Jeff LeRoy


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Year Album Artist
2018 40 Years of Contemporary Music Grupo Encuentros / Alicia Terzián Director
2018 Alejandro Rutty: Exhaling Space Director
2018 Allan Crossman, John G. Bilotta: The Life Before Us Director
2018 Angelus: Music for Organ Zvonimir Nagy Director
2018 Arthur Gottschalk: Art for Two Sauro Berti / Mario Ciaccio / Naomi Fujiya Audio Production, Executive
2018 Claude Debussy: Reflets Eliane Rodrigues Director
2018 Coro del Mundo Ensemble Vocal Luna / Alina Orraca / Schola Cantorum Coralina / Maribel Nodarse Valdés Director
2018 Costas: Works for Guitar and Flute Duo Beija-Flor Audio Production Director
2018 Dreams Laid Down Alan Rinehart Director
2018 East of the Sun and West of the Moon: Orchestral Music of Daniel Crozier Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Gerard Schwarz / Seattle Symphony Orchestra / Stanislav Vavrínek Director
2018 Ed Martin: Journeys Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Director
2018 Fancy Colors: Electroacoustic Music by David Taddie David Taddie Audio Production Director
2018 Flare: Society of Composers, Inc., Vol. 32 Director
2018 Garth Baxter: Ask the Moon Peter Scott Drackley / Annie Gill / Katherine Keem / Jessica Satava Director
2018 Gregory Wanamaker: Light and Shadows; Waves and Time Director
2018 I Close My Eyes in Order to See Sarah Gieck / Sara Hahn / Laura Loewen Producer
2018 In Your Head: New Music for Piano Four Hands Dana Muller / Gary Steigerwalt Audio Production
2018 Ineffable Tales: The Music of John Alan Rose Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Miran Vaupotic Audio Production Director
2018 Ingrid Stölzel: The Gorgeous Nothings Director
2018 Joanna Estelle: Emergence Audio Production Director
2018 John A. Carollo: Music from the Ethereal Side of Paradise Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Stanislav Vavrínek Audio Production
2018 John Robertson: Symphony No. 1 Anthony Armoré / Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra Director
2018 Joseph Sheehan: Songs of Lake Volta Kinetic / Kinetic Pittsburgh Director
2018 Kamyar Mohajer: Pictures of the Hidden Audio Production, Executive
2018 Kid Stuff: Soli for Piano with Percussion Orchestra McCormick Percussion Ensemble Director
2018 Legends and Light: New Works for Large Ensemble Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Audio Production, Senior Vice President
2018 Margaret Brandman: Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac Matej Chadima / Petr Ožana / Jirí Petrdlík / Barbora Polášková / Prague Chamber Choir / Prague Mixed Choir Audio Production Director
2018 Mark G. Simon: Grecian Urn - Music with Clarinet & Piano Linda Larson / Aleeza Meir / Mark G. Simon Audio Production Director
2018 Mark John McEncroe: Musical Images for Piano - Reflections & Recollections, Vol. 1 & 2 Yoko Hagino Audio Production Director
2018 Mark John McEncroe: My Symphonic Poems - Orchestral Images Anthony Armoré / Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra Producer
2018 Matthew Burtner & Rita Dove: The Ceiling Floats Away EcoSono Ensemble Director
2018 Michael G. Cunningham: Mezzanne Seat Miran Vaupotic / Petr Vronsky Audio Production, Vice Executive Producer
2018 Michael Wittgraf: Manifold Amanda Deboer Bartlett / Jesse Langen / Michael Wittgraf Audio Production Director
2018 Mind & Machine: Organic and Electronic Works, Vol. 1 Director
2018 Monica Houghton: Of Time & Place - Chamber Works Director
2018 Moto Bello Trio Casals Director
2018 Music in the Listening Place Tucker Biddlecombe / Vanderbilt Chorale Audio Production Director
2018 Nicholas Vines: Hipster Zombies From Mars - Piano Music for a Post-Ironic Age Ryan Macevoy McCullough Director
2018 Nouvelle Vie: A Rediscovery of French Flute Music Margaret McDonald / Michelle Stanley Director
2018 On & Between: New Music for Pipa & Western Ensembles Zhen Chen / Lin Ma Director
2018 One at a Time: Solo Instrumental Music by Douglas Anderson Audio Production Director
2018 Otmar Mácha: Hymnus Jitro Czech Girls Choir / Jiri Skopal Audio Production Director
2018 Parts to Play Moonkyung Lee Director
2018 Peter Dayton: Notes To Loved Ones - Music for Strings and Piano Lavena Johanson / Michael Sheppard / Marika Suzuki / Sarah Jane Thomas / Gou Yang Director
2018 Piano Works by Sara Feigin Benjamin Goodman Director
2018 Piano Works of Kenneth A Kuhn Chiharu Naruse Audio Production
2018 Prisma: Contemporary Works for Orchestra Director
2018 Quadrants, Vol. 2 Pedroia String Quartet Audio Production, Chief Administrator
2018 Reason & Reverence: Works for Orchestra Lucie Kaucka / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Director
2018 Returning to the Heights Unseen Lindsey Goodman Director
2018 Rippling: Electroacoustic Music by Robert Morris Robert Morris Director
2018 Rosewood Café Margaret Herlehy Director
2018 Sei Solo: Bach's Six Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Alone Thomas Bowes Director
2018 Several Times: The Music of Dennis Kam for String Quartet & Piano Audio Production Director
