Girolamo Fantini

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Girolamo Fantini was a giant among trumpet players in the seventeenth century. His baptism was recorded in Spoleto on February 11, 1600, but he is not heard from again until 1626, when he entered the…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonatas (8) for trumpet and organ Chamber Music
Modo per Imparare a Sonare di Tromba 1638 Band Music
Sonata Imperiale No 1 "Del Colloreto" Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sonata for trumpet & organ No 8 in C "detta Del Nero" Chamber Music
Sonata Imperiale No 3 "Del Niccolini" Miscellaneous (Classical)
Missa Veni sponsa Christi Choral
Entrata e Imperiale per sonare in Concerto, for 2 brass choirs & percussion 1638 Chamber Music
Sonatas (8) for trumpet and organ Chamber Music
Saltarello Detto Del Naldi Miscellaneous (Classical)
Balletto detto il Luanti, for trumpet & organ Chamber Music
Prima Imperiale for 8 trumpets, timpani, organ & orchestra Orchestral
Sonata Imperiale No 2 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Mass of Thanksgiving Choral
Sonata Imperiale No 5 "Del Adimari" Miscellaneous (Classical)
Brando Detto L'albizi Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sonata a due Trombe detta del Gucciardini (from Modo per Imparare a sonare di Tromba) 1638 Chamber Music
Balletto Detto la Squilletti Miscellaneous (Classical)
Solemn Mass for the Feast of Sancta Maria della Salute Choral
Sonata detta del Monte, for trumpet & continuo Chamber Music
Sonata for trumpet & organ No. 4 "detta del Saracinelli" Chamber Music
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