Henry Lowther

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b. Thomas Henry Lowther, 11 July 1941, Leicester, England. As a child Lowther learned trumpet from his father and took private violin lessons before going on to study with Manoug Parakian at London’s…
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Year Album Artist
2017 On the Radio: BBC Session 1971 Neil Ardley / The New Jazz Orchestra Flugelhorn, Trumpet
2015 1979-1999: The Pretenders Box Set Pretenders Trumpet
2013 Field of Reeds These New Puritans Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
2013 Natural Order: 1982-1991 Talk Talk Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2013 Peter and the Wolf [Gonzo] Trumpet, Violin
2012 At the BBC Amy Winehouse Trumpet
2012 At the BBC [Video] Amy Winehouse Trumpet
2012 The Long Waiting Kenny Wheeler Trumpet
2011 40 Odd Years Loudon Wainwright III Cornet
2011 It Happens Quietly Jacqui Dankworth Trumpet
2011 The Day of the Dead/October Ferry/Symphony of Scorpions/Forest Path to the Spring Graham Collier Flugelhorn, Soloist, Trumpet
2011 Tomorrow Never Ends: Anthology 1974-1976 Keith Christmas Trumpet
2010 Original Album Series Pretenders Trumpet
2010 So Many Roads: An Anthology 1964-1974 John Mayall / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Cornet, Trumpet, Violin
2010 The World Is Yours: The Anthology 1968-1976 Caravan Trumpet
2009 Darius/Midnight Blue/New Conditions Graham Collier Trumpet
2009 Marching Song, Vols. 1-2 Mike Westbrook Trumpet
2009 Walking on a Wire: 1968-2009 Richard Thompson Trumpet
2008 Camden '70 Neil Ardley Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
2008 Can You Follow [Deluxe Box Set] Jack Bruce Trumpet
2008 The Rooms Philip Clemo Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2007 Hoarded Dreams Graham Collier Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
2007 This Time Around Glenn Hughes Trumpet
2006 Dhammapada John Mayer Trumpet
2006 Pirate Radio Pretenders Trumpet
2005 A's, B's & Rarities CCS Trumpet
2005 Autograph of Time: The Complete Recordings 1966-1970 Marc Brierley Producer, Violin, Trumpet
2005 Live at the Venue 1982 RMS Additional Personnel, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2005 Taking Off/The Innes Book of Records Neil Innes Main Personnel, Trumpet
2005 The Bird in Me Gina Harkell Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2005 Workpoints Graham Collier Main Personnel, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2004 Another Think Coming Colin Towns Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2004 As Above So Below Julian Argüelles Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2004 Celebrating a Legend Bert Kaempfert Trumpet
2004 Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1983 RMS Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2004 New Beginnings Ed Sarath Trumpet
2004 Nowhere & Heaven Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra Trumpet, Soloist
2004 Selected Recordings (Rarum XIII) John Surman Trumpet, Group Member, Primary Artist
2004 Undercover [Hip Bop] Trumpet
2004 Watts at Scott's Charlie Watts Member of Attributed Artist, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2003 70th Birthday Concert John Mayall / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Arranger, Trumpet, Primary Artist
2003 Dance for Human Folks London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist, Composer
2003 Inventory Buzzcocks Trumpet
2003 Stand Up and Shout: The Anthology Dio Trumpet
2003 The 70th Birthday Concert [DVD] John Mayall Arranger, Trumpet
2003 The London Trumpet Sound, Vol. 2 Geoffrey Simon Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
2002 Ealing Jazz Festival 2000 Frank Griffith Trumpet
2002 The London Trumpet Sound, Vol. 1 Geoffrey Simon Flugelhorn
2001 Intro Paulo Gomes Trumpet
2001 Missing Pieces Talk Talk Trumpet, Flugelhorn
2000 Cool Jazz BBC Big Band Trumpet
2000 Darius Graham Collier Trumpet
2000 Duke Ellington: The Durham Connection Stan Tracey Trumpet
2000 Live Don Weller Trumpet
2000 Where But for Caravan Would I? Caravan Trumpet
1999 A Long Time Ago Kenny Wheeler Primary Artist, Trumpet
1999 Dreaming Man with Blue Suede Shoes Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra Trumpet, Soloist
1999 Emoticons Ben & Jason Flugelhorn
1999 Stroll on Revisited Steve Ashley Flugelhorn
1998 As It All Began: The Best of John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers 1964-1969 John Mayall / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Trumpet