2018 Shadow Etchings: New Music for Flute Orlando Cela Audio Production Director
2018 She Emily Sternfeld-Dunn Director, Recording Producer
2018 Simon Andrews: And that Moment when the Bird Sings Director
2018 Small Stones: Modern Piano Music Nancy Desalvo Director
2018 Spectra, Vol. 2 Audio Production
2018 Steven Kemper: Mythical Spaces Director
2018 Stylistic Alchemies Scott Barton Director
2018 Tableau: Tempest & Tango Clipper Erickson Director
2018 The Eloquent Saxophone David Tanner / Marc Widner Director
2018 The Music of Gina Biver, 3 Fuse Ensemble Audio Production Director
2018 The Shakespeare Concerts Series, Vol. 6: No Enemy but Winter and Rough Water Director
2018 Unexplored Cullan Bryant / Nada Radulovich Director
2018 Veil: Chamber Music of Greg D'Alessio Ars Futura Ensemble Producer, Executive Chief
2018 Waking the Sparrows Duo Sureño Audio Production Director
2018 Walter Setffens, Marec Bélla Steffens: Two Cells in Sevilla, Don Quixote Is Hungry - A Chamber Opera Sonja Bruzauskas / David Kirk Director
2018 When You are Reminded by the Instruments: The Music of Hayes Biggs Audio Production
2018 Whispering Fragrance: The Chamber Works of Stephen Yip Director
2018 Young Prometheus: The Music of Mark Volker Director
2017 Age of Indulgence Les Délices Director
2017 Alicia Terzian: Off the Edge Vladimir Lande / Siberian State Symphony Orchestra Audio Production Director
2017 Alla Elana Cohen: Red Lilies of Bells; Golden Lilies of Bells; White Lilies of Bells Audio Production Director
2017 Argot: Franco Donatoni, Perre Boulez, Witold Lutoslawski Jasmin Arakawa / Véronique Mathieu Audio Production Director
2017 Ascend: Society of Composers, Inc., Vol. 31 Director
2017 Back Before Bach: Musical Journeys Piffaro Director
2017 Betty and the Sensory World Doug Bielmeier Director
2017 Brian Belet: Sufficient Trouble Audio Production Director
2017 Bright Circle: Schubert, Brahms, Del Tredici Beth Levin Director
2017 Bruce Crossman: Livingcolours - Pacific Sounds & Spirit Audio Production Director
2017 Butterflies in the Labyrinth of Silence: Guitar Music of Georges Raillard David William Ross Direction, Session Producer
2017 Carl Vollrath: Warrior Monks Ales Janecek / Ondrej Jurceka / Moravian Philharmonia Wind and Percussion Ensemble Director
2017 Chamber Works of Henri Marteau & Alexander Zemlinsky Mark Lieb / Phoenix Ensemble [New York] Director
2017 Christopher Biggs: Decade Zero - Works for Instruments & Electronics Director
2017 Chévre Director
2017 Cyberistan: The Electro-Acoustic Music of Ken Walicki Eclipse Quartet / Virginia Figueiredo / Rachel Mellis / Tom Peters / Füreya Ünal Director
2017 Dress Code Altius Quartet Audio Production Director
2017 Dwight Beckham Sr.: Three Orchestral Works Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Director
2017 Edie Hill: Clay Jug The Crossing / Donald Nally Director, Recording Producer
2017 Elegia Chris Nichols / Julie Nishimura Director
2017 Ergo: New Music for Piano & Chinese Folk Instruments Zhen Chen Audio Production Director
2017 Exultet Terra: Choral Music of Hilary Tann Cappella Clausura / Amelia LeClair Director
2017 Felipe Perez Santiago: Formika Felipe Pérez Santiago Director
2017 Forever Beeler: Sonatas & Soli of Alan Beeler Audio Production Director
2017 Frédéric Chopin: Notturno Eliane Rodrigues Director
2017 Giovanni Piacentini: Chiaroscuro Director
2017 Gregory W. Brown: Missa Charles Darwin New York Polyphony Director
2017 Harmonize Your Spirit with My Calm Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra Director
2017 I Dream Awake: New Music by Bill Whitley Direction
2017 Jan Jirásek: Parallel Worlds Jitro Children's Chorus / Jitro Czech Girls Choir / Jiri Skopal Director
2017 Jonathan Santore: There are Many Other Legends Manchester Choral Society / Dan Perkins Director
2017 Mara Gibson: Sky-Born Audio Production Director
2017 Mark John McEncore: Dark Clouds in Life; Natalie's Suite & Other Works Anthony Armoré / Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra / Helen Kennedy Director
2017 Michael G. Cunningham: An Arc of Quartets Millennium Quartet / Moravian Quartet / New England String Quartet / Pedroia String Quartet / Sirius Quartet Audio Production Director
2017 Michael Kurek: The Sea Knows Director
2017 Mozart, Beethoven: Violin and Cello Duets Boris Abramov / Boris Abramov / Carmine Miranda Audio Supervisor
2017 Nicholas Vines: Loose, Wet, Perforated Guerilla Opera Director
2017 Passage: Contemporary Works for Orchestra Audio Production Director
2017 Piotr Szewczyk: Bliss Point Bold City Contemporary Ensemble / Trio Solis Director
2017 Playing Favorites Ron Petti / Deb Scott Audio Production Director
2017 Quickening: Songs by Robert Hugill Johnny Herford / Anna Huntley / William Vann / Rosalind Ventris Director
2017 Reawakening: The Music of Jeffrey Jacob Director
2017 Ruth Lomon: Shadowing - Piano Quartet and Piano Solos Eileen Hutchins Audio Production Director
2017 Scott Pender: Music for Woodwinds Director
2017 Sergio Cervetti: Sunset at Noon - Six Works in Memory Of Audio Production Director
