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Year Album Artist
2021 The Nightmare of Being At the Gates Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2021 Moonflowers Swallow the Sun Mixing
2021 Eternal Blue Spiritbox Engineer
2021 Colors II Between the Buried and Me Mixing
2020 Utgard Enslaved Mixing
2020 Quadra Sepultura Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background)
2020 Point of No Return Those Damn Crows Mastering
2020 Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic/Cenozoic The Ocean Mixing
2020 Moment Dark Tranquillity Mixing, Mastering
2020 Best of the Blessed Powerwolf Mastering Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Recording
2019 Years of Aggression Suicidal Angels Mixing
2019 Winter Ethereal Arch/Matheos Mixing
2019 When a Shadow Is Forced into the Light Swallow the Sun Mixing
2019 SOS Millencolin Mixing, Vocoder, Vocal Harmony, Mastering, Vocal Engineer, Vocal Producer
2019 Mourn the Southern Skies Exhorder Mixing, Mastering
2019 Lotus Soen Mastering
2019 Live at Masters of Rock 2019 Eluveitie Mixing
2019 Heart Like a Grave Insomnium Mixing, Mastering
2019 Ategnatos Eluveitie Mixing
2018 Ámr Ihsahn Mastering
2018 Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty Metal Allegiance Engineer, Vocal Engineer
2018 Vignette Letters From the Colony Mastering
2018 Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs Orphaned Land Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2018 Tiara Seventh Wonder Mastering
2018 The Sacrament of Sin Powerwolf Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Mastering Engineer, Recording
2018 Queen of Time Amorphis Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Arranger
2018 Live over Europe Fates Warning Mixing
2018 Eonian Dimmu Borgir Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2018 Automata II Between the Buried and Me Mixing, Mastering
2018 Automata I Between the Buried and Me Mixing, Mastering
2017 Will to Power Arch Enemy Mixing, Mastering
2017 Wall of Sound Marty Friedman Mixing
2017 This Is the Sound Cellar Darling Mastering
2017 Sixth Dimension Power Quest Mastering
2017 Reaching into Infinity DragonForce Producer, Mixing
2017 Malina Leprous Mixing
2017 Machine Messiah Sepultura Producer, Mixing
2017 In Contact Caligula's Horse Mastering
2017 Hurricanes and Halos Avatarium Mastering
2017 Gods of Violence Kreator Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Choir/Chorus
2017 Evolution Once Human Mastering
2017 E Enslaved Mixing
2017 Codex Omega SepticFlesh Producer, Mixing, Mastering Engineer
2017 Ashes Sinsaenum Mastering, Mixing
2017 Aathma Persefone Mixing, Mastering
2016 Theories of Flight Fates Warning Mixing, Mastering
2016 The Fall of Hearts Katatonia Mixing, Mastering
2016 Metal Resistance Babymetal Mixing
2016 Legacy Myrath Mixing
2016 King Fleshgod Apocalypse Mixing, Mastering
2016 From Blue to Black Crisix Mastering
2016 Death Thy Lover Candlemass Mastering
2016 Atoma Dark Tranquillity Mastering
2016 Arktis Ihsahn Mixing, Mastering
2016 Affinity Haken Mixing, Mastering
2015 Under the Red Cloud Amorphis Producer, Mixing, Vocal Harmony, Mastering
2015 True Brew Millencolin Engineer, Vocals (Background), Mastering
2015 The Ride Majestic Soilwork Mixing, Mastering
2015 The Girl with the Raven Mask Avatarium Mastering
2015 Shadow World Wolfheart Mastering
2015 In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross Sorcerer Mastering
2015 In Times Enslaved Mixing
2015 Coma Ecliptic Between the Buried and Me Mixing, Mastering
2015 Blessed and Possessed Powerwolf Mastering
2014 War Eternal Arch Enemy Mixing, Mastering
2014 Maximum Overload DragonForce Producer, Mixing
2014 Inferno Marty Friedman Mixing
2014 Follow the Deadlights Diablo Blvd Mastering, Mixing
2014 At War with Reality At the Gates Mixing, Mastering
2013 XXX: Three Decades of Roadrunner Records Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2013 The Living Infinite Soilwork Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2013 Seventh Swamphony Kalmah Mixing, Mastering
2013 Pelagial The Ocean Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2013 Impermanent Resonance James LaBrie Mixing
2013 I'mperfect Ling Tosite Sigure Mixing
2013 Extol Extol Mixing, Mastering
2013 Dying Alive Kreator Mixing, Mastering
2013 Das Seelenbrechen Ihsahn Mixing, Mastering
2013 Construct Dark Tranquillity Mixing, Mastering
2013 Conduit Funeral for a Friend Mastering
2012 Wheels of Impermanence Heaven's Cry Mastering
2012 The Melancholy Connection Millencolin Engineer, Guitar Engineer
2012 Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror Order of Nine Mastering
2012 Riitiir Enslaved Mixing
2012 Portal of I Ne Obliviscaris Mixing, Mastering
2012 Phantom Antichrist Kreator Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Choir/Chorus
