Jack and the Beanstalk first came together in 1994 in Perth, Australia, through the musical inspirations of the Beatles, Matthew Sweet, Teenage Fanclub and the Lemonheads. Vocalist/guitarist Joe Algeri gathered friends Shane Bender (bass) and Rick Pompino (drums) for the first lineup; by the time the group debuted for Spinning Top Records with an EP of demos, Gram Parsons, in 1994, the rhythm section consisted of Gerry McAvoy (bass/vocals) and Anthony Spinelli (drums). The Parasol Records 7" "Angeline" followed two years later, and the group's debut full-length, ...And Other Stories, was also released in 1996 (on Spinning Top in Australia and Parasol in the U.S.). A slightly retooled version of the album was released in Europe by the Swedish label Torpedo under the title Serial; it excised one track and added three others, including ...
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