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Year Album Artist
2021 Sacred Ceremonies Wadada Leo Smith Engineer, Mixing
2021 Mode for Titan Josh Werner Engineer
2020 Trascendent Lewis Porter / Ray Suhy Mixing, Mastering
2020 The Acid Lands Bill Laswell / Opening Performance Orchestra / Iggy Pop Engineer
2020 On Common Ground Bill Laswell / Mike Sopko / Tyshawn Sorey Engineer
2020 Focus and Field Adam Rudolph Mixing, Mastering
2020 Caravan to the Stars Dark Matter Halo / Bill Laswell Engineer, Programming
2020 Beyond Good and Evil John Zorn Mixing
2020 Against Empire Bill Laswell Engineer
2019 The Book Beri'ah, Vol. 5: Gevurah Abraxas Engineer, Mixing
2019 The Book Beri’ah, Vol. 2 -Chokhma Cleric Engineer
2019 Ragmala: A Garland of Ragas Brooklyn Raga Massive / Go: Organic Orchestra Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2018 The Unknowable David Liebman / Tatsuya Nakatani / Adam Rudolph Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2018 The Machinic Unconscious Wendy Eisenberg Engineer, Mixing
2018 Mudang Rock Simon Barker / Henry Kaiser / Bill Laswell / Rudresh Mahanthappa Engineer
2018 In November Joshua Trinidad Mixing, Mastering
2017 The Interpretation of Dreams John Zorn Engineer
2017 Najwa Wadada Leo Smith Engineer, Mixing
2015 Turning Towards the Light Go: Organic Orchestra / Adam Rudolph Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2015 Sopko Laswell Pridgen Bill Laswell / Thomas Pridgen / Mike Sopko Engineer
2015 Machine Language Animation Engineer, Mixing
2015 Les Rhinocéros III Les Rhinoceros Mixing, Engineer
2015 Kauai: The Arch of Heaven Caridyn / Bill Laswell Engineer
2015 Blue Buddha Louis Belogenis / Blue Buddha Engineer, Mixing
2015 Before Ever After Blind Idiot God Engineer, Assistant Tracking Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mixing
2014 The Great Lakes Suites Wadada Leo Smith Assistant Engineer
2014 Psychomagia Abraxas / John Zorn Engineer
2014 Checkpoint Ancestral Groove / David Krakauer Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
2014 Adramelech: The Book of Angels, Vol. 22 Zion80 / John Zorn Engineer, Mixing
2013 Zion 80 Jon Madof Engineer, Mixing
2013 Voice Prints Douglas Ewart / Yusef Lateef / Roscoe Mitchell / Adam Rudolph Mastering
2013 The Road to Jajouka The Master Musicians of Jajouka Engineer
2013 The 3Dom Factor Barry Altschul Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
2013 Mumpbeak Mumpbeak Engineer
2013 Les Rhinocéros II Les Rhinoceros Mixing, Engineer
2013 Guerilla Toss Guerilla Toss Engineer, Mixing
2013 Elevation: The Upper Air Bernie Worrell Assistant Engineer, Mixing Engineer
2013 Da Bang! Billy Bang Assistant Engineer
2013 Colourless Green Superheroes Brain Killer Mixing
2012 Survive Garrison Hawk / Sly & Robbie Engineer
2012 Ouroboros Naked Truth Engineer
2012 Nosferatu John Zorn Assistant Engineer
2012 Means of Deliverance Bill Laswell Engineer
2012 Lael Summer Lael Summer Engineer
2012 Jessica Pavone: Hope Dawson Is Missing Emily Manzo / Jessica Pavone Mixing, Recording
2012 Ertale Jano Engineer
2012 Abraxas: The Book of Angels, Vol. 19 Abraxas / John Zorn Engineer, Mixing
2011 Rise Again Bill Laswell / Lee "Scratch" Perry Engineer
2011 Profanation: Preparation for a Coming Darkness Praxis Assistant
2011 Pet Bottle Ningen Pet Bottle Ningen Mixing
2011 Near Nadir Bill Laswell / Ikue Mori / Mark Nauseef / Evan Parker Engineer
2011 Dub of the Passover David Gould / Bill Laswell Assistant Engineer
2011 Dub Arcanum Arcandrum Method of Defiance Second Engineer
2011 Blixt Morgan Ågren / Raoul Björkenheim / Blixt / Bill Laswell Engineer
2011 Azoy Tsu Tsveyt Uri Caine / Joel Rubin / Uri Caine Dou Engineer
2011 Aspiration Bill Laswell Second Engineer
2011 Agemo Animation Engineer
2010 Towards the Unknown Yusef Lateef / Adam Rudolph Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Torn from Black Space Death Cube K Assistant Engineer
2010 Nihon Method of Defiance Assistant Engineer
2010 Mesgana Ethiopia Gigi / Material Engineer
2010 Melaza Scorch Trio Assistant
2010 Incunabula Method of Defiance Second Engineer
2009 Our Inventions and How They Fail Us The Project Pale Assistant Engineer
2009 Invisible Design II Bill Laswell Audio Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2009 America Wadada Leo Smith Recording
2008 Pitom Yoshie Fruchter Engineer, Mixing
2008 No Matter Kudsi Erguner / Bill Laswell / Mark Nauseef / Markus Stockhausen Assistant Engineer
2008 Dream Garden Adam Rudolph Engineer
2008 Beyond Quantum Anthony Braxton Engineer
2007 Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D Nine Inch Nails Assistant
2007 Volac: Book of Angels, Vol. 8 Erik Friedlander Assistant Engineer
