitana Composer
2018 Single Loote Composer/Lyricist
2018 Party Tyme Karaoke: R&B Male Hits 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
2018 Out My Mind Tritonal Composer, Composer/Lyricist
2018 One in a Million Matoma Composer
2017 Summer Dance Vibe Composer
2017 Plot Twist Marc E. Bassy Composer
2017 Outta My Head Loote Composer
2017 Now, Vol. 28 Composer
2017 Most Girls Hailee Steinfeld Composer
2017 Just the Beginning Grace VanderWaal Vocals (Background)
2017 High Without Your Love Loote Composer
2017 Gossip Columns Marc E. Bassy Composer
2016 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] The Lonely Island Composer
2016 Ashes Illenium Composer
2015 Tomorrowland: The Secret Kingdom of Melodia Composer
2015 Cry Baby Melanie Martinez Composer
2015 Adore Jasmine Thompson Composer
2014 Up & Up Ish Composer
2014 Globalization Pitbull Composer
2014 Dollhouse Melanie Martinez Composer
2012 Strange Clouds B.o.B Composer
2012 R&B: The Collection [Rhino] Composer
2011 Kidz Bop 19 Kidz Bop Kids Composer
2011 100 Tubes 2012 Composer
2010 Scott Mills Presents: Big Ones Composer
2010 Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 3 Composer
2010 Now, Vol. 16 [Canada] Composer
2010 NRJ Hits 2011 Composer
2010 NOW That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 77 [2010] Composer
2010 B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray B.o.B Composer
Éxitos del Orgullo LGTBIQ+ Composer
Zene! Composer
You Don't Mean Nothing Composer
Workout Dance Tempo Composer
Workout 2021 [Universal] Composer
Workout 2021 Composer
Work From Home Dance Break Composer
Work From Home Bops [November] Composer
Work From Home Bops Composer
Wonder Women Composer
Women's Day 2021 Composer
Women of Capitol Composer
Women in Rock Composer, Vocals (Background)
Woman Crush Wednesday Composer
Winter Mood Composer
Whistle (While You Work It) Katy Tiz Composer
When You Leave Matoma / Nikki Vianna Composer
Welcome Summer Time to travel Composer
Viral Hits, Vol. 11 Composer
Verified Hits Composer
Verano Hits 2020 - Verano forever Composer
Vaccine of Sadness Composer
Vacation 2021 Composer
VSCO Girl Composer
Urban Throwback Composer
Uplifting Happy Playlist Composer
Upbeat Dance Composer/Lyricist
Unlonely Jay Composer
Ultimate Summer 2021 Composer
Ultimate Pop Hits, Vol. 4 Composer
Ultimate Hits Lullabies, Vol. 7 The Cat and Owl Composer
Ufficio relax musica rilassante per lavorare Composer
Tropical Vibes Composer
Trending This Month Composer
Top Songs [Rhino] Composer
Top Hits: Greatest Songs Ever Composer
Top Hits of 2017 Composer
Top Dance Hits Composer
Tomorrow Tonight Loote Composer
Teen Hits [2021] Composer
Summer Songs [Universal] Composer
Summer Jams 2020 Composer
Summer Heat [2021] Composer
Summer Dance Pop Composer
Summer Dance Anthems Composer
Summer 2019 Composer
Study Pop Composer
Star Songwriters Composer
Spring Break 2021 [Universal] Composer
Spring Break Composer
Soulmates Composer
Sonando Fuerte en el Verano Composer
Soft Dance Composer
Slay Composer
Sippy Cup Melanie Martinez Composer
Sharks In The Swimming Pool Clairity Composer
Shape of Pop Composer
Sad Girl Summer Composer
Running Songs: The Collection Composer
Reinas del Pop Composer
RUSH WEEK Composer
R&B [Rhino] Composer
R&B Rewind Composer
R&B Collection: Summer 2011 Composer
Pride Parade 2021 Composer
Pride Hits 2021 [June,2021] Composer
Pride Hits 2021 Composer
Pride Club Composer
Pride 2021: The Ultimate Pride Hits Composer
Pride 2021 [Universal] [#1] Composer
