Jack Beeson

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Sometimes it happens that a child's fancy develops, in almost storybook fashion, into a life's work. Such was the case for American composer Jack Beeson. While growing up in Muncie, IN, the young Beeson…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Dr. Heidegger's Fountain of Youth, opera 1976 Opera
Lizzie Borden, opera 1965 Opera
From a Watchtower: Mutability, for voice & piano Vocal Music
From a Watchtower: Heaven-Haven
Settings (3) from the Bay Psalm Book, for chorus 1951 Choral
Hello Out There, opera 1954 Opera
Calvinistic Evensong 1952 Vocal Music
From a Watchtower: The Listeners
Epitaphs, for chorus 1993 Choral
On Death, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Who Sighs that All Dies?, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Eldorado, for voice & piano 1951 Vocal Music
Summer Rounds and Canons, for vocal ensemble 2002 Vocal Music
Songs and Arias (9) for baritone & piano Vocal Music
The You Should of Done It Blues, for voice & piano 1971 Vocal Music
Song, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Blake Songs (3) for voice & piano: No. 1, I Laid Me Down Vocal Music
The Sweet Bye and Bye Miscellaneous (Classical)
From a Watchtower: Ballad: O Where Are You Going?
Give the Poor Singer a Penny, round for chorus 1959 Choral
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