Ivan Dorschuk


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Year Album Artist
2011 100 Hits: New Years Eve Party Composer
2011 Take Me Home Tonight [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2011 Together We Were Made The Feeling Composer
2010 Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 - Showstoppers Glee Composer
2010 Hot Tub Time Machine [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
2009 Crazy Frog Présente Everybody Dance Now Crazy Frog Composer
2009 Everybody Dance Now! Crazy Frog Composer
2009 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past [Soundtrack] Composer
2009 Golden Instrumentals, Vol. 2 Composer
2009 The Informers [Original Motion Picture Score] Christopher Young Composer
2008 80's/12" Extended Collection Composer
2008 Superhits Collection Composer
2007 Gold: New Wave Composer
2006 '80s Dance Gold Composer
2005 2005 Harmony Sweepstakes Acappella Festival Nation Composer
2005 Tecno New Wave: Fiebre de los 80 Composer
2003 Awesome '80s [2 Disc] Composer
2003 Back 2 the Future 80's Composer
2003 Casey Kasem Presents: America's Top Ten - The 80's New Wave Composer
2003 Girls and Boys: Safety Dance [12"/CD] Fear Cult Composer
2002 40 Years of Jukebox Hits: The 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's Composer
2002 Best 80s Modern Rock Album Composer
2002 Drew's Famous 30 Greatest One Hit Wonders Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Eighties Complete, Vol. 2 [Box] Composer
2002 Hit Me With Your 80's Box Composer
2002 Jukebox Hits of the '80s [Collectables] Composer
2002 Mon Chi Chi All Systems Go! Composer
2002 Monster '80s, Vol. 2 Composer
2002 Sedated in the Eighties, Vol. 6 Composer
2001 Modern Rock: Dance Composer
2001 Rockin' N Rollin' Status Quo Composer
2001 The Mexican [Music from the Motion Picture] Alan Silvestri Composer
2001 The Ultimate Jukebox Hits of the '80s, Vols. 4 & 5 Composer
2000 City Rocks: Canada Composer
2000 Club Mix Retro: The '80s, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 Kronik Voivod Composer
2000 Lives Voivod Composer
2000 Modern Rock Collection Composer
2000 More Pure 80's Composer
2000 Nod's Tacklebox O'Fun Composer
2000 The Spell Ivan Artwork
1999 Awesome '80s, Vol. 3 Composer
1999 Eighties Complete [CD2] Composer
1999 Electronic Eighties, Vol. 2 Composer
1999 Glimmer of Hope - Live The Echoing Green Composer
1999 Millennium Party [Rhino Box] Composer
1999 Millennium: 80's New Wave Party Composer
1999 Poptronica: Dance Composer
1999 To Hell and Back in a Cadillac The Trip Daddys Composer
1998 80's New Wave: New Wave Dance Composer
1998 Barry Scott Presents: The Lost 45s of the '70s & '80s Composer
1998 Billboard Top Dance Hits: 1983 Composer
1998 Echoing Green The Echoing Green Composer
1998 Newer Wave, Vol. 2 Composer
1997 Cocktail: Shakin' & Stirred Jaymz Bee Composer
1997 Greatest Hats Men Without Hats Composer
1997 Phobos Voivod Electronics, Electronic Sounds, Composer
1997 Rhythm of Youth/With Folk of the 80's Men Without Hats Producer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Electronic Sounds, Composer
1996 '80s Hits Back Composer
1996 ATLiens OutKast Composer
1996 Bio-Dome Composer
1996 Collection Men Without Hats Composer
1996 Don't Stop Status Quo Composer
1996 Greatest Rock Hits of the 80's Composer
1996 Oh What a Feeling, Vol. 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music Composer
1996 VH1: The Big 80's Composer
1995 Hit That Perfect Beat, Vol. 2 Composer
1995 Negatron Voivod Composer
1995 The Safety Dance Biomix [Excerpts from the Soundtrack "Bio-Dome"] Men Without Hats Composer
1994 Safety Dance UK Remix Men Without Hats Composer
1992 Mitsou Mitsou Composer, Vocals
1992 Rock the First, Vol. 3 Composer
1992 When up Turns to Down The Doughboys Keyboards
1991 Sideways Men Without Hats Vocals, Guitar, Electronic Sounds
1990 Happy Accidents The Doughboys Keyboards
1989 Hey Men Men Without Hats Composer
1987 Moonbeam Men Without Hats Composer
1987 Pop Goes the World Men Without Hats Vocals, Composer
1987 Rock of the '80s Composer
1984 Folk of the '80s (Part III) Men Without Hats Producer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Electronic Sounds, Composer
1983 On My Own Trans-X Composer
1982 I Got the Message Men Without Hats Composer
1982 Rhythm of Youth Men Without Hats Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Electronic Sounds, Composer
Chart Show: Die Erfolgreichsten: One-Hit-Wonder [Folge 1] Composer
Pop N' Wave: Best of the 12" Mixes Composer
Sacrificial Dandi Wind Composer