Hubert Parry

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Charles Hubert Hastings Parry was an important precursor and participant in what came to be known as the English musical renaissance of the 1900s.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
I Was Glad (Psalm 122), anthem for chorus & organ (or orchestra) 1902 06:11 Choral
Jerusalem ("And did those feet in ancient time"), for chorus & organ (or orchestra) 1916 02:43 Choral
Dear Lord and Father of mankind (Tune: Repton), anthem 1888 03:42 Choral
Chorale Prelude on "Eventide" for organ 04:25 Keyboard
Songs of Farewell (6), for chorus 1916 29:08 Choral
Fantasia and Fugue for organ in G major, Op. 188 1913 10:39 Keyboard
O Praise Ye the Lord (Laudate Dominum) 02:45 Choral
Songs of Farewell (6) for chorus: No. 1, My soul, there is a country 03:53 Choral
Psalm 84 "Quam Dilecta!" for chorus 03:48 Choral
Blest Pair of Sirens for chorus & orchestra 10:24 Choral
Lady Radnor's Suite, for string orchestra in F major 13:09 Orchestral
Symphonic Variations for orchestra in E 1897 13:32 Orchestral
Judith, oratorio for soloists, chorus & orchestra 04:09 Choral
An English Suite, for string orchestra 21:15 Orchestral
Bethlehem 02:30 Miscellaneous (Classical)
English Lyrics (74), for voice & piano 1885 03:01 Vocal Music
Toccata and Fugue for organ in G ("The Wanderer") 14:14 Keyboard
Concertst├╝ck for orchestra in G minor 1877 10:06 Orchestral
Elegy for organ 1913 03:52 Keyboard
Songs of Farewell (6) for chorus: No. 5, At the round earth's imagined corners 07:28 Choral
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