Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody

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Fondly remembered for several popular country songs.
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Harold John Breau (b. 5 June 1916, Pea Cove, Maine, USA, d. 26 March 1977; guitar, vocals) and Rita M. Coté (b. 17 August 1921, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada; guitar, vocals). In the mid-30s, Breau sang on radio in his native state and became the leader of the Lone Pine Mountaineers. He first met Coté in 1938, after her family had relocated to Aubourn, Maine, where, greatly influenced by Patsy Montana, she started her singing career as the vocalist with Curly And The Country Boys on WCOU Lewiston. They were married in June 1940 and, changing her name from the French to the English spelling, they worked together for over 10 years with the Lone Pine Mountaineers, on radio and shows in the New England area and over the border to Canada’s Maritime Provinces. In the early 50s, they recorded both solo and duet numbers for RCA Records, achieving particular success with their duets ‘It’s Goodbye And So Long To You’ and ‘The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine’. In 1953, Cody’s ‘Tom Tom Yodel’ was a Canadian hit, while ‘I Found Out More Than You Ever Knew’ reached number 10 in the US country chart (the song was the ‘answer’ version of the Davis Sisters’ hit ‘I Forgot More Than You’ll Ever Know’). In June 1953, the couple became regulars on the Wheeling Jamboree, where they remained for several years.

After relocating to Manitoba in the late 50s, they divorced. Breau, usually only known then as Hal Lone Pine, later recorded for Arc Records, including duets with Jean Ward. He eventually returned to Maine, where he remarried and continued to play in the area where he had started his career years earlier, until his death in 1977. Cody retired for a time to look after her family, but in the early 70s, she toured with Dick Curless and between 1972 and 1982, she played a residency. She eventually returned to Lisbon Falls, Maine, where she made occasional appearances with her son, Dennis. The Breaus’ eldest son was the noted jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, who was murdered in 1984. Lone Pine is remembered as the writer of two very popular Canadian country songs, ‘When It’s Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley’ and ‘Prince Edward Island Is Heaven To Me’, both of which have been recorded by many artists, including Wilf Carter and George Hamilton IV. In the 80s, Cattle Records of Germany released albums of their recordings.