Montreal-based singer/songwriter Peter Sagar makes lonely, R&B-influenced indie pop under the name Homeshake. While essentially a solo project, Homeshake has also featured contributions by Mark Goetz, Greg Napier, and Brad Loughead. Homeshake's songs are stripped down and sensual, often inspired by smooth soul and R&B but with a lo-fi, home-recorded aesthetic. The project made its proper debut with the guitar-based In the Shower in 2014. Subsequent albums such as 2019's Helium incorporated more electronics and experimentation, and 2021's Under the Weather brought back some of the analog touches of Sagar's earlier work. Sagar began recording and digitally releasing Homeshake songs in 2012, and Fixture Records released his debut cassette, The Homeshake Tape, in early 2013. Sagar spent much of that year touring and playing guitar with Mac ...
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