2007 Uno Raiz Assistant, Recording Technician
2007 Tennessee 2004 Praxis Audio Engineer, Assistant
2007 Soup Audio Engineer, Assistant
2007 Six Litanies for Heliogabalus John Zorn Assistant Engineer
2007 Push Comes to Shove John Hammond, Jr. Assistant Engineer
2007 Outland 5 Pete Namlook Assistant
2007 Lightyears Shin E Assistant
2007 Inamorata Method of Defiance Engineer
2007 Full Circle Graham Haynes Engineer, Mixing
2007 Asmodeus - Book of Angels, Vol. 7 Marc Ribot Audio Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2007 Ara Dorian Cheah Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Youth Matisyahu Audio Engineer, Assistant Engineer
2006 The Only Way to Go Is Down Bill Laswell Assistant Engineer
2006 King Without a Crown Matisyahu Assistant Engineer
2006 Invite the Spirit 2006 Henry Kaiser / Charles K. Noyes / Sang Won Park Assistant Engineer
2006 Gold and Wax Gigi Assistant Engineer
2006 Astronome John Zorn Assistant Engineer
2006 Asana OHM Shanti Asana Assistant Engineer
2005 Zurich Praxis Assistant
2005 Trojan Dub Massive: Chapter One Bill Laswell Assistant
2005 Patterns of War Dr. Israel Mixing Assistant
2005 Edom Eyal Maoz Assistant Engineer
2005 At Carnegie Hall John Coltrane / Thelonious Monk / Thelonious Monk Quartet Assistant Engineer
2004 deSol [2004] deSol Engineer
2004 Soup Live Bill Laswell / Yoshigaki Yasuhiro / Otomo Yoshihide Assistant Engineer, Assistant
2004 Come into the Light Winard Harper Assistant Engineer
2004 Certified Dope, Vol. 4: Babylon's Burning Crooklyn Dub Outernational Assistant Engineer
2004 Aftermathematics Bill Laswell Guitarron, Assistant
2003 Zion Roots Abyssinia Infinite Assistant Engineer
2003 With a Heartbeat Pharoah Sanders Assistant
2003 Tactiles Liberty Ellman Assistant Engineer
2003 Soup Bill Laswell / Yoshigaki Yasuhiro / Otomo Yoshihide Assistant
2003 Shadowglow Björkenheim & Ligeti / Raoul Björkenheim / Lukas Ligeti Assistant Engineer
2003 Ritual of Carousel Samsara Sound System Engineer
2003 Neti-Neti: Remix Audio Letter Assistant
2003 Light Blue Sun Lili Haydn Assistant
2003 Illuminated Audio Gigi Assistant
2003 Black Midnight Sun Lucky Peterson Assistant
2003 Axiom: Reconstructions & Vexations Assistant
2003 Asana, Vol. 3: Peaceful Heart Assistant
2002 The Wild Thornberrys Assistant
2002 The Meta Collection Assistant
2002 Scratch [Original Soundtrack] Assistant Engineer
2002 Live in San Francisco at Stern Grove Tabla Beat Science Assistant
2002 Children of Israel Daniel Zamir Assistant Engineer
2002 Book of Exit: Dub Chamber 4 Bill Laswell Assistant
2002 Asia Lounge: Asian Flavored Club Tunes - 2nd Floor Assistant Engineer
2001 Spiritual Beauty: Imaginal Orient Assistant
1998 Shy Angels: Reconstruction And Mix Translation Of Madman Of God Sussan Deyhim Assistant Engineer
1997 Arc of the Testimony Arcana Engineer, Mixing
Unearthish Sarah Bernstein Engineer, Mixing
Undertow Reissue Blind Idiot God Mixing Engineer
The Mess We Made Tomás Doncker Producer, Banjo, Keyboards, Programming
The Epic Botanical Beat Suite Hu Vibrational / Adam Rudolph Producer, Mixing, Processing
The Dream Membrane Bill Laswell / David Chaim Smith / John Zorn Engineer
Spent: Beats To Bring You Back Engineer, Second Engineer
Sound Of A Dream Go: Organic Orchestra / Adam Rudolph Mixing, Mastering
Sonic Mandala Go: Organic Orchestra / Adam Rudolph Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Shofarot Verses Paul Shapiro Engineer, Mixing
Shardik Shardik Engineer, Mixing
Retrospectives Bernie Worrell Engineer
Prospect of the Deep, Vol. 1 Azonic Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Non-Recyclable Pet Bottle Ningen Mixing
Nahariama 4th Column Method of Defiance Engineer
Merely a Traveler on the Cosmic Path Ralph Jones / Adam Rudolph Mixing, Mastering
Mac Gollehon & the Hispanic Mechanics Mac Gollehon Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Long Road Home Alan Grubner's Firelight Ensemble Engineer
John Zorn: James Moore Plays The Book of Heads James Moore Audio Engineer
Jahbulon Method of Defiance Engineer
Imaginary Archipeligo Karuna Trio Mixing, Mastering
Hubris Kristo Rodzevski Engineer
Helio Parallax Helio Parallax Mixing, Engineer
Hater's Dozen Hub City Stompers Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Hard Vibe Matt Nelson / Ron Stabinsky / Talibam! Engineer, Mixing
Fake Dudes Magnet Animals Mastering
Both/And Organic Orchestra Strings / Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
Book Beri'ah, Vol. 8: Hod Zion80 Engineer, Mixing
Anything is Possible The Fictive Five Engineer
Angels Ahead Nils Petter Molvær Engineer
Amon: The Book Of Angels, Vol. 24: Klezmerson Plays Masada Book Two Klezmerson Mixing
A Brief Night Out Marla Mase Engineer