2017 Sergio Cervetti: Tryptych Revelation Sergio Cervetti Director
2017 Shostakovich: String Quartets 7, 8 & 9 Altius Quartet Audio Production Director
2017 Small Storms: A Collection of Short Pieces by Bohuslav Martinu Meredith Blecha / Sun Min Kim Audio Production Director
2017 Spells: The Works of Juli Nunlist Audio Production Director, Session Producer
2017 Steve Rouse: Morphic Resonance - Chamber Music Director
2017 Tchaikovsky: Works for Violin & Orchestra Moonkyung Lee Director
2017 The Stolen Child: Choral Works of Scott Perkins Audivi / Noah Horn Director
2017 Tomorrow's Air: Contemporary Works for Orchestra & Large Ensemble Director
2017 Verdi's Guitar Alan Rinehart Director
2017 What are they Doing to that Piano? Bowed Piano Ensemble Product Manager, Audio Production Director
2017 Winter's Warmth: Contemporary Works for Orchestra Director
2017 Woefully Arrayed: Sacred and Secular Choral & Polyhoral Works of Jonathan David Little Audio Production Director
2016 A Hopeful Place Kristi Holden / Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra / Dan Redfeld Director
2016 Ace Composers: 21st Century Chamber Music by Alan, Christopher, and Eric Schmitz Sound Director
2016 Ars Nostra: But Now the Night Kyoung Cho / Sang-Hie Lee / Martha Thomas Director
2016 Beethoven, Dvorák Trio Céleste Direction
2016 Between the Echoes Director
2016 Blurred Boundaries Apollo Chamber Players Director
2016 Brian Wilbur Grundstrom: An Orchestral Journey Erik Ochsner / Omega Recording Studios Orchestra Director
2016 Cadence: New Works for Voices in Verse Sound Director
2016 Carl Vollrath: Lingering Longings - Music for Clarinet and Piano, Vol. 2 Yoko Hagino / Michael Norsworthy Director
2016 Carl Vollrath: Three Pastels Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Karolina Rojahn / Petr Vronsky Director
2016 Cello Music from Austria-Hungary Beth Levin / Samuel Magill Audio Production Director
2016 Douglas Anderson: Chamber Symphonies 2, 3 & 4 Di.Vi.Sion / Di.Vi.Sion Piano Trio / Eight Strings and a Whistle Director
2016 Early Musings: New Music for Violin Davis Brooks Director
2016 Elliot Miles McKinley: Infinite Landscapes Martinu Quartet / SOLI Chamber Ensemble Direction
2016 Ferdinando De Sena: Spalding's Bounce Director
2016 Figments: Contemporary Solo and Chamber Works Sound Director
2016 Fred Broer: Music for String Quartet and Piano solo New England String Quartet / Karolina Rojahn Director
2016 Fresh Dimensions: Orchestral Music for Morris & Stanbery Hamilton Fairfield Symphony Orchestra / Frank Restesan Sound Director
2016 Hakki Cengiz Eren: Color Studies Argus Quartet / Donald Crockett / Ecce / ECCE Ensemble / Garth Knox / Thornton Edge Director
2016 Intersections: Cross-Cultural Collaborations in Sound Ensemble Vocal Luna / Orquesta Sinfónica Naçional de Cuba Director
2016 Jeffrey Stadelman: Three String Quartets New England String Quartet Direction
2016 John K. Leupold, II: Exasperating Perpetuation Audio Production Director
2016 Jonathan Sheffer: The Conference of the Birds Joyce DiDonato Sound Director
2016 Joseph Koykkar: Double Takes and Triple Plays - Contemporary American Music Sound Director
2016 Journeymen's Songs: The Music of Steven Winteregg Daniel Zehringer Sound Director
2016 Kaviani: Te Deum Petr Vronsky Director, Mastering
2016 Kurt Weill/Franz Werfel: The Road of Promise Ted Sperling Audio Control
2016 Laudato Si: In the Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi Charlene Canty / Andrey Nemzer / Nicholas Will Audio Production
2016 Let Me Fly: A Celebration of American Choral Music David Holdhusen / University of South Dakota Chamber Singers Director
2016 Margaret Brandman: Sensations Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Director
2016 Maxwell, Muhly & Couloir Ariel Barnes / Couloir / Heidi Krutzen Director
2016 Mi Palpita il Cor: Baroque Passions Musica Pacifica Audio Production
2016 Michael K. Slayton: Sursum Director
2016 Miguel Chuaqui: Confabulario Audio Supervisor
2016 Modes: Society of Composers, Inc., Vol. 30 Audio Production
2016 New Music for Clarinet: ... Another Look F. Gerard Errante Sound Director
2016 Onyx: Society of Composers, Inc., Vol. 29 Audio Production Director
2016 Paula Diehl: Separation Director
2016 Personae Beth Levin Director
2016 Philip Thompson: Separate Self IonSound Project Director
2016 Piano Sonorities: Music by Betty R. Wishart Jeri-Mae G. Astolfi Director
2016 Pinnacle: Contemporary Chamber Works Audio Engineer
2016 Pièces de Concours Élise Desjardins / Duo Puchhammer-Desjardins / Jutta Puchhammer-Sedillot Audio Production
2016 Rain Worthington: Dream Vapors - Selected Works for Orchestra Ovidiu Marinescu / Petr Vronsky / Robert Ian Winstin Sound Director
2016 React: Music for Flute, Violin, and Interactive Computer Francesca Arnone / Mikylah Myers McTeer Direction
2016 Ripples: Modern Chamber Works with Percussion Stacey Jones / Stacey Jones-Garrison / Matt Sharrock Director, Mastering
2016 Robert J. Martin: Embrace the Wind! - Myth, Art, Play, Culture, Spirit and Energy Enkidu String Quartet Director
