Gérard Pesson

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Musica Ficta, pedagogical pieces for piano 2002 Keyboard
Cassation, string trio, clarinet & piano 2003 Chamber Music
Le gel, par jeu, for flute, clarinett, horn, bass marimba, violin & cello 1991 Chamber Music
La vita è come l'alberto di natale, for violin & piano 1992 Chamber Music
Vexierbilder II, for piano 2004 Keyboard
Non sapremo mai di questo mi, for flute, violin & piano 1991 Chamber Music
Light doesn't have arms to carry us, for amplified piano 1994 Keyboard
Transformations (6) du menuet K. 355 de Mozart, for flute, clarinet, guitar, percussion & piano quartet 2008 Chamber Music
Nocturnes en Quatuor, for clarinet, violin, cello & piano 1987 Chamber Music
La lumière n'a pas de bras pour nous porter, for piano 1994 Keyboard
Poems (5) by Sandro Penna for baritone, bass clarinet, horn, violin & cello 1991 Vocal Music
Sur le champ (after texts by Pierre Alferi), for 4 voices & 8 instruments 1994 Vocal Music
String Quartet (Respirez ne respirez plus) 1993 Chamber Music
Les Chants Faëz, for piano & 11 instruments 1986 Chamber Music
Rebus (pro rebus Harry Vogti), for flute, clarinet & string trio 1999 Chamber Music
Excuse my dust, for piano 1999 Keyboard
En haut du mât, for piano (after Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde") Keyboard
Butterfly's Note-Book, for piano 1995 Keyboard
Étant l'arrière-son, for flute, clarinet, harp, violin & cello 2011 Chamber Music
Ne pas oublier coq rouge dans jour craquelé (moments Proust), for piano trio 2010 Chamber Music
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