Havergal Brian

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Eccentric and original, Brian labored in obscurity for most of his career, producing 32 symphonies, five operas, and a variety of other works.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphony No. 1 in D minor for soloists, chorus, brass bands & orchestra, "The Gothic" 01:47:22 Choral Orchestral
Symphony No. 4 for soprano, chorus & orchestra, "Das Siegeslied" 49:47 Choral
For Valor, for organ & orchestra 13:19 Keyboard
Doctor Merryheart 15:47 Orchestral
Festal Dance for orchestra (piano) 06:19 Orchestral
Fantastic Variations on an Old Rhyme for organ 11:58 Keyboard
Prelude and Fugue for piano in D minor/major 09:31 Keyboard
Herrick songs (2) for women's chorus & orchestra, "Requiem for the Rose" 1911 10:08 Choral
Concerto for violin & orchestra 35:53 Concerto
The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23), for chorus & orchestra 1904 15:43 Choral
In Memoriam for orchestra 19:27 Orchestral
Herrick songs (2) for women's chorus & orchestra, "The Hag" 1911 02:47 Choral
The Defiled Sanctuary, for voice & piano 02:45 Vocal Music
Illuminations (3) for solo piano 05:31 Keyboard
Illuminations (3) for speaker & piano 07:20 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Symphony No. 11 24:33 Symphony
The Jolly Miller, comedy overture for orchestra 04:44 Orchestral
Symphony No. 10 in C minor 16:15 Symphony
Symphony No. 25 in A minor 24:04 Symphony
The Birds, for voice & piano 03:42 Vocal Music
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