2016 Rojak Rocks John D. Rojak Director
2016 Ron Nagorcka: Song of the Central Tree Audio Engineer
2016 Russell Pinkston: Balancing Acts - Music for Instruments and Electronic Sounds Russell Pinkston Director
2016 San José Chamber Orchestra 25th Anniversary San José Chamber Orchestra / Barbara Day Turner Audio Engineer
2016 Scene Rustique Leslie Odom / Soomee Yoon Director of Engineering
2016 Schumann, Dvorák: Concerti for Cello & Orchestra Carmine Miranda Director
2016 Scott Brickman: 96 Strings and 2 Whistles Eight Strings and a Whistle / Beth Levin Sound Director
2016 Sidney Bailin: 16-2-60-N-5 - Works for Electronics & Piano Sidney Bailin Audio Engineer
2016 Ted Moore: Gilgamesh & Enkidu Enkidu String Quartet / Ted Moore Director
2016 Textures: New Works for Trumpet James Zingara / James Zingara Director of Engineering
2016 The Lost Music of Deems Taylor, Vol. 2: Three Century Suite Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Audio Engineer
2016 The Music of Marty Regan, Vol. 1: Splash of Indigo Direction
2016 The Postcard Sessions Allen Harrington / Harrington-Loewen Duo Director of Engineering
2016 The Vocal Music of Alan Beeler Audio Production
2016 To Keep the Dark Away: Liszt, Prokofiev, Shatin Gayle Martin Director
2016 Twentieth Century Duos: Korngold, Copland Andrew Armstrong / Yuriy Bekker Director
2016 Vanishing Point Lottie Enns-Braun / Allen Harrington Director
2016 Violin Futura: 21st Century Solo Violin Project Piotr Szewczyk Audio Engineer
2016 Voix Suprême: Mélodies of Jules Massenet Shudong Braamse Audio Consultant
2016 Wisdom, Love, Eternity: Choral Works of Michael G. Cunningham Kühn Choir / Marek Vorlicek Sound Director
2016 Yves Ramette: In Times of Torment - Chamber Works 1941-1944 Director
2016 Zoran Scekic: Just Music Zoran Scekic / Ana Žgur / Ana Zgur Director
2015 5 Piece Combo: The Complete Suites for Wind Quintet by Don Gillis Madera Wind Quintet Director
2015 Alberts' Window Eight Strings and a Whistle Director
2015 All the Way Back Vytautas Smetona Director
2015 American Dreams St. Helens String Quartet Director
2015 Andalusian Fantasy: The Piano Music of Lionel Sainsbury Lionel Sainsbury Director
2015 Arthur Gottschalk: Requiem for the Living Vladimir Lande Audio Engineer
2015 Astral Travels David Arend Audio Consultant
2015 Beneath Winter Light: The Music of Heidi Jacob Director
2015 Between Rock & A Hard Place McCormick Percussion Ensemble Product Manager
2015 Bruce Babcock: Time, Still - Chamber, Vocal, and Choral Music Director
2015 Carl Vollrath: Past Recollections - Music for Clarinet and Piano, Vol. 1 Yoko Hagino / Michael Norsworthy Audio Production Director
2015 Composed Jennifer Borkowski Director
2015 Craig Madden Morris: Circle of Love and Other Choral Offerings The Composer's Choir / Daniel Shaw Director
2015 Crimson & Lace: Modern Works for Voice Sarita Cannon / Bradford Gleim / Scott Uddenberg Director
2015 Detours: Music for Percussion & Piano Joel Goodfellow / Joe Porter Director
2015 Elements Rising: Modern Works for Chamber Ensemble Director
2015 Felt: Striking Works for Solo Piano J. Bradley Baker / Robert A. Baker / Karolina Rojahn Audio Production
2015 Fireworks: The Music of Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn Director
2015 Fredrick Kaufman: Stars & Distances Florida Grand Opera Audio Control
2015 Immersion, Absorption, Connection: Edgar Barroso Director
2015 Introspective Odyssey Skyros Quartet Direction
2015 J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1, BWV 846 - 869 Kimiko Ishizaka Director
2015 James M. Stephenson: The Devil's Tale - A Sequel to Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat Mike Fansler / Western Illinois University Faculty Chamber Players Sound Director
2015 Jan Jirásek: Czech and Moravian Christmas Carols Jitro Children's Chorus / Jiri Skopal Direction
2015 Joseph Summer: Full Fathom Five Direction
2015 Lee Actor: Piano Concerto; Symphony No. 3; Divertimento Daniel Glover / Slovak National Symphony Orchestra / Kirk Trevor Director
2015 Libby Larsen: Circle of Friends Music Direction
2015 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter: Immortal Diamond Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra Director
2015 Masatora Goya: Dream of Sailing Director
2015 Michael Calvert: Rhapsody on a Riff Matthew Marshall Director
2015 Michael Murray: Percipience Andrew Childs / Ann Moss / Christopher Thompson Director
2015 Moonstrung Air: Choral and Vocal Music of Gregory W. Brown The Crossing / New York Polyphony Sound Director
2015 Moto Continuo: New Works for Piano Trio and Solo Cello Trio Casals Sound Director
2015 My Cup Runneth Over: The Complete Piano Works of R. Nathaniel Dett Clipper Erickson Direction
2015 Nature The City of Tomorrow Director
2015 Orpheus with his Lute made Trees Audio Production Director
2015 Pamela J. Marshall: Through the Mist Director
2015 Peter Vukmirovic Stevens: Feral Icons for Viola Mara Gearman Audio Production Director
2015 Pierre Schroeder: Voyage John Page Director
