Gordon Jacob

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Gordon Jacob was an important twentieth century English composer whose eclectic conservatism and willingness to produce attractive trifles set him at odds with most of the progressives and elitists of…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Brother James's air 03:33 Orchestral
Concerto for flute & strings 1951 14:00 Concerto
Concertino for clarinet & strings (or piano) (based on Tartini sonata themes) 11:48 Concerto
Quintet for clarinet & strings 1942 30:43 Chamber Music
Mini-Concerto for clarinet & string orchestra 1980 10:18 Concerto
Festal Flourish for brass ensemble 02:58 Chamber Music
Bagatelles (7) for oboe 07:37 Chamber Music
Concerto for bassoon and strings With (Optional) Percussion 16:22 Concerto
Encore for Michala, for alto recorder & guitar 02:11 Chamber Music
Concerto for horn & strings 1955 22:09 Concerto
Concerto for clarinet & trumpet ("Double") 1976 11:47 Concerto
An Original Suite, for band 10:12 Band Music
Divertimento for wind octet in E flat 12:56 Chamber Music
Fanfare, for brass 05:13 Band Music
Concertino for piano & string orchestra 1954 10:58 Concerto
Sextet for piano & winds in B flat major, Op. 6 21:50 Chamber Music
Fantasia for Euphonium and Band 11:01 Band Music
Trio for clarinet, viola & piano 1969 16:22 Chamber Music
Quartet for oboe & strings 1938 21:33 Chamber Music
Pieces (5) for harmonica & orchestra, Nos 1-5, complete 12:58 Chamber Music
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