Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz

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Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz (KROOMP-hohlts) was the greatest harp player of the Classical era, and the composer of some of the most significant music in the early repertoire of the instrument. His father…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonata for flute & harp in F Chamber Music
Air and Variations for harp Orchestral
Concerto for harp & orchestra No. 5 in B flat, Op 7 Concerto
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sonata for harp, Op. 13/1 Chamber Music
Sonata for flute & harp Chamber Music
Concerto for harp & orchestra No. 6 in F major, Op. 9 1785 Concerto
Sonatas (4) for harp, Op 13 Chamber Music
Sonata for harp, with violin accompaniment in F major, Op. 8/5 Chamber Music
Petits airs variés pour la harpe, Op 10 Orchestral
Sonatas (2) for harp, Op 14 Chamber Music
Andante de Haydn Vocal Music
Sonata for harp & piano, Op. 13/6 Chamber Music
Sonata for harp with violin & cello ad lib in E flat major, Op. 12/2 Chamber Music
Rondo for Flute & Harp, Op 8/3 Chamber Music
Sonata in C major, Op. 13-14/6 Chamber Music
Duo No 1 for harp & piano, Op 7, in F Chamber Music
Sonata for harp with violin & cello ad lib in F major, Op. 12/4 Chamber Music
Trio sonata in B major for oboe, harp & cello Chamber Music
Trois Sonates de l'opera 13 arrangées pour Deux Harpes par Philip Seybold Chamber Music
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