2015 Plot: Music for Unspecified Instrumentation McCormick Percussion Ensemble Direction
2015 Robert J. Martin, Neely Bruce: Playful Edge of the Wave - Image-Based Music for Solo Piano Shirley Blankenship / Neely Bruce Direction
2015 Samuel Pellman: Selected Galaxies Samuel Pellman / Samuel Pellman Director
2015 She Lost Her Voice, That's How We Knew: Music by Frances White Kristin Norderval Audio Engineer
2015 String Quartets for Michael Matthews Clearwater Quartet Audio Production Director
2015 Thomas Juneau: Visions Eternal Juneau Vocal Alliance / Summit Chorale Director
2015 Transcriptions & Paraphrases for Cello and Piano Kostov-Valkov Duo Direction
2015 Transits: Minimal to Mayhem Sergio Cervetti Director
2015 Turbulent Sky: Contemporary Works for Orchestra Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Audio Production Director
2015 Zae Munn: They Were Mysterious Guests Timothy McAllister Sound Director
2014 Abhanden Ensemble Dal Niente / Chris Wild Product Manager
2014 Alexandra Ottaway: Tetrahedron Dreams New York Virtuoso Singers / Harold Rosenbaum Product Manager
2014 Ballade: Leos Janácek, George Enescu, Edvard Grieg Duo526 Product Manager
2014 Belle Nuit Kathryn Goodson / Randall Hawes / Timothy McAllister / Donald Sinta / Gail Williams Product Manager
2014 Brass Rail Blues: Music by Patricia Morehead Patricia Morehead Product Manager
2014 Brian Noyes: Journeys After... Vladimir Lande / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Product Manager
2014 Carol Barnett: Treasures from the Archives Dale Warland / Dale Warland Singers Product Manager
2014 Clementi Grand: His Works, His Fortepiano Timothy Gaylard / Shuko Watanabe Product Manager
2014 Darkness to Light: The Music of Jeffrey Jacob Product Manager
2014 Dear Darwin: An Abecedarium for Soprano and Piano Ginger Yang Hwalek / Nancy Ellen Ogle Product Manager
2014 Debra Kaye: And So It Begins - Chamber Music & Solos Product Manager
2014 Ek Is Eik Anne Van Schothorst Product Manager
2014 European Folkscapes Apollo Chamber Players Product Manager
2014 Foundations: Modern Works in the Classical Tradition Product Manager
2014 Geographies & Geometries: Chamber Works by Matthew Malsky C-Squared / Radius Ensemble / Worcester Chamber Music Society Product Manager
2014 Gerald Cohen: Sea of Reeds - Works for Clarinet and Chamber Ensemble Vasko Dukovski / Ismail Lumanovski Product Manager
2014 Greg Bowers: Rational Passions Boston String Quartet / Karolina Rojahn / Keun Young Sun Product Manager
2014 Gráinne Mulvey: Akanos & Other Works Product Manager
2014 Haydn and the English Lady: Piano Music by Franz Joseph Haydn and Maria Hester Reynolds Park Patrick Hawkins Product Manager
2014 John Beall: Appalachian Inspiration Product Manager
2014 John Cage: Sonatas and Interludes in a Landscape Kate Boyd Product Manager
2014 Joseph Summer’s The Shakespeare Concert Series 3: Goddesses Andrea Chenoweth / Jessica Lennick / Gigi Mitchell-Velasco / Kellie Van Horn Product Manager
2014 Luminescence: Works for Strings and Orchestra Brought to Light Product Manager
2014 Marie Nelson Bennett: Orpheus Lex Harold Rosenbaum Product Manager
2014 Mark Zanter: Letters to a Young Poet Product Manager
2014 Marty Regan: Scattering Light, Scattering Flowers - Selected Works for Japanese Instruments, Vol. 3 Product Manager
2014 Metropolis Harrington-Loewen Duo Product Manager
2014 Michael G. Cunningham: Paragonia Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Russian Philharmonic Orchestra Product Manager
2014 Michael J. Evans: Cipher Karolina Rojahn Product Manager
2014 Pendulum Product Manager
2014 Piatti: 12 Caprices for Solo Cello Carmine Miranda Product Manager
2014 Polarities: Exploring the Contemporary Expanse Product Manager
2014 Resolve: Hindemith Masterworks for Clarinet Richard Stoltzman Product Manager
2014 Ritornello Curt Cacioppo Product Manager
2014 Ruud van Eeten: Inner Music Amstel Quartet / Saskia Lankhoorn / Matangi Quartet Product Manager
2014 Sarah Wallin Huff: Soul of the Machine Product Manager
2014 Scott Pender: 88+12 Geoffrey Burleson / New England String Trio / David Russell / Peter Sulski Product Manager
2014 Sergio Cervetti: Unbridled Product Manager
2014 Six Departures Trio Verlaine Product Manager
2014 Soli for Soprano with Percussion Orchestra Jamie Jordan / McCormick Percussion Ensemble / Robert McCormick Product Manager
2014 Solo Non Solo Sauro Berti Product Manager
2014 Sound and Fury: Chamber Music of Paul Osterfield Product Manager
2014 Spectra: A Concert of Music by Members of Connecticut Composers, Inc. Product Manager
2014 Sunlight & Storms: The Piano Music of Lionel Sainsbury Lionel Sainsbury Product Manager
2014 Sydney Hodkinson: A Keyboard Odyssey Boyd Jones / Barry Snyder Product Manager
2014 The Lyric Clarinet F. Gerard Errante Product Manager
2014 The Real Beeler: Symphonic Music of Alan Beeler Product Manager
2014 Walter Ross: Triumvirate Robert Black / Artem Chirkov / Vladimir Lande / George Manahan / Marjorie Mitchell / Richard Stoltzman Product Manager
2014 Yves Ramette: At the Precipice Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra Product Manager
