Hoyt Dooley III


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Year Album Artist
2000 Revenge Aqualads Mastering
2000 Windows of Life Kim Person / Lana Puckett Editing, Mastering
1999 Ebum Shoobum Shoobum The Van Delecki's Mastering
1997 Off the Beaten Path Tecia McKenna Mastering
1996 Blue Palmetto Shrimp City Slim Mastering
1996 Blues Instrumental Dynamite Mastering
1996 Cookin' Cajun Eddy Raven Mastering
1996 Eternity Angella Christie Mastering
1996 It Ain't Easy Dalia Mastering
1996 Live: Having Good Old Fashioned Church Bishop Ronald E. Brown Mastering
1996 Not Just Another Song Faith Tabernacle Mass Choir Mastering
1996 Undiscovered Country Laurasia Mastering
1996 Winterbourne Nick Farr Mastering, Assembly
1995 After Erasmus Al Reingold Engineer
1995 Blues Old & New Merritt Doggins Mastering
1995 Ixlandia Jonn Serrie Mastering
1995 Needle Gun The Guy Forsyth Band Mastering
1995 One of These Days Catbird Seat Mastering
1995 Textural Drone Thing The Spongetones Mastering
1994 Beat & Torn The Spongetones Digital Remastering
1993 Midsummer Century Jonn Serrie Mastering
1992 Alphabet Blues Rod Piazza / Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers Mastering
1992 Better Days Shawn Mullins Mastering
1992 Carousel Ira Stein Editing, Transfers
1992 Places in Time Michael Gettel Editing, Digital Assembly
1992 Planetary Chronicles, Vol. 1 Jonn Serrie Mastering
1992 Roadwork Southern Rail Mastering
1991 A Childhood Remembered Editing, Digital Assembly
1991 A Tribute to Bob Dylan, Vol. 1 [Sister Ruby] Mastering
1991 Drive by Night Southern Rail Mastering
1991 In the Wake of the Wind David Arkenstone Editing, Digital Editing, Digital Assembly
1991 The Narada Collection, Vol. 3 Editing, Digital Assembly
1991 White Light Martin Kolbe Editing
1990 Lifeline Craig Peyton Editing, Digital Transfers
1990 Michael's Music: A Michael Jones Retrospective Michael Jones Editing
1990 Moon Run Trapezoid Digital Editing
1990 Narada Mystique: Sampler One Digital Editing, Digital Assembly
1990 Panorama Wayne Gratz Digital Editing
1990 Sona Gaia: Collection One Digital Editing
1990 The Messenger Jim Jacobsen Editing, Translation
1990 The Narada Wilderness Collection Editing, Digital Transfers
1989 Dancing on the Edge Bruce Mitchell Editing, Digital Transfers
1989 Emotional Velocity Craig Peyton / Craig Peyton & Verdery / Benjamin Verdery Editing, Digital Transfers
1988 Intruding on a Silence Colin Chin Editing, Digital Transfers
1988 Luna Winston Steward Digital Transfers
Enemy Lines Art Linton Mastering
Stew Lazy Bones Mastering