Herbrand Larsen


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Year Album Artist
2018 Blackout Audrey Horne Mixing, Piano
2017 Roadburn Live Enslaved Vocals, Keyboards
2015 In Times Enslaved Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Organ, Keyboards, Group Member
2013 Runaljod: Yggdrasil Wardruna Mixing
2013 Youngblood Audrey Horne Mixing
2012 Disclosure The Gathering Vocal Engineer
2012 I Begin God Seed Vocals, Vocal Mixing
2012 RIITIIR Enslaved Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Organ, Keyboards
2012 The Void Deride Mastering
2012 The Giant Ahab Vocals
2011 Live at Wacken God Seed Mixing
2011 March of the Norse Demonaz Producer
2011 Of Death Byfrost Composer, Lyricist
2010 Audrey Horne Audrey Horne Engineer, Keyboards, Additional Production
2010 Axioma Ethica Odini Enslaved Producer, Engineer, Vocals, Organ, Keyboards, Group Member
2010 The Underworld Regime Ov Hell Engineer, Mixing, Noise
2009 Runaljod: Gap Var Ginnunga Wardruna Mixing
2008 Le Fol Audrey Horne Producer, Mixing, Organ, Mellotron, Keyboards
2008 Monument Cor Scorpii Remastering
2008 Vertebrae Enslaved Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production, Vocals, Organ, Keyboards, Group Member
2007 Days of Wrath Syrach Producer
2007 Grace Submerged Octavia Sperati Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Acoustic)
2006 Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam Gorgoroth Vocal Engineer
2006 Between Two Worlds I Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Circling Buzzards Manngard Engineer, Audio Engineer
2006 Ruun Enslaved Vocals, Keyboards, Vocal Engineer
2005 Isa Enslaved Engineer, Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Group Member
2005 Return to Yggdrasil: Live in Bergen Enslaved Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Group Member
2005 Winter Enclosure Octavia Sperati Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2003 Below the Lights Enslaved Engineer
2001 Ascension of Terror Aeternus Engineer
2001 Monumension Enslaved Engineer
2000 Shadows of Old Aeternus Engineer, Mixing
Aoxious Dominanz Producer, Engineer, Mixing
Blod Eld Alfa Alfahanne Mastering
De Gjenlevende Galar Mastering
Gravkamre Kroner Og Troner Taake Mastering
Heidindomr Ok Motgangr Helheim Mastering
Kadaverin Gravdal Mastering
Nonanthropogenic V:28 Engineer
Noregs Vaapen Taake Mastering
Omens of Doom Sulphur Mastering
Raunijar Helheim Mastering
Stranger Times Vulture Industries Keyboards
The Ancient Tale Fatal Fusion Mastering