2014 Yves Ramette: The Golden Galaxy Yves Ramette Product Manager
2013 A Single Breath: Beethoven's Last Sonatas Beth Levin Product Manager
2013 Al Combate: Rediscovered Galant Music from Eighteenth-Century Mexico Chicago Arts Orchestra / Javier José Mendoza Product Manager
2013 Allusions: Evocative Chamber Works Product Manager
2013 Anthony Piccolo: Imaginary Symphony and Other Tales Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Bruce Mahin, Graham Hair: Music from 3 Continents Jacqueline Pollauf / Scottish Voices / Alex South / Helen Thomson Product Manager
2013 Collected Music of Jerome David Goodman Product Manager
2013 Cross Connection: Selected Works of Henry Wolking & James Scott Balentine Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Eric Stomberg / Robert Walzel Product Manager
2013 Cycles of the Moon: Chamber Works by Ayala Asherov Namaste Ensemble Product Manager
2013 Dances of Eternity: Works for Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Dedication: The Music of Howard Quilling Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Emma Lou Diemer: Pacific Ridge Product Manager
2013 Fredrick Kaufman: Guernica Piano Concerto and Other Orchestral Works Marc Drobinsky / Kemal Gekic Product Manager
2013 Frédéric Chopin: Piano Concerto No. 1; Robert DeGaetano: Piano Concerto No. 1 [CD+DVD] Robert DeGaetano / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Gheorghe Costinescu: An Evolving Cycle Stephen Gosling Product Manager
2013 Gregory Hall: Compositional Improvisations Gregory Hall Product Manager
2013 Homeward Bound Larksong Trio Product Manager
2013 Ice & Fire Bowed Piano Ensemble Product Manager
2013 James Adler & Friends James Adler Product Manager
2013 Jan Van Der Roost: Sirius Belgian National Radio Philharmonic Orchestra / Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra / Fernand Terby Product Manager
2013 Jeffrey Stadelman: Messenger Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Jeffrey Stadelman / Petr Vronsky Product Manager
2013 Juan Sebastián Lach Lau: Islas Product Manager
2013 Ketty Nez: Thresholds Boston University Wind Ensemble / David J. Martins / Ketty Nez Product Manager
2013 Keyboard3 Sergio Cervetti / Maria Teresa Chenlo / Karel Martinek / Karolina Rojahn Product Manager
2013 Lewis Spratlan: Architect [Includes DVD] Mark Lane Swanson Product Manager
2013 Marga Richter: Poetic Images Beyond Poetry Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra / Gerard Schwarz / Seattle Symphony Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Mark Winges: Night Voiced - New Chamber Music for Viola Ellen Ruth Rose Product Manager
2013 Martin Schlumpf: Streams Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Teatro Regio di Parma Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Mood Indigo: Symphonic Music Vladimir Lande / St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra Product Manager
2013 Moto Perpetuo: Moving Works for Cello Ovidiu Marinescu Product Manager
2013 Nicholas Vines: Torrid Nature Scenes Callithumpian Consort Product Manager
2013 Nova Product Manager
2013 Perceptions: Points of View for Small Ensemble New England String Quartet Product Manager
2013 Peter Vukmirovic Stevens: August Ruins for Cello Paige Stockley Product Manager
2013 Richard Cornell: Tracer Product Manager
2013 Robert Dusek: Runes - A Piano Fantasy Bryan Pezzone Product Manager
2013 Roger Bourland: Four Quartets of Songs & Arias Juliana Gondek / William Lumpkin Product Manager
2013 Spectral Blues Alex Lubet Product Manager
2013 Spellbound: Captivating Works for Orchestra & Large Ensemble Product Manager
2013 Strange Flowers: Chamber Music by Kirk O'Riordan Reuben Councill / Marianne Gythfeldt / Holly Roadfeldt / Lawrence Stomberg Product Manager
2013 Sydney Hodkinson: Shifting Treks Vladimir Lande / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Product Manager
2013 The Fair Ophelia Product Manager
2013 The Music of Sparky Davis Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Product Manager
2013 The Shakespeare Concerts Series, Vol. 1: Shakespeare's Memory Product Manager
2013 Voices of Earth & Air: Works for Chorus Product Manager
2013 Wind Devil & Co. Sergio Cervetti Product Manager
2013 Wine Dark Sea Couloir Product Manager
2013 Yves Ramette: Cascading into Reverie Eric Himy Product Manager
2013 Yves Ramette: With Passion - Works for Solo Piano Eric Himy Product Manager
2012 Andrew May: Imaginary Friends, Music for Instruments and Computer Product Manager
2012 Awakenings Coro Allegro / David Hodgkins Product Manager
2012 Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 - A Composer's Approach Don Freund Product Manager
2012 Concerti for Piano with Percussion Orchestra Ji Hyun Kim / McCormick Percussion Ensemble / Robert McCormick Product Manager
2012 Convergence Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Product Manager
2012 Dimensions: Works for String Orchestra Product Manager
2012 Elizabeth Vercoe: Kleemation and Other Works Product Manager