Pride 2021 Best Hits Composer
Pride Composer
Post Lockdown Party Composer
Pop of the 2000s: Celebrating Pride 2021 Composer
Pop at Home Composer
Pop Royalty Composer
Pop Remixed, Vol. 1 Composer
Pop Queens Composer
Pop Ladies [Universal] Composer
Pop Alegre Composer
Playlist: R&B Composer
Playlist: Pop Hits Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Tween Party Pack, Vol. 3 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Tween Hits, Vol. 12 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 19 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke-Tween Party Pack 3 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer, Composer/Lyricist
PRIDE PARTY 2021 [Music is Universal Italia] Composer
Orchestral String Versions of David Guetta Diamond String Orchestra Composer
Now! 16 [Now] Composer
Now That's What I Call Music!, Vol. 70 Composer
Night Out Anthem Composer
Night Out Composer
New Year's Eve 2020 Composer
New Year New Music Composer
New Music 2021 Composer
New Artists Composer
Musicalizando Composer
Music Is Universal:愛無界限 [Love Has No Boundaries] Composer
Music Is Universal: Yass Kween Pride Anthems Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Shaed Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Fletcher Composer
Music Is Universal: Pride by Fletcher Composer
Music Is Universal: PRIDE by Tove Lo Composer
Music Is Universal: PRIDE by Slayyyter Composer
Mothers Day [2021] Composer
Most Girls Unity Lyricist
Mood Booster Hits [November, 2020] Composer
Momento peliculero Composer
Momento Lluvioso Composer
Miow: That's the Cat and Owl, Vol. 8 The Cat and Owl Composer
Ministry of Sleep: Six The Cat and Owl Composer
Mini Pop Kids 15 Minipop Kids Composer
Massive Dance [Rhino] Composer
Mashup Popero Composer
Man Crush Monday Composer
Magnet Hook N Sling / Chris Willis Composer, Producer
MBM Performs Melanie Martinez Composer
Lullaby Versions of Melanie Martinez The Cat and Owl Composer
Lullaby Versions of Melanie Martinez Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star Composer
Lullaby Renditions of David Guetta The Cat and Owl Composer
Love Is...Chaotic Composer, Vocals (Background)
Love Back (Stripped Back) Why Don't We Composer
Love Back Why Don't We Composer
Losers Frawley Composer
Legendary Songs [Rhino] Composer
Latest Hits Composer
Late Lights, Vol. 1 Composer
Kids Party Pop [Universal] Composer
Just Hits [Rhino] Composer
Just Girls Composer
Island Life Dance, Vol. 7 Composer
Island Life Dance, Vol. 5 Composer
Island Life Dance Composer
Island Life Coffee House, Vol. 1 Composer
Island Life Coffee House Composer
International Women's Day [MY Edition] Composer
International Women's Day Composer
In the Morning Jennifer Lopez Composer
I'm a Survivor Composer
Hyperpop Composer
Hot Killer Julia Wolf Composer
Hot Girls Summer Composer
Horoscope Tunes: Cancer Composer
Holiday Songs 2019 Composer
Herbst Hits 2020 Composer
Herbst 2020 Composer
Heart Eyes Loote Composer
Hard Boy Frawley Composer
Happy Summer Composer
Happy Morning! [2021] Composer
Gym Motivation Mix Composer
Glow Up [Rhino] Composer
Glow Up Composer
Girls' Night: The Best Composer
Girls on Tour Composer
Girls on Fire Composer
Girls Run the World [2021] Composer
Girls Rule! Composer
Girls Rule [June, 2021] Composer
Girl Power [Universal] [2019] Composer
Girl Power [2021] Composer
Girl Power Pop Composer
Girl Power Hits [Pinoy Picks Edition] Composer
Girl Power Hits [2021] Composer
Girl Power Anthems Composer
Girl Gang Composer
Get Fit [April, 5] Composer
