Giovanni Valentini

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As a composer, keyboard player and poet, Valentini served in the courts of Sigismund III, Graz, as chamber organist, Vienna as one of the musicians of the court, Kapellmeister for the Hapsburg court and…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Canzon à 6 for organ in G major Keyboard
In te, Domine, speravi, for bass, viola bastarda & continuo (Kassel, Landesbibliothek MS) 1650 Vocal Music
Canzon à 3 in G major Chamber Music
Canzon à 6 [ii] in G minor (Canzoni, Libro Primo) Chamber Music
Sonata for 4 viols & bass in G minor "Sonata enharmonica" Chamber Music
Quel augellin, madrigal for 9 voices (Concerto Madrigale) Vocal Music
Sonata à 5, in G minor Chamber Music
Vanne, o carta amorosa, for 2 voices & continuo (Musiche a doi voci) Vocal Music
Poiché la cruda e fera, madrigal Vocal Music
È partito il mio bene, song for 8 voices Choral
Sonata à 5 in A minor Chamber Music
O Dio, quel dolce addio, romanesca for 2 voices Vocal Music
Secondo Libro de Madrigali, for voices & continuo Vocal Music
Deh fuggite gl'amori, song for 9 voices Choral
Bella Clori non fuggire, madrigal Vocal Music
Canzona à 4, in A minor (Pelplin Tablature) Chamber Music
Augellino bel angllino, song for 7 voices Choral
Tocchin le trombe all'arma, song for 10 voices Choral
Aria à 2, for 2 violins & conitinuo in G minor (attributed; Rost Codex, No. 18) Chamber Music
Canzona à 5, in G major (Canzoni, Libro Primo) Chamber Music
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