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Year Album Artist
2007 Latency Ralpho Record Label
Arthur Bliss: The Olympians Bryan Fairfax Record Label
Bach: Concerto for violins in Dm; Mozart: Concertos for violin No3 Record Label
Bantock: Hebridean Symphony; Pagan Symphony Record Label
Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin, pantomime Op19; Messiaen: Ascension Record Label
Beethoven: Cantata on the Death of Emperor Joseph II Kiri Te Kanawa Record Label
Beethoven: Sonata No. 17 "Tempest"; Sonata No. 18; Sonata No. 31 Sviatoslav Richter Record Label
Beethoven: Sonatas for piano No28; Sonatas for piano No27 Record Label
Beethoven: Sonatas for piano No31; Sonatas for piano No17 Record Label
Brahms: Sonata in Em No1, Op38; Grieg: Sonata for cello in Am Record Label
Brahms: Symphony in Cm No1, Op68; Glazunov: Concerto for violin in Am Record Label
Brahms: Violin Concerto in D Op77; Berg: Concerto for violin Record Label
Britten: Cello Symphony Op68; Bliss: Concerto for cello Op120 Record Label
Bruckner: Symphony No5, WAB105 Record Label
Bruckner: Symphony No8, WAB108; Simpson: Symphony No3 Jascha Horenstein Record Label
Bruckner: Symphony No9, WAB109 Record Label
Catalani: Wally Record Label
Cherubini: Deux journées Record Label
Delius: A Mass of Life RTii/4; Requiem RTii/8 Record Label
Elgar: Concerto for cello in Em; Music Makers Op69 Record Label
Elgar: Sea Pictures; Symphony 1 John Barbirolli Record Label
Faure: Requiem Op48; Boulanger: Pie Jesu Ian Partridge Record Label
Goehr: Romanza Op24; Symphony in one movement Record Label
Goehr: Romanza; Symphony in One Movement Daniel Barenboim / Edward Downes / Jacqueline du Pré Record Label
Grieg: Concerto for piano in Am; Dvorak: Concerto for piano in Gm Record Label
Grieg: Concerto for piano in Am; Mozart: Concertos for piano No20 Record Label
Holst: Choral Fantasia Op51; First Choral Symphony Op41 Record Label
Liszt: Faust Symphony Record Label
Mahler: Symphony No2 Record Label
Mahler: Symphony No4 Record Label
Mahler: Symphony No7 Record Label
Mozart: Concertos for piano No17; Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 2 Record Label
Mozart: Quintet in A; Brahms: Clarinet Quintet in Bm Op115 Record Label
Nielsen: Symphony No3; Symphony No6 Record Label
Prokofiev: Ivan the Terrible Record Label
Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3; Piano Concerto No. 1 Record Label
Prokofiev: Symphony No. 1; Glinka: Russlan and Ludmilla Record Label
Rubbra: Symphony No6; Symphony No8 Record Label
Shostakovich: Quintet Op57; String Quartet No 12 Op133 Record Label
Shostakovich: Symphony No5, Op47; Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty Suite Op66a Record Label
Shostakovich: Violin Concerto No1, Op77; Violin Concerto No2, Op129 Record Label
Sibelius: Symphony in C No7; Schoenberg: Pelleas und Melisande Op5 Record Label
Sibelius: Symphony in Ef No5; Schoenberg: Chamber Symphony No1 Record Label
Skryabin: Symphony No4; Concerto for piano in F#m Record Label
Sviatoslav Richter Plays Beethoven Sviatoslav Richter Record Label
Tchaikovsky: Symphony No6, Op74; Francesca da Rimini Op32 Record Label
Vaughan Williams: On Wenlock Edge, cycle of 6 songs; Job Record Label
Vaughan Williams: Tudor Portraits; Song of Thanksgiving Record Label
Vivaldi: Concerto for violins, cellos, strings in G; Respighi: Adagio con variazioni Record Label
Walton: Concerto for cello; Holst: Hammersmith, prelude & scherzo Op52 Record Label
Walton: Symphony No1; Wagner: Faust Overture in Dm WWV59 Record Label