Jason Ward


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Year Album Artist
2018 Dead Magic Anna von Hausswolff Mastering
2018 No. 4 Christina Vantzou Mastering
2017 Ken Destroyer Mastering
2017 Rock N Roll Consciousness Thurston Moore Mastering
2017 So Numb Sannhet Mastering
2017 The Underside of Power Algiers Mastering
2017 Thrice Woven Wolves in the Throne Room Mastering
2017 Unseen Forces Justin Walter Mastering
2016 Angry Angles Angry Angles Mastering
2016 Banshee The Cave Singers Mastering
2016 Celebrate Your Worth The Blind Shake Mastering
2016 Cosmetic Nots Mastering
2016 Feel the Clamps Spray Paint Mastering
2016 IV Black Mountain Mastering
2016 Patterns of Light His Name Is Alive Mastering
2016 Strangers Marissa Nadler Mastering
2016 The Gospel Årabrot Mastering
2016 Unseen The Handsome Family Mastering
2015 Dream Memory Ken Camden Mastering
2015 Irreal Disappears Mastering
2015 Kannon Sunn O))) Mastering
2015 No. 3 Christina Vantzou Mastering
2015 Rose Windows Rose Windows Mastering
2015 The Ark Work Liturgy Mastering
2015 The Purge Drkwav Mastering
2015 The Room Is James Falzone / The Renga Ensemble Mastering
2014 Beneath the Brine The Family Crest Mastering
2014 Breakfast of Failures The Blind Shake Mastering
2014 Celestite Wolves in the Throne Room Mastering
2014 July Marissa Nadler Mastering
2014 Midnight Passenger Ex-Cult Mastering
2014 No. 2 Christina Vantzou Mastering
2014 Primitive and Deadly Earth Mastering
2014 Sea Island Loscil Mastering
2014 Tecuciztecatl His Name Is Alive Mastering
2014 Then It All Came Down/You've Always Meant So Much to Me Wrekmeister Harmonies Mastering
2013 An A.merican D.ream VietNam Mastering
2013 Badwater Speck Mountain Mastering
2013 Carrier The Dodos Mastering
2013 Far West Master Musicians of Bukkake Mastering
2013 Field Day Rituals Splashgirl Mastering
2013 Fingerprint Crooks On Tape Mastering
2013 Haunted Head Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds Mastering, Cut
2013 Lullabies & Nightmares Justin Walter Mastering
2013 Recurring Dream Implodes Mixing, Mastering
2013 Return to Annihilation Locrian Mastering
2013 Space Mirror Ken Camden Mastering
2013 Sub Verses Akron/Family Mastering
2013 The Affliction Bare Mutants Mastering
2013 The Headwinds The Family Crest Mastering
2013 The Sun Dogs Rose Windows Mastering
2013 Wilderness The Handsome Family Mastering
2012 At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky Jessica Bailiff Mastering
2012 Bless Them That Curse You Locrian / Mamiffer Mastering
2012 Ex-Cult Ex-Cult Mastering
2012 Good Touch Bad Touch Lick Lick Mastering
2012 La-Di-Da Recordings Dreamscape Remastering
2012 Nine of Clubs Good Times Crisis Band Mastering
2012 Oh Holy Molar Felix Mastering
2012 Piñata Volcano! Mastering
2012 Pre Language Disappears Mastering
2012 Snakereigns Okkultokrati Mastering
2012 The Well Megan Reilly Mastering
2012 The Last Donkey Show John Wesley Coleman III Mastering
2011 Black Earth Implodes Engineer, Mastering
2011 Breaks in the Armor Crooked Fingers Mastering
2011 Evryman for Himself Daniel Knox Mastering
2011 Guider Disappears Mastering
2011 HONORS Ben + Vesper Mastering
2011 Mount Moriah Mount Moriah Mastering
2011 Singles 2007-2010 Ty Segall Mastering
2011 Solar Anus Årabrot Mastering
2011 Tarantula/Blue Blood Limes Mastering
2011 The Shadow in the Cracks Shadow in the Cracks Mastering
2011 Ty-Rex Ty Segall Mastering
2010 2 Retribution Gospel Choir Digital Mastering
2010 First Blood Nobunny Mastering
2010 Lux Disappears Mastering
2010 Melted Ty Segall Mastering
2010 Old Friends I Was a King Mastering
2010 Rhinestone River Limes Mastering
2010 Territories Locrian Mastering, Cut
2010 You and You Alone Stephen Brown Mastering
2009 Shake a Bone Son of Dave Mastering
2006 Diadem of 12 Stars Wolves in the Throne Room Mastering
1999 Come Pick Me Up Superchunk Remastering
1999 Grown Up, Fucked Up The Reatards Mastering
1997 Indoor Living Superchunk Remastering
1995 Here's Where the Strings Come In Superchunk Remastering
1993 On the Mouth Superchunk Remastering
1977 Dandy in the Underworld T. Rex Remastering
1976 Futuristic Dragon T. Rex Remastering
1975 Bolan's Zip Gun T. Rex Remastering
1974 Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow Marc Bolan & T. Rex / T. Rex Remastering
1973 Tanx T. Rex Remastering
1972 Cuffed Collared & Tagged Swamp Dogg Reissue Mastering
3 MoE Mastering
2020 Distance Runner Mastering
A Life Unto Itself Steve Von Till Mastering
Animale Childrenn Mastering
Arabrot Årabrot Mastering
Back To Soft Coke Weed Mastering
Before Midnight Scholar Judson Claiborne Mastering
Coffins On Io Kayo Dot Mastering
Dames The Bears of Blue River Mastering
Dreams of Earth Dan Zimmerman Mastering
Forestelevision Lesbian Mastering
Four Aces and a Harp Chris "Swississippi" Harper Mastering
Hallucinogenesis Lesbian Mastering
Hangover the Top Marvin Mastering
International Exit Childrenn Mastering
Live at Legends Peaches Staten Mastering
Mad Lives The Maldives Mastering
Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows Jared Bartman Mastering
Modalities Glazz Ensemble Mastering
Murder Circus Touched By Ghoul Mastering
Rob Blaine's Big Otis Blues Rob Blaine Mastering
Separation Anxiety Mutts Mastering
Silhouettes at Dawn The Singleman Affair Mastering
Sundowning Pink Frost Mastering
The Ancient Art of Leaving: Two Parts Big Cats Mastering
The Clearing & the Final Epoch Locrian Mastering
The Whisper of Flowers The Equity & Social Justice Quartet Mastering
Triumvirate Lewis & Clarke Mastering
Villains Company Villains Company Mastering
Who Was And Is And Is to Come Lenny Smith Mastering
Without Reservations Micah Stout Mastering
World Unseen Mamiffer Mastering