Ian Rans


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Year Album Artist
2017 I Am Not the Hero of this Story Jackie Kashian Graphic Design
2014 Just Another Clown Geoff Tate Graphic Design
2014 This One's for Dad Courtney McClean & the Dirty Curls Art Direction
2012 No Land's Man Glenn Wool Graphic Design
2011 A Great Stillness Eddie Pepitone Graphic Design
2009 A Different Kind of Bad Danny Bevins Graphic Design
2009 Brevity Dylan Brody Design
2009 Busy Being Awesome Chad Daniels Design
2009 Evil Monkey Dwight Slade Graphic Design
2009 Get off My Property Dan Naturman Design
2009 Half Breed Al Madrigal Graphic Design
2009 Quickies Dwight York Graphic Design
2008 Anticipation Lewis Black Design
2008 I Guess We'll Never Know Matt Kirshen Graphic Design
2007 Caffeinated Jonathan Katz Art Direction
2007 Houston, We Have a Problem Greg Proops Design
2007 How to Win Maria Bamford Design
2007 Live in Paris Tom Rhodes Design
2006 Dumb It Down for the Masses Andy Andrist Design, Cover Photo
2006 Europa Tim Slagle Design
2006 Hot Sweet Ass Tom Rhodes Design
2006 Joke Book Greg Proops Design
2006 The Carnegie Hall Performance Lewis Black Design
2006 Tickets Still Available Marc Maron Design
2005 Pandemonium Jimmy Shubert Design
2004 Deadbeat Hero Doug Stanhope Layout Design
1998 Fun House Dana Gould Graphic Design
1998 Unconditional Love Rick Shapiro Design
1969 The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album Joan Rivers Graphic Design
Atheist Christmas Keith Lowell Jensen Graphic Design
Believement Matt Fugate Graphic Design
Boxed Wine Darlene Westgor Graphic Design
Can We Afford This Much Despair? Adam Quesnell Art Direction
Elect to Laugh Will Durst Graphic Design
Fart Safari Doug Mellard Graphic Design
Feel Real Fear The Drug Budget / Robert Fones Graphic Design
Hard to Swallow Jim David Graphic Design
Hot Lesbo Action Maggie Faris Graphic Design
Hotdoggin' Dave Waite Graphic Design
I'm Married, Let Me Tell You About It Ryan Dalton Graphic Design
Immortal for Now Ryan Singer Graphic Design
In Spite Of Aaron Aryanpur Assistant Art Design, Layout
It Was OK: An Album of Comedy by David Heti David Heti Graphic Design
It is Never Going to Be Bread Jackie Kashian Graphic Design
Misanthrope JT Habersaat Graphic Design
Natural Selection Chad Daniels Graphic Design
No Joke Corey Adam Graphic Design
Notorious F.A.G. Jim David Graphic Design
OK Karma Mike DeStefano Cover Art
Pig Woman Mary Mack Graphic Design
Scaredy Cat Tony Sam Graphic Design
Shiner Mike Stanley Title
Tangled Up In Plaid Johnny Taylor Graphic Design
The Most Bees Ever Tim Harmston Graphic Design
Validate Me Patrick Susmilch Graphic Design
Zombie Jesus Jamie Kilstein Design