György Kurtág

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György Kurtág is one of the more highly esteemed composers of the late twentieth century. He is not well known outside of Europe, writing little and not prone to acts of self-promotion. Most composers…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Játékok (Games), for piano, in 8 volumes 1973 Keyboard
Signs, Games and Messages, for strings 1989 Chamber Music
Transcriptions from Machaut to J.S. Bach, for piano, 4 and 6 hands and for 2 pianos 1985 Keyboard
Hommage to Robert Schumann, Op. 15d 1990 Chamber Music
Officium breve in memoriam Andreae Szervßnszky, for string quartet, Op. 28 1989 Chamber Music
Jatékok (Plays and Games), for piano, Volume 3 Keyboard
Hommage à Mihály András, 12 microludes for string quartet, Op. 13 1978 Chamber Music
Hölderlin-Gesänge, for baritone, Op. 35a 1993 Vocal Music
Aus der Ferne No. 3, for string quartet 1991 Chamber Music
Játékok, Vol.6 Keyboard
Játékok, for piano, 4 hands or 2 pianos, Vol. 4 Keyboard
String Quartet, Op. 1 1959 Chamber Music
A kis csáva for piccolo, guitar & trombone, Op. 15b ( "The Little Predicament") 1978 Chamber Music
Kroó György in memoriam, for solo bassoon (or cello) 1997 Chamber Music
Kafka Fragments, for soprano & violin, Op. 24 1987 Vocal Music
Grabstein für Stephan, for guitar & instrumental groups, Op. 15c 1989 Chamber Music
Szálkák (Splinters), for cimbalom, Op. 6/c Chamber Music
Transcription for piano of Bach's "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit, BWV 106" (Sonatina from "Actus tragicus") Keyboard
Quintet for winds, Op. 2 1959 Chamber Music
Jelek, for cello, Op. 5b 1961 Chamber Music
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