Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

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Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst was one of the few musicians from the first half of the 19th century to have challenged the supremacy of Paganini as the leading violinist of the time. Violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Grand caprice on Der Erlkönig, for solo violin (after Franz Schubert), Op. 26 Chamber Music
Variations on "The Last Rose of Summer" for violin solo Chamber Music
Fantasie Brilliante on a Theme from Rossini's "Otello," for violin & orchestra, Op. 11 Concerto
Polyphonic Studies (6) for violin solo 1865 Chamber Music
Elegie in C minor, song for violin & piano, Op. 10/3 Chamber Music
Hungarian Melodies for violin & piano in A major, Op. 22 Chamber Music
Salon pieces (6) for violin & piano, Op. 25 Chamber Music
Concerto for violin in F sharp minor, Op. 23 Concerto
Etude for violin solo No. 6 1865 Chamber Music
Romances without words, for violin & piano, Op. 15 Chamber Music
Variations on "Carnaval de Venice" for violin & orchestra Concerto
Fantasie and Variations on a Theme from Rossini's "Otello" for violin & piano, Op. 11 1839 Chamber Music
Rondo Papageno for violin & piano in B major, Op. 21 Chamber Music
Feuillet d'album, for violin & piano Chamber Music
Concertino for violin & orchestra in D major, Op. 12 Chamber Music
Morceaux de Salon (2), for violin & piano, Op. 13 1842 Chamber Music
Variations brillantes sur un thème de Rossini, for violin & piano, Op. 4 Chamber Music
Polonaise, Op. 17 1842 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Romanesca fameux (16th century Air de Danse), for violin & piano 1839 Chamber Music
Pensées Fugitives (Set 2), for violin & piano Chamber Music
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