Jan Kruse

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Year Album Artist
2009 C'est Com...Com...Compliqué Faust Artwork
2008 Wired Boy Child The Horror the Horror Artwork
2008 I Know You Know Guther Cover Photo
2008 Drawn in Basic Populous / Short Stories Design
2008 Angst Is Not a Weltanschauung! B. Fleischmann Design
2007 Stars on the Wall The Go Find Artwork
2007 Kajak Benni Hemm Hemm Cover Design
2006 The Same Channel Fat Jon Design
2006 Slow Days The Year Of Cover Art
2006 Separate Chambers Contriva Cover Design
2006 Notes and the Like Ms. John Soda Design
2005 Zweite Meer F.S. Blumm Cover Art
2005 Unsolved Remained Masha Qrella Artwork
2005 The Needle Was Travelling Tarwater Artwork
2005 Quipo Populous Cover Design
2004 Nothing's Lost Styrofoam Artwork
2004 Micronomic Lali Puna Design
2004 Miami The Go Find Illustrations, Design
2004 Late Duo505 / Herbert Cover Art
2004 Isolated [Video] Funkstörung Graphic Design
2004 Faking the Books Lali Puna Cover Art
2003 While Talking Ms. John Soda Artwork
2003 Observing Systems Tied + Tickled Trio Artwork
2003 I'm What's There to Show That Something's Missing Styrofoam Artwork
2002 Valis Christian Kleine Design
2002 Sunkissed Guitar Cover Design
2002 Orion Limp Design
2002 No P. or D. Ms. John Soda Artwork
2002 Ilisu Phonem Cover Design
2002 Clockwork Menagerie ISAN Illustrations
2002 Blue Skied an' Clear: A Morr Music Compilation Cover Design
2002 Ascend Manual Design, Cover Design
2001 Until Tomorrow Manual Cover Design
2001 Solvent City Solvent Illustrations, Design
2001 Scary World Theory Lali Puna Cover Design
2001 Please Smile My Noise Bleed Múm Design
2000 The Point Misser Styrofoam Cover Art
2000 Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey Artwork
1999 Tridecoder Lali Puna Artwork, Cover Art
Heart Without a Mind Styrofoam Artwork