Jacob Speis


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Year Album Artist
2018 The Strife of Love in a Dream Miracle Layout
2017 EX EYE EX EYE Artwork, Layout
2017 Mayhem Steve Moore Layout
2017 Obituary Obituary Layout
2017 Poison Blood Poison Blood Layout
2017 Profane Nexus Incantation Layout
2016 Avvolgere True Widow Layout
2016 Dead Ringers Horseback Layout
2016 Dimensions of Horror Gruesome Layout
2016 Pillars of Ash Black Tusk Illustrations
2016 Snake Church Ringworm Illustrations, Layout
2016 Sonoran Depravation Gatecreeper Layout
2016 Still They Pray Cough Layout
2016 Sumerlands Sumerlands Layout
2015 Forgive Yourself Publicist UK Layout
2015 Infinite Dissolution Locrian Layout
2015 Shadows Valkyrie Layout
2014 From All Purity Indian Layout
2014 Hammer of the Witch Ringworm Layout
2014 Inked in Blood Obituary Layout
2014 Ritually Abused Num Skull Design
2013 Blood Drive ASG Layout
2013 Bloodlines Howl Layout
2013 From the Ashes of Nuclear Destruction Toxic Holocaust Layout
2013 Pelon Juuret Unkind Artwork, Layout
2013 Soma Windhand Layout
2013 The Axiom of Post Inhumanity Bastard Noise / Brutal Truth Artwork, Layout
2013 The Fleshland Coffins Layout
2012 A Collection of Depravation General Surgery Design, Layout
2012 CVI Royal Thunder Layout
2012 Death by Metal Mantas Artwork, Layout
2012 Embers and Revelations Weapon Layout
2012 Half Blood Horseback Design
2012 Incurso Spawn of Possession Layout
2012 Possession Christian Mistress Layout
2012 Vivus! Death Artwork, Layout
2011 Harhakuvat Unkind Artwork, Layout
2011 Path of Totality Tombs Design
2011 The Gorgon Tongue (Impale Golden Horn/Forbidden Planet) Horseback Layout
2010 Throes Hero Destroyed Artwork, Layout
2010 Unrelenting Phobia Artwork, Layout
2004 Infatuation with Malevolence (Demo Recordings 1993-1994) Dying Fetus Artwork, Layout
2003 Purification Through Violence Dying Fetus Layout
2002 Lucid Interval Cephalic Carnage Layout
2000 Grotesque Impalement Dying Fetus Layout
1999 The Fragile Art of Existence Control Denied Layout
1999 We Will Destroy...You Will Obey! Dekapitator Layout
1998 Killing on Adrenaline Dying Fetus Layout
1998 The Sound of Perseverance Death Layout
1997 Give Them Rope Coalesce Art Direction, Design, Layout
1996 Drop Out 16 Layout
1993 Individual Thought Patterns Death Layout
1993 Necrology General Surgery Layout
1991 Human Death Layout
1990 Spiritual Healing Death Layout
1990 Violent Restitution Razor Layout
1988 Leprosy Death Layout
1987 Scream Bloody Gore Death Layout
Ageless Call of the Void Layout
Bhavachakra Bhavachakra Layout
Dragged Down a Dead End Path Call of the Void Layout
Hallucinogenesis Lesbian Layout
Leveling the Plane of Existence Abysmal Dawn Layout
Obsolescence Abysmal Dawn Layout
Only the Ruthless Remain Skinless Layout
Openhostility Razor Layout
Please Explode Columns Artwork, Layout
Remain Dystopian Maruta Layout
Savage Land Gruesome Layout
Shotgun Justice Razor Layout
The Trouble With Being Born The Great Tyrant Layout
The Clearing & the Final Epoch Locrian Layout
The Great Destroyer Gadget Design, Layout
World Without God Convulse Layout Design