Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff

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Year Album Artist
2011 Turkey [Gall] English Translations
2009 Grèce: Musiques Pour Flutes Translation
2009 The World Collection of Folk Music Translation
2008 Music of the Ancient Royal Court: Laos Tiao Phun Muang Liner Note Translation
2007 China: The Fisherman and the Woodcutter Sou Si-Tai Liner Note Translation
2002 Tanzania: Gogo Ritual Music Translation, English Translations
2001 Madagascar: Accordions and Ancestral Spirits Transatlantic Coordination
2000 Chamber Music of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze Translation
2000 South Africa Xhosa Women's Songs The Ngqoko Women's Ensemble Translation
1999 India: Percussion Rituals of Kerala, Vol. 2 Translation
1999 Music of India: Ritual Percussion Kerala, Vol. 1 Translation
1999 Uzbekistan: Instrumental Art Music Translation
1998 Bosnis: Sufi Chanting of Sarajevo Nesidu-I-Huda English Translations
1997 Cuba: Chants And Rhythms Afrocubains Afroamerica Translation
1997 Madagascar: Musique Antanosy Translation
1997 Senegal: Le Saoruba de Casamance Translation
1997 Solo Album Tabla Translation
1996 Charangos & Guitarrillas Translation
1996 Music from the Mato Grasso Region English Translations
1996 Music of the Quanzhou String Puppets Translation
1996 Musical Life in a Calabrian Village Translation, English Translations
1995 Chine: Traditons Populaires Instrumentales Translation
1995 Drums of Earth, Vol. 2 Translation
1995 Masters of Dotar Central Asia English Translations
1995 Music At the Crossroads Translation
1995 Village Music from Romania B Translation
1994 Turquie: Musiques Villageoises d'Anatolie Translation
1993 Music from Central Brazil Translation
1993 Rhythms & Songs for the Vodun Translation
1992 Tadjikistan: Chants des Bardes (Songs of the Bards) Tadjikistan English Translations
1991 Turkey: Ceremony of the Kadiri Dervishes English Translations
1990 Musical Traditions of the Gond Translation
1989 Music and Song of the Ashiq Translation
Bulgaria [Gall] Translation
Pygmy Polyphonies from North Congo Translation
Pérou: Musique des Anwajún et des Wampis English Translations
Swaziland: Chants des Swazi Translation