Giulio Caccini

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Caccini was a key figure in developing monody, a single melodic line with chordal accompaniment that was the precursor of recitative in opera.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Amarilli mia bella, for voice & continuo (from Le nuove musiche) 1601 03:22 Vocal Music
Ave Maria (attributed) 1600 04:18 Vocal Music
Amor, ch'attendi, for voice & continuo (from Le Nuove Musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle) 02:10 Vocal Music
Caduca fiamma, madrigal for voice & ensemble 1600 02:38 Vocal Music Opera
Torna deh torna 1614 04:03 Vocal Music
Dolcissimo sospiro, for voice & continuo 03:07 Vocal Music
Odi, Euterpe 03:00 Vocal Music
Belle rose porporine, for voice & lute 03:03 Vocal Music
Tutto'i di piango, solo madrigal for voice & continuo 1614 06:12 Vocal Music
Amor l'ali m'impenna, for voice & continuo 02:14 Vocal Music
Dovrò dunque morire, song for voice & continuo or lute 1602 02:28 Vocal Music
Amor, io parto 03:18 Vocal Music
Queste lagrim'amare, for voice & continuo 04:29 Vocal Music
Se ridete gioiose, for voice & continuo 01:41 Vocal Music
Con le luci d'un bel ciglio 1614 01:55 Vocal Music
Muove sì dolce, aria for bass & continuo 1600 02:53 Vocal Music Opera
Movetevi a pieta 1601 02:29 Vocal Music
Non ha'l ciel cotanti lumi, for voice & continuo 1614 02:54 Vocal Music
Chi mi confort'ahimé 1602 06:30 Vocal Music
Alme luci beate 03:36 Vocal Music
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