Portland, OR's Inked in Blood plays metallic hardcore that is both melodic and mosh-worthy. In the summer of 2004, the band issued its previously self-released five-song debut EP, Awakening Vesuvius, through Strike First Records, a label distributed by the largely Christian-oriented hardcore imprint Facedown Records. Inked in Blood officially signed to the California-based Facedown in early 2005, and the full-length Lay Waste the Poets was released later that fall. A tour alongside New Dead Radio and Countdown to Life followed the record's release early the next year, as did a bunch of lineup changes that left founding members Joey Trump (vocals) and Matt McDonnell (guitar) searching to make Inked in Blood whole again. They eventually found the right guys in guitarist Kelly Mullinx, drummer Stephen Poole, and bassist Steven Gosvener, and ...
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