2012 Fire & Time: Works for Orchestra Product Manager
2012 In Paradisum Coro Allegro / David Hodgkins Product Manager
2012 Jonathan Little: Polyhymnia Product Manager
2012 Keith Kramer: Causal Dualism Product Manager
2012 Laws of the Pipe Curt Cacioppo Product Manager
2012 Lock & Key Product Manager
2012 Los Ministriles in the New World Piffaro Product Manager
2012 Martin Schlumpf: Summer Circle Product Manager
2012 Mary Ann Joyce-Walter: Cantata for the Children of Terezin Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra / Oxnaya Oleskaya / Robert Ian Winstin Product Manager
2012 Michael G. Cunningham: Gallery - Three Ballets & The Gastein Masterwork Product Manager
2012 Michael Mauldin: The Last Musician of Ur Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Product Manager
2012 Morning Moon Ecco la Musica Product Manager
2012 New York Moments Tapestry Ensemble Product Manager
2012 Of Birds and Lemons: Works for Orchestra by José Elizondo & David Tanner Product Manager
2012 Osias Wilenski: La Leyenda del Kakuy and Four Other Works Product Manager
2012 Paradigms: New Sounds for the Modern Orchestra Product Manager
2012 Quadrants: Modern String Quartets Product Manager
2012 Rachel Lee Guthrie: Exploring the Heart Product Manager
2012 Scott Brickman: Winter & Construction Product Manager
2012 Slices: Cross-Section of Classical Music Product Manager
2012 Someone Else's Shoes: The Best Foot Forward Series Product Manager
2012 Sophia Serghi: Night of Light Production Manager
2012 The Best Foot Forward Series: Share! Product Manager
2011 Bach: Cello Suites Ovidiu Marinescu Production Manager
2011 Christopher Shultis: Devisadero Production Manager
2011 Claviatures Production Manager
2011 Divergence Glenn Dicterow / Karen Dreyfus Production Manager
2011 Elliott Miles McKinley: String Quartets Martinu Quartet Production Manager
2011 Francis E. Fairman III: Diurnal Thoughts Richard Stoltzman Production Manager
2011 Gerhard Stäbler: Zeichen Vit Micka / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Production Manager
2011 Heavy Pedal: Works for Organ Production Manager
2011 It is Time The Crossing / Donald Nally Production Manager
2011 Keith Kramer: Emerge Production Manager
2011 Light and Shadow: Modern Orchestral Works Marshall Haddock / Ovidiu Marinescu / Vit Micka Production Manager
2011 Michael J. Evans: Eidola Vit Micka / Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Karolina Rojahn Production Manager
2011 Michael Matthews: Preludes & Bagatelles Daan Vandewalle Production Manager
2011 Nálada Lisa Miles Product Manager
2011 Osias Wilenski: Carmen's Revenge Maria Rosa López / César Puente Production Manager
2011 Sprezzatura Cullan Bryant / Shelly Tramposh Production Manager
2010 Alan Beeler: Quintessence Production Manager
2010 Celebrate Earth: Ocean Motion Production Manager
2010 Chaise Lounge: Symphony Lounge Capital City Symphony / Chaise Lounge / Victoria Gau Production Manager
2010 Christopher J. Keyes: With a Distant Eye Christopher Keyes Production Manager
2010 Continuum: Modern Orchestral Works Production Manager
2010 Conversations: Keyboard and Chamber Music by John Bilotta and David Gaines Production Manager
2010 Curt Cacioppo: Italia Matthew Bengtson / Curt Cacioppo / Quartetto di Venezia Production Manager
2010 Excursions: Orchestral, Chamber & Choral Works by Marie Nelson Bennett Richard Stoltzman Production Manager
2010 Fuerza Milongnera Raul Jaurena / Raúl Jaurena & His Tango Orchestra Production Manager
2010 Hans Bakker: The Unnamed Source Production Manager
2010 Keep Going: The Music of Elias Tanenbaum Ensemble Pi Production Manager
2010 Pianistic Musings of Highly Accomplished Composers Production Manager
2010 Rapport - Vocal Chamber Works Production Manager
2010 Tangos for Piano Amy Briggs Production Manager
2009 Big Muddy: Suite for Clarinet & Piano Patrick Beckman / Richard Stoltzman Production Coordination
2009 Destinations Vit Micka Production Manager
2009 From Bow to String Glenn Dicterow / Karen Dreyfus Production Manager
2009 John A. Carollo: Transcendence in the Age of War Vit Micka Production Coordination
2009 Mementos: Modern Orchestral Works Vit Micka / Kirk Trevor Production Coordination
2009 Michael G. Cunningham: Colonnade Vit Micka / Kirk Trevor Production Manager
2009 Standing On Chairs Allen Savedoff Production Manager
2008 The Fifth Row: An Acoustic Tour of Historic Theaters Stuart Weber Director
2005 Papa Mojo's Roadhouse Mel Melton / The Wicked Mojos Production Manager
2004 An Imperfect Storm: The Large Jazz Ensemble Compositions of Andy Jaffe Andy Jaffe Production Manager
1994 Fear [Original Soundtrack] Composer
1986 Manhattan Projections Andy Jaffe Project Manager
Abrazo: The Havana Sessions Bunny Beck / Jodi Kanter / Javier Zalba Director
Alejandro Rutty: The Conscious Sleepwalker Product Manager
Alex Lubet & Maja Radovanlija: The Enchanted Guitar Forest Alex Lubet / Maja Radovanlija Director
All Things Gold Melanie Mitrano Production Manager
Allen Bonde: Sound Spectrum Allen Bonde Production Manager
Ancestral Voices Apollo Chamber Players Director
