Jacob Bannon


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Year Album Artist
2017 Do or Die Burn Vocals (Background), Design
2017 The Dusk in Us Converge Vocals, Design, Visuals
2016 Hijrah Harm Wülf Design
2016 Operator MSTRKRFT Composer
2016 You Fail Me Redux Converge Composer
2015 Metal Matters: Charting the Evolution of Metal Composer
2012 All We Love We Leave Behind Converge Vocals, Artwork, Visuals, Composer, Lyricist
2010 The Powerless Rise As I Lay Dying Artwork, Design
2009 Axe to Fall Converge Lyricist, Illustrations, Vocals, Vocals (Background), Design, Visuals, Group Member, Composer
2009 Saw VI [Soundtrack] Composer
2007 An Ocean Between Us As I Lay Dying Artwork, Layout Design
2007 Save Yourself Nora Logo Design
2006 A Haunting Curse Goatwhore Illustrations, Design
2006 A Long March: The First Recordings As I Lay Dying Photography, Design
2006 Bitter Verses Dead Hearts Cover Art
2006 Death Knows Your Name The Hope Conspiracy Design
2006 Into Oblivion Rise & Fall Art Direction, Design
2006 No Heroes Converge Vocals, Percussion, Visuals, Group Member, Composer
2006 Violent Epiphany The Icepick Illustrations, Design
2005 In Place Apart Killing the Dream Illustrations, Design
2005 Justice Replaced by Revenge Ringworm Illustrations, Design, Concept
2005 Punk-O-Rama, Vol. 10 Composer
2005 Shadows Are Security As I Lay Dying Artwork, Design
2005 Silver in the Hands of Time Integrity Liner Notes
2005 We Are the Enemy Embrace Today Illustrations, Design
2005 Witness Modern Life Is War Design
2004 100 Demons 100 Demons Design
2004 1987-1991 Wrecking Crew Design
2004 Artificial Unintelligence The Program Illustrations, Design
2004 Audiblenarcotic Vaux Design Coordinator
2004 Call Me Armageddon The Power & The Glory Illustrations, Design
2004 My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue [EP] Fall Out Boy Art Direction, Design
2004 Sex Positions Sex Positions Design
2004 Suffer, Survive No Warning Illustrations, Design
2004 Switchblade [Icarus] Switchblade Design
2004 The Struggle Cast Aside Design
2004 They're Only Chasing Safety Underøath Illustrations, Design
2004 Year One Give Up the Ghost Design
2004 You Fail Me Converge Lyricist, Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Design, Visuals, Group Member, Composer
2003 A Great Artist A Life Once Lost Illustrations, Design
2003 All My Friends Are Going Death Some Girls Design
2003 Background Music Give Up the Ghost Design, Direction
2003 Dreamers & Deadmen Nora Photography, Illustrations, Design
2003 Hot Damn! Every Time I Die Art Direction, Design
2003 Kill It Conviction Design Coordinator
2003 Killing Angels Nine Art Direction, Design
2003 Love American Give Up the Ghost Art Direction, Design
2003 My Love. My Way. Modern Life Is War Reconstruction
2003 One Cursed Art Direction, Design
2003 Roorback Sepultura Graphic Design
2003 Soldiers Embrace Today Illustrations, Art Direction, Design
2003 The Ascension Attempt The Blinding Light Visuals
2003 To Die For Integrity Illustrations, Design
2003 Unloved and Weeded Out Converge Vocals, Composer
2003 We're Down Til We're Underground Give Up the Ghost Art Direction, Design
2003 Wrecked Halfacre Gunroom Design
2002 A Family Affair North Side Kings Design
2002 Birth Place and Burial Site As Hope Dies Illustrations, Design
2002 Black on Black: A Tribute to Black Flag [2002] Group Member
2002 But a Whimper Ramallah Vocal Assistance
2002 Challenger Knut Concept, Band Logo Design
2002 Closed Casket Secrets Final Plan / My Luck Illustrations, Design
2002 Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder Poison the Well Art Direction, Design
2002 Fighting Music, Vol. 2 Design, Composer
2002 Our Design Horror Show Illustrations, Design
2002 Point Break, Vol. 1 Composer
2002 Rise of the Great Machine Supermachiner Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Guitars, Art Direction, Design, Machines
2002 Step Inside My Death Ray Jesuseater Design
2002 Take Apart the Words Breaking Pangaea Art Direction, Design
2001 Cannon to a Whisper Breaking Pangaea Art Direction, Design
2001 Deeper the Wound Converge / Hellchild Producer, Art Direction, Design, Composer
2001 Jane Doe Converge Composer
2001 Novella of Uriel Blood Has Been Shed Art Direction, Design
2001 Shape of Calling Orange Island Art Direction, Design
2001 Untitled EP Knut Concept, Logo
2001 Youth Murder Anthems The Dedication Design
2000 American Nightmare American Nightmare Layout Design
2000 Battle Hymns for an Angry Planet Breakdown Illustrations, Art Direction, Design
2000 Coalesce/Boy Sets Fire BoySetsFire / Coalesce Artwork, Layout Design, Construction
2000 Cold Blue The Hope Conspiracy Photography, Art Direction, Design
2000 Gravity Wins Again One King Down Art Direction, Design
2000 How They Light Cigarettes in Prison Drowningman Artwork, Design
2000 The Arsonist and the Architect Luddite Clone Art Direction, Design
2000 The Human Condition in Twelve Fractions Martyr Art Direction, Design
2000 The World Still Won't Listen: A Tribute to the Smiths Art Direction, Design
2000 Uprising Entombed Artwork, Design, Layout
1999 Beyond Hypothermia Cave In Design, Visuals
1999 Creative Eclipses Cave In Art Direction, Design
1999 Flounders Flyers College & Canada All Chrome Design
1999 It All Comes Down to This Bane Art Direction, Design
1999 Neverendingyouline Nora Artwork
1999 Open Roads and Broken Dreams Reach the Sky Design
1999 Piecemeal Piecemeal Design, Construction
1999 Something Wicked This Way Comes Wolfpac Design
1999 The Opposite of December Poison the Well Art Direction, Design
1999 Until Your Heart Stops Cave In Design, Visuals, Construction
1998 Holding This Moment Bane Design, Construction
1998 Petitioning the Empty Sky Converge Vocals, Artwork, Design
1998 When Forever Comes Crashing Converge Mixing, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Design, Composer
1997 Caring and Killing: The Early Years, 1991-1994 Converge Design
1996 The Promise Ringworm Art Direction, Design
1996 The Seven Inches Lifetime Design Coordinator
2009 Epitaph Tour Sampler Composer
Lightless Walk Cult Leader Layout
Unsound, Vol. 1 Composer
WYW Wear Your Wounds Design, Bass, Composer, Drums, Electronics, Engineer, Guitar, Mixing, Percussion, Piano, Vocals