Harvey Sollberger

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Harvey Sollberger (born 1938) ia an American flautist and composer who is recognized as a prime interpreter of contemporary music for the flute. His Nonesuch album The American Flute earned him much critical…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Riding the Wind II-IV for flute & chamber ensemble Chamber Music
Grand Quartet for flutes 1961 Chamber Music
Divertimentos for flute, cello & piano 1970 Chamber Music
The Two and The One for amplified cello & 2 percussionists 1972 Chamber Music
Riding the Wind I for flute & chamber ensemble 1974 Chamber Music
Life Study 1985 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Perhaps Gilead, for flute, guitar & string quartet 2010 Chamber Music
Chamber Variations for 12 players & conductor 1964 Chamber Music
Spillville, variations for flute, viola & guitar 2006 Chamber Music
Nemesis, for clarinet & piano Chamber Music
Angel and Stone 1981 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Double Tryptich for flute & percussion 1984 Chamber Music
Quodlibetudes, for flute 1998 Chamber Music
New Millennium Memo, for flute 2000 Chamber Music
Killapata/Chaskapata for flute & flute choir 1983 Chamber Music
Sunflowers Chamber Music
To the Spirit Unappeased and Peregrine, for flute & clarinet 1998 Chamber Music
Spillville Variation No. 12 on a theme by Dvorák, for flute, viola & guitar ("Dvorák and the Scarlet Tanager, his 'damn bird' ") 2004 Chamber Music
Solos, for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, double bass & piano 1950 Chamber Music
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