1998 Guitar Zone Trumpet
1998 Id Henry Lowther Primary Artist
1998 Live in Japan '96 Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Trumpet
1998 Mark Hollis Mark Hollis Guest Artist, Trumpet
1998 Musically Rich...And Famous: Anthology 1967-1982 Alexis Korner Trumpet
1998 Stooping to Fit Catchers Trumpet
1998 Trippin' the Light Fantastic London Starlight Orchestra Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1997 Bolt from the Blue Colin Towns' Mask Orchestra Trumpet
1997 Goose Grease John Gustafson Trumpet
1997 Once on This Island [Jay] Trumpet
1997 Sitting on Top of the World Jack Bruce Main Personnel, Trumpet
1996 Big Band Renaissance Cornet
1996 Dreams Fly Away Linda Thompson Cello, Trumpet
1996 Tenga Niña Jacques Thollot Trumpet
1995 Double Trouble Two Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet
1995 Once On This Island [Original Cast] Trumpet
1995 Three Pieces for Orchestra Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet
1994 25 Years On [Box] Hawkwind Trumpet
1994 Canterbury Tales: The Best of Caravan Caravan Trumpet
1994 Cities of the Heart Jack Bruce Trumpet
1994 Ixesha The Dedication Orchestra Trumpet, Primary Artist
1994 Keep it On Ice Croisette Trumpet
1994 The Lorelei Kim Criswell Trumpet
1994 The Morlocks and Other Pieces Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Trumpet
1993 Peter & The Wolf [RSO] Violin
1993 Portraits Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet
1993 Watching the Dark Richard Thompson Trumpet, Performer, Primary Artist
1992 Alexis Korner &... (Collectors Series) Alexis Korner Trumpet
1992 Brass Project John Surman Trumpet
1992 London Blues 1964-1969 John Mayall Violin, Trumpet, Cornet
1992 Shadow of the Duke John Harle Trumpet
1991 Carmen Jones [Original London Cast] Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1991 Jackie McAuley...Plus Jackie McAuley Violin, Flugelhorn, Horn
1991 Laughing Stock Talk Talk Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1991 Theoria London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet
1991 Whole Lotta Love [Compilation] CCS Trumpet
1990 Double Trouble Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1990 Enlightenment Van Morrison Trumpet
1990 Music for Large and Small Ensembles Kenny Wheeler Trumpet, Primary Artist
1990 Natural History 1982-1988 Talk Talk Trumpet
1989 Avalon Sunset Van Morrison Trumpet
1989 Bar None Sampler, Vol. 2: Time for a Change Trumpet
1989 Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Primary Artist, Trumpet
1989 Harmos Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet
1989 The Paradise Club Trumpet
1989 Willpower: A Twenty-Year Retrospective Jack Bruce Trumpet
1988 Spirit of Eden Talk Talk Trumpet
1988 Zurich Concerts Anthony Braxton / Barry Guy / London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Trumpet
1987 Blues in the Night: The American Blues & Jazz Hit [Original London Cast] Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1987 The Singles Pretenders Trumpet
1987 Total Pop Buzzcocks Trumpet
1986 The Man Bill Drummond Trumpet
1985 Kiss the Lips of Life Brilliant Trumpet
1985 Live in London Maria Muldaur Trumpet
1984 I'm Alright Loudon Wainwright III Cornet
1984 It's My Life Talk Talk Trumpet
1983 Animation Jon Anderson Horn, Brass Arrangement
1983 Off the Record Neil Innes Trumpet
1983 Take Me to the Sun Gil Evans Trumpet
1981 Pretenders II Pretenders Trumpet
1981 Questionaire Chaz Jankel Trumpet
1980 Hot Love David Essex Saxophone, Brass
1980 Pretenders Pretenders Trumpet
1980 Shout! Shout! Rocky Sharpe & the Replays Trumpet
1980 The Don Lusher Big Band The Don Lusher Big Band / Don Lusher Big Band Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1980 The Westbrook Blake: Bright as Fire Mike Westbrook Trumpet
1979 Have a Little Faith in Me Evelyn Thomas Trumpet
1979 I Wanna Make It on My Own Evelyn Thomas Brass, Overdubs
1979 Right Now Georgie Fame Trumpet
1978 25 Years On The Hawklords Trumpet
1978 A Single Man Elton John Trumpet
1978 Cerrone IV: The Golden Touch Cerrone Brass
1978 Frames: Music for an Imaginary Film Keith Tippett Trumpet
1978 In the Can Cold Comfort Trumpet
1978 Jubiaba Barbara Thompson Trumpet
1978 Northwinds David Coverdale Horn
1978 The Day of the Dead Graham Collier Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
1977 Barracuda Quantum Jump Horn, Brass Arrangement, Horn Section
