Gwyneth Walker

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Year Title Avg.
1992 Adventure at Granny's, for narrator, violin & cello 09:48 Chamber Music
An American Concerto 18:52 Concerto Concerto
1997 An Hour to Dance, for chorus & piano 25:28 Choral
1982 Cantos for the End of Summer, for piano 10:23 Keyboard Song
1990 The Christ-Child's Lullaby, for chorus 05:47 Choral
Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies, for piano 03:24 Keyboard Folk Song Arrangement
1990 Craftsbury Trio, for piano trio 17:12 Chamber Music
Crossing the Bar, for women's chorus 05:00 Choral
2012 A Cup of Rejoicing, for clarinet, violin, viola & cello 02:44 Chamber Music Character Piece
1992 Fantasy Etudes, for violin and piano 11:59 Chamber Music
Full Circle, for flute, clarinet & piano 13:01 Chamber Music
2002 God's Grandeur, for unaccompanied chorus 07:12 Choral
The Gospel Ship, song for 3 soloists & female chorus 04:26 Choral Sacred music
2000 Harlem Songs, for chorus & piano 11:08 Choral
1999 I Thank You, God, for chorus & piano 05:27 Choral Sacred music
1993 I Will Be Earth, for female voice & piano 04:16 Vocal Music Song
1993 In Autumn, for female voice & piano 04:50 Vocal Music Song
In Celebration 04:03 Miscellaneous (Classical)
2001 Letters to the World, for violin, viola, cello & piano 16:01 Chamber Music Quartet
1997 Love-By the Water, for chorus & piano 15:28 Choral
1979 Maggie and Millie and Mollie and May, for voice & piano (from Though love be a day) 01:12 Vocal Music Art Song
Mornings Innocent, song cycle for soprano voice & piano 08:21 Vocal Music
My Love Walks in Velvet, for women's chorus 05:01 Choral
1992 New World Dances, for piano trio 17:19 Chamber Music
2012 The Peacemakers, for clarinet, violin, viola, cello & optional reader 14:16 Chamber Music Suite
1987 Raise the Roof! for brass quintet 03:59 Chamber Music Quintet
Rhythms of the North Country, for piano solo 03:51 Keyboard
Ring Out, Wild Bells, for chorus 04:19 Choral
Semplice, for piano solo 03:17 Keyboard
2014 Shady Grove, for piano 03:22 Keyboard Folk Song Arrangement
1994 Shaker Tunes, for brass quintet 21:31 Chamber Music
Shepherd's Song at Christmas, for chorus 03:57 Choral Song
Songs for Women's Voices, song cycle for women's chorus & piano Choral
The Spirit of Women, for women's chorus Choral
2002 The Sun is Love, for high voice & piano Vocal Music Song
The Sun is Love, song cycle for soprano voice & piano 21:14 Vocal Music
1979 Theme and Variation, for flute & piano 03:10 Chamber Music
This Morning (No. 1 in the 3-song My Girls suite), for chorus 03:26 Choral
1998 This Train, for chorus 04:46 Choral
1979 Though Love Be a Day, songs for voice & piano 16:00 Vocal Music
2004 Three Days by the Sea, for chorus & piano 13:11 Choral
To Sing is to Fly, for women's chorus 03:02 Choral
1986 Touch the Sky, for cello and piano 08:23 Chamber Music
The Tree of Peace, for chorus 06:16 Choral
1991 Vigil, for violin and piano 13:54 Chamber Music
2002 A Vistion of Hills, for piano trio 10:44 Chamber Music
2011 When the Spirit Sings, for string trio 10:02 Chamber Music Trio