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Year Album Artist
2021 Oh! You Pretty Things: Glam Queens & Street Urchins 1970-1976 Composer
2020 Mars Casino The Vibrators Composer
2020 1978: The Year the UK Turned Day-Glo Composer
2019 1977: The Year Punk Broke Composer
2018 Past Present and Into the Future Vibrators Composer
2018 Burning Britain: A Story of Independent Punk 1980-1984 Composer
2017 The Epic Years 1976-1978 The Vibrators Composer
2016 Heartless Bestial Mouths Composer
2016 Friends and Relations U.K. Subs Composer
2014 Punk Mania: Back to the Roots The Vibrators Composer
2013 On the Guest List The Vibrators Composer
2011 Welcome to the Morbid Reich Vader Composer
2010 The Pop Years: The 70s Composer
2009 Under the Radar The Vibrators Composer
2009 Pure Punk The Vibrators Composer
2009 Let's Start a War/Live and Loud! The Exploited Composer
2008 Troops of Tomorrow/Apocalypse Tour 81 The Exploited Composer
2008 Punk 1977-2007: 30 Anniversary Composer
2008 Punk 101 Composer
2008 Can You Guess What It Is Yet? Covered with Punk Composer
2007 Punk and Disorderly: The Final Solution Composer
2006 Punk: The Early Years The Vibrators Composer
2006 25 Years of Pure Mania The Vibrators Composer
2005 Rockin' the Garage The Pretty Things Composer
2005 Punk and Disorderly: Further Changes [DVD] Composer
2005 If the Kids Are United: The Punk Box Set Composer
2004 UK/DK - The Original Soundtrack Composer
2004 The Vibrators: 1976-2004 The Vibrators Composer
2004 Glitterbest: 20 Pre Punk 'n' Glam Tyerrace Stompers Composer
2004 Beat 'Em All The Exploited Composer
2003 Stranglehold! Composer
2003 Rockaway Beach, Vol. 2 Composer
2003 No Thanks! The '70s Punk Rebellion Composer
2003 Live at the Cortex The Vibrators Composer
2002 Secret Records: The Punk Singles Collection Composer
2002 Fallout Records: Punk Single's Collection Composer
2002 Energize The Vibrators Composer
2002 Complete Punk Collection: Cash from Chaos Composer
2001 Totally Exploited/Live Lewd Lust The Exploited Composer
2001 The Entire History of Punk Composer
2001 Spiked: Twenty Punk Classics Composer
2001 Silver Jubilee: Twenty-Five Years of Punk Composer
2001 Punk Singles and Rarities, 1980-1983 The Exploited Composer
2001 Punk Rock Rarities The Vibrators Composer
2001 Live at CBGB's The Vibrators Composer
2001 It's Punk Innit Composer
2001 Guilty/Alaska 127 The Vibrators Composer
2001 God Save the Queen [DTK] Composer
2001 Fifth Amendment/Recharged The Vibrators Composer
2001 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk [Box] Composer
2001 A Proper Fucking Punk Album Composer
2000 The BBC Punk Sessions The Vibrators Composer
2000 Singles The Exploited Composer
2000 Punk Collection Composer
2000 Live at the Marquee 1977 The Vibrators Composer
2000 Demos and Rarities The Vibrators Composer
2000 Dead Cities The Exploited Composer
2000 Anagram Punk Singles Composer
1999 Ultimate Punk Box Set Composer
1999 The Shit Factory: Greatest Punk Swindle [Dressed to Kill] Composer
1999 The Best of the Vibrators The Vibrators Composer
1999 Social Chaos Composer
1999 Rip up the City Live The Vibrators Composer
1999 Punk, Proud & Nasty Composer
1999 Punk and Disorderly, Vol. 3: The Final Solution Composer
1999 Public Enemy #1 The Vibrators Composer
1999 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Vols. 1-3 Composer
1999 Anarchy, Angst & Bollocks: UK Punk Anthology Composer
1998 Unpunked, Vol. 10 The Vibrators Composer
1998 British Punk Rock 1977 Composer
1997 We Vibrate: The Best of the Vibrators The Vibrators Composer
1997 United Kingdom of Punk Composer
1997 Punks on Drugs! Composer
1997 God Save the Queen: 1976-1996/20 Years of Punk Composer
1997 French Lessons With Correction! The Vibrators Composer
1997 Arashi Syndrome Deathline International Composer
1996 The Roots of Powerpop Composer
1996 Rock & Roll Outlaws [video] The Exploited Composer
1996 Real Punk: The Nasty Years Composer
1996 Punk & Disorderly, Vol. 2: Further Charges Composer
1996 Crazy World of Punk Composer
1996 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Best of Punk & Disorderly Composer
1995 Teenage Kicks: 46 Classic Punk & New Wave Tracks Composer
1995 Meltdown/Vicious Circle The Vibrators Composer
1994 Singles Collection The Exploited Composer
1994 Live in Japan The Exploited Composer
1994 GB Explosion Composer
1994 Best of Punk Rock, Vol. 3 Composer
1993 D.I.Y.: Anarchy in the UK: UK Punk I (1976-77) Composer
1993 BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert The Boys / The Vibrators Composer
1992 Learning English: Lesson One Die Toten Hosen Composer, Lyricist
1991 The Power of Money: The Best of the Vibrators The Vibrators Composer
1989 Live, Lewd, Lust The Exploited Composer
1987 Live and Loud!! The Exploited Composer
1986 Totally Exploited The Exploited Composer
1984 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Vol. 1 Composer
1983 Plutonium Express Knox Composer
1982 Troops of Tomorrow The Exploited Composer
1980 Yeah Yeah Yeah The Vibrators Composer
1980 Batteries Included The Vibrators Composer
1978 V2 The Vibrators Composer
1977 Pure Mania The Vibrators Composer
Truth or Consequences Nigel Bennett Composer
The Mutants: Rhythm and Punk Review The Mutants Composer
In Loving Memory/Wheel of Fortune' Fallen Angels Composer
Greatest Punk Hits The Vibrators Composer
Freedom of Choice: Yesterday's New Wave Hits as Performed by Today's Stars Composer