Jaroslav Krcek

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Jaroslav Krcek (also Krecek) is an important contemporary Czech composer and conductor. Most listeners familiar with his name are more likely to know him as a conductor from his numerous recordings on…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Testamenti, vocal & instrumental suite to words of ancient sentences 16:57 Vocal Music
Songs of Love (3) 09:21 Vocal Music
Symphony No. 2 for chorus & chamber orchestra 28:16 Choral
Andělíku rozkochaný (Frolicking Little Angel), song for violin & chorus 04:55 Choral
Sonaty Slavickove (Little Nightingale Sonatas), musique concrète 1970 04:44 Electronic/Computer Music
Suite for oboe & chamber orchestra 11:44 Concerto
The Music to Lusatian Sorb fable "The Secret of the Old Mill", suite from the film score for orchestra 13:00 Orchestral
Tri Hanácké tance (Three Dances from Haná), medley of traditional melodies for ensemble 06:13 Chamber Music
Zaříkání milého (Conjuring My Beloved), song for chorus 08:53 Choral
Concerto per tre, for harp, flute, English horn & orchestra 10:15 Concerto
Aramejský Otčenáš (The Lord's Prayer), for tenor, chorus & orchestra 08:44 Choral
Songs and Dances from Zlatá Koruna, medley of traditional melodies for ensemble 52:54 Chamber Music
Tanec (Dance) for folk instruments in C major 03:18 Chamber Music
Concertino for oboe d'amore & strings 07:29 Concerto
Mass for chorus & orchestra No. 10 19:15 Choral
Old Czech Folk Songs and Dances, medley of traditional melodies for ensemble 01:12:37 Chamber Music
Vdala matička, vdala svou dceru (One Mother Her Daughter Married Off), song for chorus 05:41 Choral
Andel Páne (Lord's Angel) 02:13 Vocal Music
Vandrovali hudci (Wandering Fiddlers), song for violin & chorus 05:45 Vocal Music
Ne tempori credideris (Do Not Trust Time), for chorus & orchestra 1986 13:26 Choral
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