Get Fit 2021 Composer
Fun Pop Throwback Composer
Find Tomorrow Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Composer
Fiesta Pride 2021 Composer
Female Rock Composer, Vocals (Background)
Female Empowerment Composer
Fast Car Jasmine Thompson Composer
Fall Hits Composer
Fall Asleep on the Beach Composer
Exitos del Orgullo Gay Composer
Exitos Acusticos Composer
Eclipse Musical Composer
Easy Acoustic Composer
Easy Frawley Composer
Depressing Songs 2020 Composer
Dance This Summer Composer
Dance Nation [Rhino] Composer
Dance Anthems [Rhino] Composer
Dale al play!: Triste Composer
Csak Csajok 2021 Composer
Csajbuli 2021 Composer
Coulda Been With Me Composer
Conversations With Myself About You lovelytheband Composer
Cleaning Jams Composer
Christopher Street Day 2022 Composer
Chilled Acoustic [Universal] Composer
Chill Vibes Daily Composer
Chill Vibe Composer
Chart Hits [Rhino] Composer
Celebrating Women 2022 Composer
Celebrating Women Composer
Celebrate: Women's Day Anthems 2021 Composer
Catch a Body (123) NDJ Composer
Catch Feels Composer
Carousel Melanie Martinez Composer
Cardio Composer
Car-aoke: The Collection Composer
Calm Summer Night Composer
Breakup Songs [Universal] [2020] Composer
Break Up Songs [2021] Composer, Vocals (Background)
Break Up Anthems Composer
Break It Down Composer
Boost of Energy Composer, Vocals (Background)
Blessings Anthony Ramos Composer
Biggest Tracks of the Year: 2020 Hits Composer
Better When You're Gone Brooks & Loote / David Guetta Composer
Best of Female Pop Composer
Best of 2017 [August 2020] Composer
Best of 2017 Pop Composer
Best of 2017 Dance Composer
Best of 2017 Composer
Best New Music [December, 2020] Composer
Best New Music 2021 Composer
Best Mix for Cafes Composer
Becky’s So Hot FLETCHER Composer
Beach Party [2019] Composer
Beach Party 2021 Composer
Beach Holiday 2019 Composer
Bar Party Hits Composer
Back Together Loote Composer
Autumn Vibes Composer
Autumn Tunes Composer
Autumn Hits [17, September] Composer
Autumn 2020 Composer
Aries Season Composer
Antywalentynki Composer
American Dream Bryce Vine Composer
Alt Pop Chillax Composer
All Time Classics [Rhino] Composer
Alienation Clairity Composer
Airplanes, Pt. 2 [Originally Performed by B.o.B featuring Eminem & Hayley Williams of Paramore] DJ Cover This Composer
Airplanes Karla Davis Composer
Airplanes B.o.B / Hayley Williams Composer
Ain't Nobody's Baby Frawley Composer
Acoustic Women Composer
Acoustic Pop [Universal] [2021] Composer
Acoustic Love [Feb 05, 2021] Composer
Acoustic Hits 2021 Composer
Acoustic Guitar Sing Along Composer
Acoustic 2021 Composer
85% Loote Composer
8-Bit Versions of Melanie Martinez 8-Bit Misfits Composer
4th of July: Clean Pop Composer
2011 Composer
2010 POP Hits [Rhino] Composer
10s Smash Hits [Rhino] Composer
100% Top Hits Composer
100% Top 40 Summer 2011 Audio Groove Composer
100% Top 40 Hits 2010 Audio Groove Composer
100 Greatest Workout Songs (Top Tracks for the Gym) Composer
100 Greatest Summer Songs Composer
100 Greatest Sing-a-long Songs Composer
100 Greatest R&B Composer
100 Greatest Pop Songs Composer
100 Greatest Number Ones (The Best No.1s Ever) Composer
100 Greatest Number Ones Composer
100 Greatest Karaoke Songs Composer
100 Greatest Hits [Rhino] Composer
100 Greatest Best Songs Ever Composer
100 Greatest 2020 Songs Composer
100 Greatest 2019 Songs: Best Songs of the Year Composer
100 Greatest 10s (The Best Songs of the Last Decade) Composer

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