Hieronymus Praetorius

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Considered the founder of seventeenth century German organ music, Hamburg church musician Hieronymus Praetorius was also a copyist and music editor, compiling important collections of monophonic German…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
In dulci iubilo 02:52 Vocal Music Choral
Joseph, lieber Joseph mein 02:09 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Vespers for St. Michael's Day 01:09:22
Sing Dem Herrn 01:28 Choral
Cantate Domino canticum novum, motet for 8 voices (Magnificat octo tonorum 1602, No. 4) 07:16 Choral
Maria zart von edler Art 05:23 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Gaudete Omnes, for 6 voices (Cantiones sacrae 1599) 1599 03:12 Vocal Music
Te lucis ante terminum 1, Versus (Im Basso) 08:06 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Magnificat Quinti Toni for organ 09:51 Choral
Kyrie Martyrum 04:21 Choral
O vos omnes, motet for 5 voices (Cantiones sacrae 1599) 1599 03:39 Vocal Music
Sancti Spiritus adsit nobis gratia, sequence for organ 03:02 Keyboard
Wie lang, o Gott, motet for 5 voices (Cantiones novae 1625, No. 5) 03:24 Vocal Music
Tulerunt Dominum meum, motet for 8 voices (Cantiones sacrae 1599) 1599 06:47 Choral
Ein Kindelein so löbelich, motet for 8 voices (Cantiones variae) 05:24 Choral
Hodie completi sunt, motet for 8 voices (Cantiones sacrae 1599, No. 30) 1599 06:14 Vocal Music
Veni Redemptor Gentium, for organ 05:09 Keyboard
Vulnerasti cor meum, motet for 5 voices (Cantiones novae officiosae) 04:07 Choral
Surrexit pastor bonus, motet for 5 voices (Cantiones sacrae 1599, No. 26) 03:20 Vocal Music
Levavi oculos meos, motet for 10 voices (Canticum B. Mariae Virginis) 05:28 Choral
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