Helmut Erler


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Year Album Artist
2017 No Future Moiré Mastering
2017 Perishable Tactics Carsten Jost Mastering
2016 A Minor Thought Moomin Mastering
2015 Shadows Documents Schneider Kacirek Mastering, Cut
2014 Slipping Control Ben Vida Mastering, Cut
2013 Colonial Patterns Huerco S. Mastering
2013 End Times Queens Mastering
2013 Films & Windows Lawrence Mastering
2013 King Size Dub: Germany Downtown, Chapter II Composer
2013 Smilewound Múm Cut
2012 Bar 25: Tage Ausserhalb Der Zeit Mastering, Composer, Producer
2012 Early Birds Múm Mastering
2012 Salty Days The Smallpeople Mastering
2012 Scarlet Pitch Dreams Sven Kacirek Mastering
2012 Watergate 10 Marco Resmann Mastering
2011 Don't Want to Sleep FM Belfast Mastering
2011 First Water John Daly Mastering
2011 For Each a Future Tethered Butcher the Bar Mastering
2011 Get Lost Mark McGuire Mastering, Cut
2011 Laid Compilation Mastering
2011 Leaning Over Backwards Tobias. Mastering
2011 Moments RVDS Mastering
2011 Panorama Bar, Vol. 3 Prosumer Mastering
2011 The Story About You Moomin Mastering
2010 Glass Eights John Roberts Mastering
2010 Retaliate Benni Hemm Hemm Mastering
2010 Sub:Stance Scuba Mastering
2010 The Traveller Shed Mastering
2010 We So Horny: Serious Pleasure Riddims Hey-O-Hansen Mixing, Drums, Electronics, Mastering
2009 Christian Naujoks Christian Naujoks Mastering
2008 Foot Signal ROM Mastering
2008 Memory Tree Mike Shannon Mastering
2008 Sleep at Your Own Speed Butcher the Bar Mastering
2007 Cold Jubilee (Of the Snowqueen) Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc. Mastering
2007 Monologue Takeshi Nishimoto Engineer
2007 The Waiting Room Chloé Mastering
2006 Araki Takashi Wada Mastering
2006 The Therapy Sessions, Vol. 3 Dave Seaman Mastering
2004 I Am Disco Rhythm King & Her Friends Engineer
2001 Trøbbel Bjørn Torske Remastering
1992 Great Dose of Monotonous Techno Ü Cut
At Disconnected Moments STL Mastering
Body Language, Vol. 15 DJ T. Mastering
Disconnect to Connect Steven Tang Mastering
Dyad [Original Game Soundtrack] David Kanaga Mastering
Fences John Roberts Mastering
Fog Horns Luca Forcucci Mastering
Hand in Hand Félicia Atkinson Mastering
Invisible Joy Polyversal Souls Mastering
Masse Mastering
Movement Building Gabriel Saloman Mastering
Panorama Bar, Vol. 05 Steffi Mastering
Power of Anonymity Steffi Mastering
Sky Walking Sky Walking Mastering
Smallville Ways: Ten Years Mastering
Two Christopher Rau Mastering
Wave Christian Naujoks Mastering
Where We Will Never Go Mimetic Mastering
Will Happiness Find Me? Maria Minerva Mastering