Guy Lequerrec


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Year Album Artist
2008 As Soon as Possible Vincent Courtois Cover Photo
2008 To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story Nina Simone Photography
2008 Way Below the Surface Poolplayers Photography
2007 Bird Watching Michel Portal Photography
2007 Birdwatcher Michel Portal Photography
2007 Just Like a Woman: Sings Classic Songs of the 1960s Nina Simone Photography
2007 Live in '64 [DVD] Charles Mingus Photography
2007 The Art of Cherry Fat Kid Wednesdays Photography
2007 Thisness Jef Lee Johnson Photography
2007 You Dont Know What Love Is Sophia Domancich Photography
2006 Contradictions: A Look at the Music of Michel Petrucciani Christian Jacob Photography
2006 Forever Young, Gifted & Black: Songs of Freedom and Spirit Nina Simone Photography
2006 Songs for Swans Denis Colin Photography
2005 Critcal Mass Agustí Fernández Portrait Photography
2005 I Am Three Mingus Big Band Cover Photo
2005 The Soul of Nina Simone [DualDisc] Nina Simone Photography
2004 Les Fleurs Bleues Stefano Bollani Photography
2004 Live in Krakow David Krakauer Photography
2004 Montreal Diary/A: Plays Miles Davis Enrico Rava Photography
2004 Montréal Diary/B Enrico Rava Photography
2004 The Montreal Tapes Charlie Haden Photography
2003 Dipping in Minneapolis Michel Portal Photography
2003 Youth Oriented Happy Apple Photography
2002 Minneapolis Michel Portal Photography
2002 Minneapolis Tour Guide Michel Portal Photography
2002 Minneapolis We Insist! Michel Portal Photography
2002 Resistance Is Futile Steve Coleman & the Five Elements Photography
2002 Something in Common Denis Colin / Denis Colin Trio Photography
2002 Sunshine/An Even Break (Never Give a Sucker) Sunny Murray Photography
2002 The Days of Wine and Roses: The Owl Years 1981-1985 Michel Petrucciani Photography
2001 Bill Evans: The Brilliant/Consecration 1/Consecration 2 Bill Evans Photography
2000 Dockings Michel Portal Photography
2000 Octet Plays Trane David Murray Photography
1999 Triple Entente Daniel Humair / Jean-François Jenny-Clark / Joachim Kühn Cover Photo
1998 Danses et Autres Scenes Louis Sclavis Photography
1998 Mosaic Man Henri Texier Azur Quintet / Henri Texier Photography
1997 Earth Birth Randy Weston Photography
1997 Le Querrec: Carnet de Routes Romano/Sclavis/Texier Photography, Editing, Performer
1997 Mad Nomad(s) Henri Texier Photography
1997 Respect Henri Texier Photography
1996 Anyway Michel Portal Photography
1996 Consecration, Vol. 1 Bill Evans Trio Photography
1996 Consecration, Vol. 2 Bill Evans Trio Photography
1996 It's About Time George Russell Photography
1996 Mansa Super Rail Band Photography
1996 Musiques de Cinemas Michel Portal Photography
1996 The Brilliant Bill Evans Photography
1995 In Situ à Banlieues Bleues Denis Colin Trio Photography
1995 Tribute to Duke Ellington Barbara Hendricks Photography
1993 An Indian's Week Henri Texier / Henri Texier Azur Quartet Photography
1991 Edges Daniel Humair Photography
1991 Rouge Louis Sclavis Quintet Photography, Cover Photo
1990 Les Voix d'Itxassou Tony Coe Photography
1990 Tony Hymas Oyaté Tony Hymas Photography, Images
1990 Up Date 3.3 Daniel Humair Photography
1989 London Concert, Vols. 1 & 2 George Russell Photography
1989 Worlds [Evidence] Joe Lovano Photography
1988 9.11pm Town Hall Marc Ducret / Daniel Humair / Jean-François Jenny-Clark / Joachim Kühn / Michel Portal / Martial Solal Photography
1988 Colonel Skopje Henri Texier Photography
1988 Ritual Aldo Romano Photography
1987 Eiffel: Live in Paris, 1987 Jimmy Giuffre Photography
1987 Men's Land Michel Portal Photography
1986 Paris-Batignolles Joe Lovano / Henri Texier / Henri Texier Quartet Photography
1983 La Companera Henri Texier Quartet Photography
1981 Burkina Faso/Savannah Rhythms Photography
1976 Africa: Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music Cover Photo
1975 Africa: Ceremonial & Folk Music Photography
1970 Magick Brother Gong Photography
1969 An Even Break (Never Give a Sucker) Sunny Murray Photography
1969 Paris Encounter Gary Burton / Stéphane Grappelli Photography
1969 Tarik Dewey Redman Photography
1966 The Doors of Perception Dave Pike Photography
1961 Ornette Ornette Coleman Photography
1957 The Great Ray Charles Ray Charles Photography