Jason Rau


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Year Album Artist
2010 Collector's Pack Michael Lington Mastering
2007 The Earth's Sharp Edge Scott Bennett Editing
2006 File Underwater File Underwater Mastering
2001 Bible Songs Songtime Kids Mastering
2001 Chicago's Finest Carlos Cannon Mastering
2001 Nursery Rhyme Songs Songtime Kids Mastering
2001 Silly Songs Songtime Kids Mastering
2001 Sunday School Songs Songtime Kids Mastering
2000 Heavy Moon Pelvic Delta Mastering
2000 Millenaire...Featuring the Birth of the Chameleon Nichelle Mastering
2000 One Year Later Scott Bennett Mastering
2000 Philanthropissed Soul Food Mastering
1999 Acceleration 7 [EP] Seven Red Seven Mastering
1999 American Jet Set Kill Hannah Mastering
1999 As One Aflame Laid Bare by Desire Black Tape for a Blue Girl Mastering
1999 Bananimals The Frogs Mastering
1999 Bumpus Bumpus Mastering
1999 First Meetings Jaap Blonk Mastering
1999 Pathways and Dawns Peter Ulrich Mastering
1999 Reconstruction Rubberoom Mastering
1999 Runforyerlife Runforyerlife Mastering
1999 That's the Way Love Is Poi Dog Pondering Mastering
1999 The Urban Grooves: Album II Down to the Bone Mastering
1998 American Ego American Ego Mastering
1998 Atonement, Vol. 2 The Final Cut Mastering
1998 Decisions World Class Noise Mastering
1998 Drown Nihil Mastering
1998 Estrella Lycia Mastering
1998 First Light: Chicago 1969-1971 Terry Callier Mastering
1998 Go Bullistic Mastering
1998 Heart Mind & Soul De'rrel Engineer
1998 Hotdogwater Cocktail Full Digital Editing
1998 Hound Dog Taylor: A Tribute Mastering
1998 Journey to the Fore Peace of Mind Mastering
1998 Live and Uppity Saffire -- The Uppity Blues Women Mastering
1998 Live at Fitzgerald's Off Broadway Mastering
1998 New York State of the Blues Michael Hill Mastering
1998 Reel to Reel Peatmoss Mastering
1998 Smoke and Steel Kinsey Report Mastering
1998 Taste of Afterlife Voodoo Monkey Child Mastering
1998 The Way We Are Jim the Band Mastering
1998 Turn the Heat Up! Shemekia Copeland Mastering
1998 Twenty Years in the Can Steve Dahl Mastering
1998 Unclean Rorschach Test Mastering
1998 Under the Direction of William Russo The Chicago Jazz Ensemble Mastering
1997 10 Milligram Day Love Kit Mastering
1997 A New High in Low Pigface Mastering
1997 Buda de Oriente Diplomat 6 Mastering
1997 Bust It Bust It Bust It Boogie Shoes Mastering
1997 Feeling You Up Truly Mastering
1997 Fire It Up Tinsley Ellis Mastering
1997 From Manhattan to Staten Down to the Bone Mastering
1997 Good Luck Man Carey Bell Mastering
1997 Keep the Pressure On Mastering
1997 Lemonade Time Beings Mastering
1997 Michael Lington Michael Lington Mastering
1997 Motor CD: United We Jam, Vol. 3 Detroit Mass Choir / Detroit Musicians Alliance Mastering
1997 One for the Money Sheep on Drugs Mastering
1997 Power Blues J.B. Ritchie Mastering
1997 Reckless Luther Allison Mastering
1997 Rip-Hop Soulcore Crush Rebels Without Applause Mastering
1997 Samana Samana Mastering
1997 Swinging from the Rafters Long John Hunter Mastering
1997 The Horrendously Named EP Bill Ding Mastering
1997 The Inner Flame: A Tribute to Rainer Ptacek Mastering
1997 Up & In Bob Margolin Mastering
1997 Upright Citizen Charles Fambrough Mastering
1997 Whoopsadaisy Jenny Magnus Mastering
1997 Whut Tha Lick Iz Villain Mastering
1996 As I Hide Witchcraft Pre-Mastering
1996 Bang! Paul Wertico Editing, Assembly, Pre-Mastering
1996 Credo Shimmer Mastering
1996 Electrique Plummagram Poi Dog Pondering Mastering
1996 Extended Play Mercy Beat Mastering
1996 Forget About Tomorrow The Common Mastering
1996 Heavier Than Now Heavy Manners Mastering
1996 Live Bait T-Bone Stone Mastering
1996 Live, Gimme Common Faces Mastering
1996 Love's in Session (Teach Me Tonight) Debra Jackson Mastering
1996 Morris Code 337 Lee Morris Mastering
1996 Mysterie Tony Guerrero Mastering
1996 Nine Ways The Wake Mastering
1996 Northern Distortion Fun with Atoms Mastering
1996 Remnants of a Deeper Purity Black Tape for a Blue Girl Mastering
1996 Riveter Judge Nothing Mastering
1996 Second Time Around Otis Smokey Smothers Mastering
1996 Spookydisharmoniousconflicthellride Wesley Willis Mastering
1996 Whore Mary's Window Mastering
1995 Breech Lick Mastering
1995 Carved in Stone Dawn LaRue Mastering
1995 Deconstruct Pygmy Children Editing, Digital Editing, Mastering
1995 Eyes of Tomorrow Aftermath Mastering
1995 Gag Me with a Spoon Mastering
1995 Keepsakes in the Garbage Peat Moss Mastering
1995 Live '92/'93 Albert Collins Mastering
1995 Master Vibrator Starbilly Mastering
1995 No Boundaries Michael Angelo Batio Mastering
1995 Organically Grown Fat Nut Mastering
1995 Pill Orange Mastering
1995 Star of Desire The Wooldridge Brothers Mastering
1995 Too Much Fun C.J. Chenier Mastering
1995 Trust and Obey 13 Mg. Mastering
1995 Upstroke for the Downfolk Paul Cebar Mastering
1992 Ride with Me Long John Hunter Band Remastering
Face Down Love Offering Mastering