2012 Monolith Sylosis Mixing, Mastering
2012 Legend Witchcraft Producer, Mixing
2012 Here the Day Comes Valkiria Mastering
2012 Eremita Ihsahn Mixing, Mastering
2012 Equilibrium God Forbid Mixing, Mastering, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
2012 Disclosure The HAARP Machine Mastering
2012 Beyond Redemption The Forsaken Mastering
2011 Visions Haken Remastering
2011 The Meaning of I Voyager Mixing, Mastering
2011 Tales of the Sands Myrath Mastering
2011 Surtur Rising Amon Amarth Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Stand Up and Fight Turisas Mixing
2011 Orogeny Turbid North Mastering
2011 Måsstaden Vildhjarta Mastering
2011 K2 Adimiron Mastering
2011 Illwill Lake of Tears Mastering
2011 Iconoclast Symphony X Mixing, Mastering
2011 Frail Before the Rain Mastering
2011 Deconstruction Devin Townsend / Devin Townsend Project Mixing
2011 Builders of Empires Diablo Blvd Mixing, Mastering
2011 Born From Shadows Isole Mastering
2011 Bilateral Leprous Mixing, Mastering
2011 A Rose for the Apocalypse Draconian Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Engineer
2010 The Panic Broadcast Soilwork Engineer, Mixing, Drum Engineering
2010 Static Impulse James LaBrie Mixing, Mastering
2010 Shadow of the Red Baron Iron Mask Mixing, Mastering
2010 Road Salt One Pain of Salvation Mastering
2010 In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall Opeth Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Hammer of the North Grand Magus Mixing
2010 Day and Then the Shade Katatonia Mastering
2010 Black Penance Meltgsnow Mastering
2010 Axioma Ethica Odini Enslaved Mixing
2010 Ashen Shadowgarden Mixing, Mastering
2010 Aquarius Haken Remastering
2010 After Ihsahn Mixing, Mastering
2009 The Second Death of Pain of Salvation Pain of Salvation Mixing, Mastering
2009 The Flame Within Stream of Passion Mastering
2009 Sunless Skies Pathosray Mastering
2009 Night Is the New Day Katatonia Mastering
2009 New Moon Swallow the Sun Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2009 Faith Divides Us -- Death Unites Us Paradise Lost Producer, Mixing
2009 Earthsblood God Forbid Mixing, Mastering
2009 Dark Hours Lion's Share Mixing, Mastering
2008 Watershed Opeth Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Twilight of the Thunder God Amon Amarth Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Sleep Now, Quiet Forest Todesbonden Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2008 Slania Eluveitie Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2008 Roadkillers: Dir en Grey Selection Mixing
2008 Redemption Heavenwood Mixing, Mastering
2008 Lost to the Living Daylight Dies Mixing, Mastering
2008 Leto Destinatus Universum Mixing, Mastering
2008 Just in Case We'll Never Meet Again KLIMT 1918 Audio Production, Mastering
2008 In Shadows Lost from the Brave Saint Deamon Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Engineer, Drum Engineering, Vocal Editing
2008 Angl Ihsahn Engineer, Vocal Engineer
2007 The Roundhouse Tapes Opeth Mixing
2007 The Anatomy of Melancholy Paradise Lost Mixing, Mastering
2007 Scarsick Pain of Salvation Mastering, Drum Engineering
2007 Paradise Lost Symphony X Mixing
2007 Nuclear Blast 20th Anniversary Mixing
2007 Mirror Palace Oceans of Sadness Mixing
2007 F.O.A.D. Darkthrone Composer
2006 With Oden on Our Side Amon Amarth Audio Production
2006 The Great Cold Distance Katatonia Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Programming, Loops, Mastering, Fx Vocals, Loop, Effects, Surround Mix
2006 One Minute Too Late Deep Insight Producer, Mixing
2006 MTV2 Headbanger's Ball: The Revenge Producer, Mixing
2006 Fairytales & Reality Dionysus Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2006 Drop Dead, Casanova Disco Ensemble Producer, Recording
2006 Dismantling Devotion Daylight Dies Mixing
2005 Nightmares Made Flesh Bloodbath Audio Production
2005 Ghost Reveries Opeth Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Mastering
2005 7 Weeks InMe Producer, Mixing
2004 Primal Power Addiction Heaven's Cry Mastering
2003 Detour Crystal Blue Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Versus the World Amon Amarth Mixing, Remastering
2001 The Crusher Amon Amarth Mixing, Remastering, Mastering
2001 Blackwater Park Opeth Mixing
1999 The Avenger Amon Amarth Mixing, Remastering, Mastering
1999 Still Life Opeth Remastering, Remixing
1998 Once Sent from the Golden Hall Amon Amarth Remastering
1997 Food for Thought Substitute Heaven's Cry Mastering
1995 Draconian Times Paradise Lost Remastering, Mixing
1994 In the Nightside Eclipse Emperor Remastering
Where We Come From God Forbid Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Where Death Lies The Carnation Mastering
Vokudraumsins Fangi Audn Mixing, Mastering
Voices Kill the Lights Mastering Engineer
Visitor Dalea Mastering
