Håkan Åkesson


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Year Album Artist
2017 Krokofant 3 Krokofant Mastering
2017 Tack För Kaffet Träd Mastering
2016 Krokofant 2 Krokofant Mastering
2015 Allting Rullar Skenet Mixing, Mastering
2014 Are You Thinking of Me Every Minute of Every Day? Lacrosse Mastering
2014 Krokofant Krokofant Mastering
2013 Beyond the Dreams There's Infinite Doubt Azure Blue Mastering
2013 Exit! Fire! Orchestra Mastering
2013 What/If/They Both Could Fly Joe McPhee / Evan Parker Mastering
2012 Papa's Ear Tenniscoats Mastering
2011 Rule of Thirds Azure Blue Mastering
2011 Unreleased? Fire! / Jim O'Rourke Mixing, Mastering
2011 Wilderness The Horror the Horror Mastering
2010 12 Gauge Kalmah Mastering
2010 Dan Berglund's Tonbruket Dan Berglund / Dan Berglund's Tonbruket Mastering
2010 Rivers Wildbirds & Peacedrums Mastering
2010 Skit I Allt Dungen Mastering
2009 1978-1983 Mögel Mastering
2009 Descending Gargamel! Mastering
2009 Drunken Trees First Aid Kit Mastering
2009 Night Electric Night Deathstars Mastering
2009 Sinkadus Kristofer Åström Mastering
2009 The Amazing The Amazing Vocals (Background)
2008 For the Revolution Kalmah Mastering
2008 För Sent För Edelweiss Håkan Hellström Mastering
2008 Guldkorn Just D Mastering
2008 If I Could Calaisa Mastering
2008 Isolation Fear My Thoughts Mastering
2008 Kites for Charity Jettie Mastering
2008 Le Fol Audrey Horne Mastering
2008 No Time for Us (1989-2004) Broder Daniel Mastering
2008 Pudel Frida Hyvönen Mastering
2008 The Last Tycoon Peter Morén Mastering
2008 Vidare Adolphson & Falk Mastering
2008 Wired Boy Child The Horror the Horror Producer, Mixing, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Piano (Electric), Synthesizer, Handclapping, Vocals (Background), Mastering, String Machine
2007 Hate Love & Faith Zacharius Carls Group Mastering
2007 Long Gone Since Last Summer Irene Mastering
2007 Love Alive Caracola Mastering
2007 Mycket Väsen För Ingenting [ingenting] Producer, Mixing
2007 Never Be Afraid Again Christian Walz Mastering
2007 Our Best 2nd Album Clark Mastering
2007 Puupeatus Plaan B Mastering
2007 Til Minne Trelldom Mastering
2007 Wonderchild Christian Walz Mastering
2006 Antidote Lowdown Mastering
2006 Bonk Against Nothing Bonk Mastering
2006 Good In Colours Umami Mastering
2006 State of the Ark The Ark Strings, Mastering
2006 Termination Bliss Deathstars Mastering
2006 The Soulshake Express Soulshake Express Mastering
2005 Dancefloor Deluxe [Single Disc] Alcazar Mastering
2005 Duger Ingenting Mastering
2005 Exit Rotten Sound Mastering, Sounds
2005 Happy Motoring, Gone Fighting Willycranes Mastering
2005 Inferno Museum Allhelluja Mastering
2005 Kids in America She Bang Mastering
2005 The Grand Machinery Construcdead Mastering
2005 The Need to Be Naked Linda Maxx Mastering
2004 C.AARMÉ C.AARMÉ Mastering
2004 Dancefloor Deluxe [2 Disc] Alcazar Mastering
2004 Das Not Compute Division of Laura Lee Mastering
2004 Drama Beseech Mastering
2004 Instant Elation The Phonies Mastering
2004 Synthetic Generation Deathstars Mastering
2004 Vilka Tror Vi Att Vi Är Bo Kaspers Orkester Mastering
2003 Hardcore Barcode Mastering
2003 Requiem to the Sun Autumn Clan Mastering
2003 Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod Jack Frost Mastering
2002 Vansinnesvisor Thyrfing Mastering
2001 College Radio Listeners Pineforest Crunch Mastering
2001 Crossroad The Storyteller Mastering
2001 Lund Calling: New Music from Sweden Vocals, Guitar
1999 The Singles Broder Daniel Mastering, Mastering Engineer
1996 Storm of the Light's Bane Dissection Remastering
1993 The Somberlain Dissection Remastering
1974 A Dream of Glory and Pride Neon Rose Mastering
1974 Reload Neon Rose Mastering
1st Skogen Brinner Mastering
A Product of Hashish Hashish Mastering
Edda Magnasson Edda Magnason Mastering
First Detail Detail Mastering
Folk Oddjob Mastering
Hypnoseas Gus Ring Mastering
Injuries Angles 9 Mastering
Jazzoo: Jazzons avec les Animeaux! Oddjob Mastering
Lucid Moments ATTTCE Mastering
Still Dream Walking Big Walker Mastering
Time is a Mountain Time is a Mountain Mastering