1977 Frames (Music for an Imaginary Film) Keith Tippett's Ark Trumpet
1977 Garuda Garuda Horn
1977 Perilous Journey Gordon Giltrap Trumpet
1977 Play Me Out Glenn Hughes Trumpet
1977 Primal Solos John Mayall Trumpet
1977 The Best of CCS CCS Trumpet
1976 Airborne Curved Air Trumpet, Horn
1976 Gottle O'Geer Fairport / Fairport Convention Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Horn, Primary Artist
1976 New Conditions Graham Collier Trumpet
1976 Nothing to Do with Us Goodies Trumpet
1976 Ramshackled Alan White Trumpet
1976 Visionary Gordon Giltrap Trumpet
1975 Citadel/Room 315 Mike Westbrook Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1975 Hells Angels Bob Downes Trumpet
1975 Only Chrome-Waterfall Orchestra Mike Gibbs Flugelhorn
1975 Pour Down Like Silver Richard Thompson / Richard & Linda Thompson Trumpet
1975 The Greatest Show on Earth Gary Shearston Violin
1974 Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle Dana Gillespie Horn
1974 Another Time, Another Place Bryan Ferry Trumpet, Horn
1974 Brighter Day Keith Christmas Trumpet
1974 Delicious & Refreshing Coast Road Drive Guest Artist, Trumpet
1974 L.A./59 Elf Trumpet
1974 Sharon Sharon Forrester Trumpet
1974 Slapp Happy Slapp Happy Trumpet
1974 Warm Blood Carol Grimes Trumpet
1974 We May Be Cattle But We've All Got Names Michael d'Albuquerque Trumpet
1973 For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night Caravan Trumpet, Horn
1973 Nigel Lived Murray Head Trumpet, Horn
1973 Resurrection The Big Three Horn
1973 These Foolish Things Bryan Ferry Trumpet, Horn
1972 A Symphony of Amaranths Neil Ardley Horn
1972 Bootleg Him! Alexis Korner Featured Artist, Trumpet
1972 Faces Shawn Phillips Trumpet
1972 Just Ahead Mike Gibbs Main Personnel, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Soloist
1971 Blue Memphis Memphis Slim Trumpet, Horn Section
1971 Edge of Time Norma Winstone Trumpet, Flugelhorn
1971 Fair Warning Mike Maran Trumpet
1971 First Wind Ricotti & Albuquerque Trumpet
1971 Little Big Band Keef Hartley Brass Arrangement
1971 Metropolis Mike Westbrook Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Primary Artist
1971 Michael Gibbs/Tanglewood '63 Michael Gibbs Trumpet
1971 The Polite Force Egg Trumpet
1971 Thru the Years John Mayall / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Trumpet
1970 Battle of North West Six Keef Hartley Band Violin, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Brass Arrangement
1970 Both Sides Alexis Korner Trumpet
1970 Child Song Henry Lowther Band Primary Artist, Main Personnel, Violin, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Horn, Percussion
1970 Hightower Rosetta Hightower Trumpet
1970 The Time Is Near... Keef Hartley Band Violin, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piano, Brass Arrangement
1969 Halfbreed Keef Hartley Arranger, Violin, Trumpet, Brass Arrangement, Composer
1969 Liberation Jasper Horn Arrangements, String Arrangements
1969 Looking Back John Mayall Violin, Trumpet
1969 So Many Roads John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Trumpet
1969 Songs for a Tailor Jack Bruce Trumpet, Horn
1969 We Are Everything You See Locomotive Trumpet
1969 Windmill Tilter: Story of Don Quixote John Dankworth Orchestra / Kenny Wheeler Trumpet
1969 Wowie Zowie! World of Progessive Music Violin
1968 Bare Wires John Mayall / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Violin, Trumpet, Cornet, Soloist
1968 Le Dejeuner sur L'Herbe The New Jazz Orchestra Horn
1968 Out of the Frying Pan Wynder K. Frog Horn
1967 A Hard Road John Mayall / John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers Trumpet
1967 The Soul of Mann Manfred Mann Trumpet
Blondel [Original London Cast Recording] Stephen Oliver Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Child Song Henry Lowther Primary Artist
Cool Brass London Sound Collective Soloist
Dhammapada: 40th Anniversary Edition London Music Fusions / John Mayer Group Member, Trumpet
Duke Ellington by Arrangement Trumpet
Fun Mom Dinner [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Trumpet
High Above the Storm High Above the Storm Additional Personnel, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Hot Brass London Sound Collective Trumpet
Rockpalast: 50th Birthday Concerts Jack Bruce Trumpet
Tap Turns On the Water: CCS Story CCS Saxophone, Woodwind
Trad Dads, Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers Primary Artist, Trumpet