Veil of Imagination Wilderun Mastering
Valence Be'lakor Mixing
Unrest Promethee Mastering
Under Fire Hiraes Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Unbroken Demon Mastering
Tokyo Jukebox, Vol. 3 Marty Friedman Mixing
Titanomachy Gorgon Mastering
The Writ of Sword Crimfall Mastering
The Symphony of Sin Powerwolf Mastering Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Recording
The Sinner Kill the Lights Mastering Engineer
The Last Note in Gods Magnum Opus Schizoid Lloyd Mastering
The Illuminated Sky Prospekt Mastering
The Heart of the Matter Triosphere Mixing, Mastering
The Ghost Ward Diaries Electric Boys Mastering
The Doomsday Kingdom The Doomsday Kingdom Mastering
The Colourless Sunrise Prospekt Mixing, Mastering
The Circus of the Tattered and Torn Daydream Xi Mixing, Mastering
The Immortal Wars Ex Deo Mixing, Mastering
The God-Shaped Void Psychotic Waltz Mixing, Mastering
Thalassic Ensiferum Mixing, Mastering
Summoning the Bygones Bilocate Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Strangers Scardust Mastering
Starvation Crypta Mastering Engineer
Sovran Draconian Mixing, Mastering
Solitary Hiraes Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Solitary Hiraes Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Solar Time's Fables Fabulae Dramatis Mastering
Solar Storm Rendezvous Point Mixing
Silent Enemy Black Sun Mixing
Sign of Angels Issa / Issa Mastering
Shade & Soil Ethos Mastering
Secret Garden Angra Producer, Mixing
Secret Garden Spiritbox Engineer
Safe in Sound Walkways Mixing, Mastering
Saeculum Holicus Mixing, Mastering
Rotoscope Spiritbox Engineer
Roadburn Live Enslaved Mastering
Rise Radiant Caligula's Horse Mixing, Mastering
Ripples Aspera Mixing, Mastering
Resilient Erdh Mixing, Mastering
Rejectionary Art Rejectionary Art Mastering
Recurrence Vicinity Mastering
Reality Check Eyesburn Mastering
Procession of Ghosts Dawn of Disease Mixing, Mastering
Preludes and Nocturnes Carnal Agony Mastering
Pneuma Hail Spirit Noir Mastering
Oi Magoi Hail Spirit Noir Mastering
Of Breath and Bone Be'lakor Mixing, Mastering
Oceans Delta Mastering Engineer
Nasty Whores Nasty Whores Mastering
Midnight Madonna Powerwolf Mastering Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Recording
Metanoia Omega Diatribe Mastering
Maestro Winterhorde Mastering
Liberator Divine Ascension Mixing, Mastering
Let It Fly Season of the Crow Mastering
Legacy Next Step Mastering
L' Appel du Vide Rise of Avernus Mastering
Kataplexis Kataplexis Mastering
Kara Ora Demon Project Mastering
Inertia Scar of the Sun Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Incan(des)cence Jimm Mastering
I/O No Consequence Mastering
I Am the Circle Scar of the Sun Mastering Engineer
Hurt You Spiritbox Engineer
Hidden Window Be'lakor Mixing
Hard Labor Factory Brains Mixing
Har Dordeduh Mixing, Mastering
Gladiator's Tale Veonity Mastering
From the Ashes Crypta Mastering Engineer
Freak Show Scarlet Anger Mastering
Foothold Be'lakor Mixing
Fears Delta Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Eyes Over Black Hiraes Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Extinction Harlott Mastering
Exodus Waken Eyes Mastering
Eter Somas Cure Mastering
Echoes of the Tortured Sinsaenum Mixing, Mastering
Echoes of the Soul Crypta Mastering, Mastering Engineer
Dusk of the Ages Furor Gallico Mastering
Duality Defecto Mastering
Dominion Dragonlord Mastering
Do Not Deviate Replacire Mastering
Devil Seed Wolf Producer, Mixing, Vocal Engineer
Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend Powerwolf Mastering Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Recording
Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend Alissa White-Gluz Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Dead From the Start Kill the Lights / Kill the Lights Mastering Engineer
Dark Night of the Soul Crypta Mastering Engineer
Dancing With the Dead Powerwolf Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Cry of the Lost Morgarten Mixing
Crimson Gaze Croword Mastering
Crimson Dyed Abyss Angelseed Mixing
Connected/Condemned Jotnar Mastering
City of Gold Striker Mastering
Circle With Me Spiritbox Engineer
Chapter IV: The Reckoning Signum Regis Mastering
Call of the Wild Powerwolf Mastering Engineer, Mixing
Bring Out Your Dead Bring Out Your Dead Mastering
Bravest of the Galaxy Dumb Hole Mastering
Bourbon Souls Strale Mastering, Mixing
Born of Suffering In the Burial Mastering
Beast Reborn Mob Rules Mastering
Apocrypha Ascension of the Watchers Mastering
Aoxious Dominanz Mastering
Anthem to Creation Until Rain Producer, Mixing, Mastering
Amahiru Amahiru Mixing
Alterity Alterity Mastering
All for the King All For the King Mastering
A Different Way Broken Oath Mastering
A Dream in Static Earthside Mastering, Mixing

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