Axiom: Society of Composers Inc. Production Manager
By the Red: Folk Songs From the Red River Valley Director
Celebrate Earth Production Manager
Celebrate Earth: Growing Veggie Soup Production Manager
Clusters: Music by Hubert Howe Hubert S. Howe Production Manager
Concerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra McCormick Percussion Ensemble Product Manager
Craig Madden Morris: Dreams - Chamber Music Production Manager
Dashing: Sounds of the Season Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra / The Stanbery Singers Audio Production Director
Evolution Svjetlana Bukvich Product Manager
Flamethrower Stephen Ruppenthal Audio Production
From Moog to Mac Herbert Deutsch Product Manager
From the Spirit Bunny Beck / Bunny Beck Jazz Ensemble Product Manager
Halflight Kim Halliday Product Manager
Hans Bakker & Peter Greve: Lines to Infinity Director
Hard Listening Mitch Hampton Product Manager
Harmonius Dissonance Production Manager
Honeyland Aidan Andrew Dun / Lucie Rejchrtova Audio Engineer
Improvised Pieces for Trio Sebastiano Meloni / Adriano Orrù / Tony Oxley Production Manager
In Sea Henry Wolking Director, Mastering
John A. Carollo: The Transfiguration of Giovanni Baudino Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra / Petr Vronsky Director
John Carollo: Starry Night Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Production Manager
John Robertson: Vallarta Suite Anthony Armoré / Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra Director
Judith Lang Zaimont: Eternal Evolution Harlem Quartet / Awadagin Pratt Production Manager
Jupiter Duo: The Music of Alla Elana Cohen Sebastien Baverstam / Alla Elana Cohen Director
Kim Halliday: Birdsong in Mist Product Manager
La Mandragore Midgard Direction
Lawrence Siegel: Kaddish Philip Brunelle / VocalEssence Ensemble Chorus Production Manager
Leaning Toward the Fiddler: Music for Voice and Violin Hope Wechkin Product Manager
Lee Actor: Saxophone Concerto; Dance Rhapsody; Horn Concerto Production Manager
Marimjazzia Juan Álamo / Nelson Delgado / UNC Percussion Ensemble Product Manager
Mark John McEncroe: Symphonic Suites Nos. 1 & 2 - A Medieval Saga Anthony Armoré / Janácek Philharmonic Orchestra / Mark J. Saliba Director
Mark Vigil: The Palest Rose Product Manager
Marty Regan: Forest Whispers Marty Regan Production Manager
Marty Regan: Magic Mirror Product Manager
McDuo: Works for Flute & Percussion McCormick Duo Production Manager
Meira Warshauer: Living Breathing Earth Petr Vronsky Production Manager
Moods and Sketches - 12 Improvisations for Piano Sebastiano Meloni Audio Engineer
Mosaic Production Manager
Music For Tango Ensemble Oscuro Quintet Production Manager
Music for Keyboard Percussions McCormick Percussion Ensemble / Robert McCormick Production Manager
Music for the End of Winter Kate Boyd Production Manager
Neil Thornock: No Stopping, Standing, or Parking Production Manager
Newton D. Strandberg: Essays & Sketches Product Manager
Osias Wilenski: Triptych Osias Wilenski Production Manager
Paper Clips: Works for Trombone Andrew Malloy Production Manager
Patricia Morehead: Good News Falls Gently Philip Morehead Production Manager
Premonitions: American Chamber Works Production Coordination
Quartet at the Crossroads New Hudson Saxophone Quartet Production Manager
Reflections Concorde Contemporary Music Ensemble / Harry Sparnaay Production Manager
Robert Casadesus and Henri Dutilleux: Selected Piano Works Cicilia Yudha Audio Production Director
Ross Crean: The Great God Pan Catherine O'Shaughnessy Director
Sculpting The Air: Modern Works for Wind Instruments Production Manager
Seeking & Finding Hans Bakker / Howard L. Richards / Marek Vorlicek Product Manager
Sergio Cervetti: Nazca and Other Works Product Manager
Something More: Jazz Music of Timothy Lee Miller Timothy Lee Miller Director
Sound Tapestries: Piano Trio & Solo Piano Bunny Beck Production Manager
Sounds from the Delta Nicolas Charlier / Jean-Philippe Grégoire / Martin Guimbellot / Baptiste Herbin Product Manager
Sounds of a Different Universe: Chamber Works of André M. Santos Audio Engineer
Stefan Poetzsch: Light On Stefan Poetzsch Production Manager
Stephen Barber: Astral Vinyl Production Manager
Sweet Spontaneous Michael Arnowitt Director
Tendrils Peter Homans / Byron Petty / Robert Stewart Production Manager
The Bright and Rushing World Douglas Detrick's Anywhen Ensemble Product Manager
The City of My Soul Callino Quartet / Sophie Dunér Product Manager
The More You Know Ron Paley Director
The Crossroads Project Fry Street Quartet Director
The Daydream The Daydream Product Manager
The Music of Gui Sook Lee McCormick Percussion Ensemble Production Manager
This Yesterday Will Never End Hawk and Dove Product Manager
Toward the Light Elaine Huckle Product Manager
Tuesday Afternoon Tony R. Clef Production Manager
Vivaldi: 4 Seasons for 3 Pianos Matija Dedic / Matej Mestrovic / Hakan Ali Toker Director
Waytes: English Music for a Renaissance Band Piffaro Production Manager
William Vollinger: Raspberry Man Juventas Ensemble Production Manager